Poison is the literary criticism is a Click?

Since there is the literary criticism, there is also your crisis. To do this, you must read the corresponding essays by Adorno on Boehlich and Enzensberger to J

Poison is the literary criticism is a Click?

Since there is the literary criticism, there is also your crisis. To do this, you must read the corresponding essays by Adorno on Boehlich and Enzensberger to Jörg Drews. The literature is held up to criticism, especially as she was not up to the complexity of their subject. This, among other things, for reasons of time: Free critic cannot afford to spend Reading and thinking daily with a book, which it has, of course, and editors too much with editorial work. Result: The Level Of Loss. To blame: the Economy.

The newspaper crisis has exacerbated the Situation once again. Readers and advertisers will stay away, sizes schrumpfem. Again, the Economy. In consequence, the accents are set away from the Review, i.e. the in-depth engagement with a work of art and the evaluation of the same, to affirmative forms such as Interview, portrait, home story. Reviews, once the king in the form of Feuilletons, are now considered as the "click of poison". This, of course, in varying degrees, depending on how "culture is a Medium defined table" yet.

This development can be measured. Thierry has allowed us to, editor-in-chief of the Online cultural magazine "pearl diver", the book reviews in the leading German daily Newspapers, evaluates, found within twelve years, a halving of the relevant texts: it Could evaluate the "pearl divers" in 2001 4300 reviews, were 2013 it was only 2200.

critics can damage a work of art: Popular, the "Krittler were" never. "La Critique" by Charles Joseph Traviès de Villers (19. Century). Photo: AKG-Images

more Detailed and more recent Figures obtained by the Innsbruck newspaper archive for German - and foreign-language literature (IZA), the largest and most relevant collection point. IZA evaluates book reviews in 25 daily and weekly Newspapers. In the case of FAZ and the "süddeutsche Zeitung" is the number of book reviews between 2003 and 2018, almost equally, between around 500 and 600 per year. Return the number of separately counted long reviews (about 500 words) is gone in two Newspapers: from 533 to 492 in the case of the FAZ, of 427 to 393 in the "süddeutsche".

A distinctive feature of the Swiss press. In the NZZ, the number of reviews decreased (absolute) dramatically, from 647 274: Here is the radical change of course is reflected under the new features section-in-chief René Scheu, which has transformed the culture in an essay part. The "Tages-Anzeiger", which will only be evaluated as of 2006, has a at a low level slightly higher review number (from 193 to 198), but a glaring loss of in-depth texts: Instead of 153, there were 2018, only 87 long book reviews.

A projection on the IZA not yet recognised in the year 2019 shows that the downward trend is accelerating: 84 book reviews in total, of which 56 are long, so a good one per week. In addition, nearly 80 articles of different length to literary topics, the use of other forms: Interview, portrait, Background, trade fair report, however, are. Also in the case of other daily Newspapers, the non-critical forms of take, such as the IZA finds, but not in a similarly strong mass.

The profession of critic dies from

For the profession of the literary critic this means nothing Good For free critics enough for the job situation to life, and employee literature editors will always consume more of management and technology. To be strong, to be able to their reading tasks in a reasonable amount of mass offspring. What does this mean for a reading audience expects from "his newspaper," the selection and recommendation To and Advise? Also nothing Good. Blogs and reader comments at Amazon, are not a replacement of equal value.

the authors and publishers critical To missing more and more. Not least because, the not have understood journalists prefer to ask the author, what he says about his work, instead of looking for the answer in the work itself, something fundamental from the literature.

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