LIckabog by J. K. Rowling, little, tale, policy, or large effect Barnum ? - The Point

as Soon as the first lines of the tale, you will recognize who is behind the king Fred a Fright. A king with very blond hair. A king who has declared himself a

LIckabog by J. K. Rowling, little, tale, policy, or large effect Barnum ? - The Point

as Soon as the first lines of the tale, you will recognize who is behind the king Fred a Fright. A king with very blond hair. A king who has declared himself a Fright, in the morning of his coronation, " in part because it sounded good with Fred, but also because he had one day managed to catch and kill a wasp all alone, if we exceptait five minions and the shoeshine boy ". Mounted on the throne " carried by a huge wave of popularity "... Unmasked, Boris Johnson !

Elected by the good people of Cornucopia – the British ? – he discovers "secretly" be able to rule with ease as they are docile and carefree. A people " totally happy of his new king ", which will most likely " fill-in even better than his father, Richard Law, whose teeth (although nobody risquât then to point out) were rather of through – then think about the smile of Theresa May...

Cornucopia, a land of abundance, rich as a banquet of Hogwarts, where the hams, the pies and amount gargantuan, sweets, most celestial, the one that the others will sink and stick to the pages (digital) exposure of this story. No one should lack for nothing and all the world is plump, in the kingdom, as in the United Kingdom, since the country is breaking records in Europe, with 60 % of adults are overweight and 20% of the population in the so-called obesity.

But a monster, Ickabog, will make its appearance in the universe of this monarch as superficial as the bare King of Andersen. A monster came from the Swamps, an area to the north, where grow only the fog, the sheep and a people rough. A " clan gloomy, messy and bad hair ", behind which one recognizes, of course, the inhabitants of the Highlands of the country. On the one hand because the dog of a shepherd is killed by the monster Ickabog is called Tweed, as the textile rough manufactured in valley of scotland through which flows the river of the same name. On the other hand because that, Scottish adoption (she was born in the south west of England but has been living in Edinburgh for several decades), J. K. Rowling has proved unfavourable to independence in the referendum of 2014, up to pay 1.8 million pounds to the Better Together Campaign, in favour of the non.

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We are certain to hold between the king fat and the monster of the Swamp is a metaphor for what awaits the secessionists. A certainty in which J. K. Rowling defends. "The themes are timeless and could apply to any era or any country," said the author, as reported by The Guardian. A necessary precision when we know that Rowling has always been pro-Remains, is is paid Dominic Cummings a few days earlier. The armed arm of the campaign pro-Brexit of BoJo, wet in a scandal of non-compliance with the rules of containment for the government he represents, she wrote : "Your wife was ill, you thought you were contagious and you have a child. These circumstances are not exceptional. They are common currency. "

The creator of the fantastic Animals described in this tale, The Ickabog, as " a story about the truth and the abuse of power ". It says on its website that the manuscript, kept in the attic, was designed two decades ago to distract her two youngest children, and that he was not required to be read as a response to anything of what is happening in the world today." The book is made available to all, online, for seven weeks, at the rate of one chapter per day, in order to relieve the children in confinement during the crisis of Covid-19. Children from 7 to 12 years old can even post the drawing that inspired the story to the author, who puts it online on his Twitter account, in order to propose them to different publishing houses for its global publication in November next, by Gallimard Jeunesse in France.

The tale would, therefore, not policy. All that remains is Ickabog, the monster, as she writes in the tale, the powers " are as wonderful as the imagination of the storyteller ". A kind of effect Barnum ? As the name of the circus under the tent, which everyone imagines. The small American will they then recognize the facies of Trump under the mop of blond king's jester ?

The Ickabog, J. K. Rowling, on the site of Gallimard Jeunesse :, and a competition of illustration :

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