It's about the people who wrote for two years, applications

The risk to be unemployed, increases with the years. 50-Year-old, once unemployed, find, find in the labour market. These statements are part of a last week pub

It's about the people who wrote for two years, applications

The risk to be unemployed, increases with the years. 50-Year-old, once unemployed, find, find in the labour market. These statements are part of a last week published a study commissioned by the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco).

Here, the Federal government will start law on bridging services for the elderly unemployed. The national Council occurred on Wednesday, with 140 to 56 votes in favour and one abstention on the template. He, thus, followed its social Commission.


The business of protecting it is an important contribution to the strengthening of the pension system, said Commission spokeswoman Mattea Meyer (SP/ZH). "We want to enable older people to a dignified Transition to Retirement." The Parliament of the cases ground-breaking Decisions to affected persons. The stopgap measures will only be effective if other measures for the reintegration in the labour market have not succeeded. So people would be protected from poverty in old age, said Meyer.

"take All"

"It's about people who have written for two years, unsuccessfully, countless job applications," says Ruth Humbel (CVP/AG). These people feared for their existence. This is a rich country such as Switzerland, unworthy, stuck, Katharina Prelicz-Huber (Green/ZH). "We'll need to take it in the labour market."

the Older unemployed do not need special support, not to fall into poverty in old age, was the Tenor. With the exception of the SVP, all the groups had agreed to in the pre-Advisory social Commission to a compromise. This extends the circle of recipients and improved the Situation of women, what is happy, in particular, the Ratslinke.

The Canton of Vaud SP-national councillor Pierre-Yves Maillard (SP/VD) noted that the Instrument will be practiced to support benefits for older unemployed in the Canton successfully for years. The discussed measures are not accounted for even 10 percent of the Federal surplus in the last year.

answer to limiting initiative

the Ratsmitte join to deep in the FDP into it, also has to do with the upcoming vote on the free movement of persons to. The pension is intended to cushion the negative impact of immigration from the EU, and so limit the initiative of the SVP case.

The spokesman for the mid-group as well as by the FDP and GLP noted that the bridging pension should not be according to the watering can principle, distributed. The group of beneficiaries must remain small.

"Ultima Ratio for job-seekers"

Melanie Mettler (GLP/BE) admitted that their group does not have reservations in respect of bridging benefits, also because similar measures abroad unfolded the desired effect. The national Council's social Commission, it had not managed, however, to provide asset protection to the centre. The bridging pension was, rather, the "Ultima Ratio for job-seekers".

As the GLP, the FDP remains skeptical that the Bridging payments will unfold in practice their effect. "Our enthusiasm is manageable, when it comes to the creation of a new social work," said Regine Sauter (FDP/ZH). It had everything that older people lose their job in the first place - and if they do, the entry quickly find.

work instead of retirement

in Principle, against measures only the SVP was. To whip, at this rate, a new social work by the Parliament, was not serious, said Albert Rösti (SVP/BE). "This is the most expensive referendum campaign, the Switzerland has ever seen," he held, referring to the upcoming vote on the limitation initiative on July 17. May fest.

Thomas Aeschi (SVP/ZG) identified the Problem of long-term unemployment of older people at the immigration. "Tens of thousands take cheap jam countries from the EU, older people in Switzerland work the way," he said. Instead of a pension in need of older workers at the end of a work.

the requests of The SVP, not the business to enter or to move this, found in the other groups, no trailer.

In the detailed advice it looked like this: According to the proposal of the national Council of the Bridging benefit shall be paid until the normal Retirement age or until the early withdrawal of old-age pension is possible. The second case occurs when, at the earliest opportunity of an early retirement, it is foreseeable that the Person will have Reached the normal retirement age is entitled to supplementary benefits.

The Council of States wants to align, however, the pension generally only up to the time of early retirement. For this Version, only the SVP is a stand in the large chamber. A request failed with a 143 to 55 votes.

Export benefits

Further, the national Council decided, in Accordance with the Federal Council and the Council of States -that bridging services can also be aligned. This decision coincided with 109 to 89 votes.

A bourgeois minority tried, unsuccessfully, to the Export of benefits abroad ban. "Theoretically, 500 million EU are foreigners entitled," warned Thomas Aeschi (SVP/ZG).

The large chamber also decided that the Federal Council of older persons to the Parliament five years after the entry into force of the law report on its implementation and effectiveness, its financial implications and its impact on the employment opportunities of to report. He should propose in the same train of adjustments to the law and regulation stage.

next, the national Council debated on the concrete conditions of entitlement. (sda)

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