More than a weekend? Hulkenberg confirmed talks over formula 1 future

the formula 1 at Silverstone Hulkenberg replaced Pérez in Racing Point News Ticker for the formula 1 Nico Hulkenberg Perez replaced probably at the se

More than a weekend? Hulkenberg confirmed talks over formula 1 future
  • formula 1 at Silverstone
  • Hulkenberg replaced Pérez in Racing Point
  • News Ticker for the formula 1 Nico Hulkenberg Perez replaced probably at the second Silverstone-weekends

for now Nico Hulkenberg's only as a spare driver back in formula 1, but the German confirmed, that he negotiated behind the Scenes with some of the top Teams on a regular cockpit: "I stand with some people from the formula 1 industry, and team leaders, because we know us of course, not all", says the Racing-Point-Pilot on Thursday.

"Some of it was just small talk, but some of it also went to the future," he confirms. "There are definitely talks - but nothing Concrete. I guess it will take a couple of weeks until things are a little more specific."

Several cockpit has spoken from 2021 free

what Teams Hulkenberg says he does not. In the past year, he had negotiated intensively with Haas before the Team of Günther Steiner, however, Romain Grosjean has decided. Haas had for 2021 still places, just like Alfa Romeo or AlphaTauri. HIGH TWO/Pool/Motorsport Images Nico Hulkenberg

As a major Keyplayer does not apply Hulkenberg on the current transfer market, however. And it should not work with the formula 1 return, then he does not know currently, how it would go: "I'll take it step by step and see how things develop."

Hulkenberg is probably at Silverstone, and ran

at Least he had this weekend, once again, a Chance to get into the shop window, when he is expected to replace Sergio Perez once again - what is currently unclear. With a good performance and he could once again make advertising for itself, which is aware. But Hulkenberg says that the team bosses are not a result of forward - certainly not under such circumstances. HIGH TWO/Pool/REUTERS Nico Hulkenberg in the Racing Point

"of Course it would be good if I did a great race. I just want to be a good replacement and the Team as well as it can help," says Hülkenberg. "The Rest will come later. That is a different matter."

Pérez from quarantine, released, Test missing but still

But perhaps not used his services this weekend at all. Sergio Perez has been released from quarantine. His new Test should be negative, would sit with the Mexicans in the car. "Of course that would be disappointing in some ways," he says.

Since he was last Sunday, because of an engine problem prevented his race start. "But," says he, "it was always clear that I'm only a temporary form, normally a substitute for Checo will be. He is the regular driver, and when he can drive again, he will be back."

Hulkenberg had more time to prepare

but Should get Hulkenberg a further use, then the signs are more favourable than in the previous week. There, he got the call, practically in the last Minute and had to climb without any preparation in a unknown car. HIGH TWO/Pool/Motorsport Images bad luck in Silverstone Due to problems with the car, Hulkenberg was not able to

"I'm running ten minutes prior to the FT1 in the paddock, have moved me, have made the exit test, and then I'm out for the usual Friday programme," he says. "I had to learn everything about the car. A lot of Fuel, little Fuel, different engine modes - everything I've made with this car for the first Time."

a Lot of praise for the first weekend in Silverstone

Nevertheless, Hulkenberg got from all sides of the interior. Even Mercedes Motorsport chief Toto Wolff said that he was a good choice for Racing Point. "Of course that goes down like Oil," says the German, who also had to get a lot of messages on WhatsApp, Instagram or via e-Mail.

"That's good to hear, but I don't think it will play a role in the future," he says. "At the end of the day, you look at other things, and whether it fits with the Team or not. Of course, I did what I could do under the circumstances. I think it went okay. Of course it could here and there be better, but that can be expected with this preparation."

This article was written by Norman Fischer

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