Protestmob decides: Dieter Nuhr projection of cabaret artist stunned

The Hamburg literature festival "Harbour Front" is the controversial comedienne Lisa Eckhart – and to security concerns as the reason. The internal mail to th

Protestmob decides: Dieter Nuhr projection of cabaret artist stunned

The Hamburg literature festival "Harbour Front" is the controversial comedienne Lisa Eckhart – and to security concerns as the reason. The internal mail to the festival management, from which the "mirror" and the "world" quote. The artist would have on 14. In September, the concert hall "Nocht memory" a reading from her upcoming book. However, the operators of the "not memory" would have made use of their right to use and the appearance is prohibited.

to The explanation, please refer to the Mails to The Local fear, "in as we know, most left-hand quarter" of the safety of the artist and of the audience do not guarantee. The "not memory" is close to the famous Reeperbahn in the quarter St. Pauli. "It is, in our opinion, is pointless, an event to recognise when it is clear that they will be blown up, and even property damage and personal injury are likely to be", this should read at one point. Even police protection was of little help, because the Situation will escalate and may even lead to street skirmishes" could then also ".

Transformative Protest

Whether there were specific threats against the event, is unclear. The management of the "not memory" was not to be achieved for Demands of FOCUS Online so far. In the internal emails, it means only that they haven't heard "from the neighborhood that the Protest formed up already".

to dispense with the organizers of The Festivals have turned to Eckhart's Management and the publishing of your book, with the request to participate on a voluntary basis. However, both the artist and the publisher would have refused, reports the "world" and "mirror". Therefore, it came to the outreach. Previously two of the authors had refused, according to the "mirror", along with Eckhart perform as it was intended.

"With money, yeah right, nothing"

The comedienne from Austria for several months in the criticism, because you should have used your stage program on anti-Semitic jokes back. In may, an appearance of Eckhart in the WDR-show "midnight lace" from the year 2018 for outrage, as it to the transmitter again on Facebook had shared caused.

In the appearance do not ask Eckhart if the #metoo movement is anti-Semitic, as Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski are all Jews. "There is only good and right if we allow the Jews now, a couple of women out," says Eckhart. "With the money is up to nothing. I mean, to pay the Jews reparations – that is, how Didi Mateschitz is a Red Bull issue.“ Mateschitz's drinks, co-founder and co-owner of the Energy-producer.

Later, Eckhart adds: "What to do when the Inviolable start, other touch? (...) The sacred cow has BSE." And further: "The most disappointed of the Jews, as we have fulminated against the silly accusation that it's just the money, and now all of a sudden comes out, which is really about the money, the women, and that's why you need the money."

Jewish organizations: "General Decline of the threshold"

The criticism of this gig was not long ago only from the left bearing. The jokes of the comedian were "distasteful and worthy of criticism", said the anti-Semitism commissioned by the Federal government, Felix Klein, in the "Jewish General". The Hessian of anti-Semitism commissioned Uwe Becker (CDU), at the same time, President of the German-Israeli society (DIG), had urged the WDR to remove the Video from the library.

Also, a number of civil society, Jewish organisations had been shown by the appearance indignant. The "General Decline of the threshold in relation to anti-Semitic Action, and the high sense of Threat in the case of Jews makes of TV contributions such as Eckhart's appearance in 'midnight lace'," it said in a statement the "Research and information anti - Semitism" (RIAS) position. dpa/Henning Kaiser/dpabild The cabaret artist Dieter Nuhr is on the stage.

Nuhr rails against "totalitarian measure,"

Comedian Dieter Nuhr has been in the night to Thursday again on the side of Eckhart. The projection of his colleague was a "scandal," he wrote on Facebook. "The Protestmob on the road and thus determines who is allowed here to exercise his art." Who accused Eckhart of anti-Semitism, "it must be interfered with either the spirit or maliciously."

Eckhart standing "as an artist with a disturbing art piece on the stage, delivering a Performance to wish the relevance and Irritation nothing can be", writes Nuhr more. "But Lisa Eckhart is not a Antisemitin. She's just not left enough. The accusation of anti-Semitism is the insidious attempt to discredit a politically suspect independently thinking Person only.“ The projection of the comedian in a "totalitarian measure". Neither Eckhart nor the festival have so far expressed.

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