The football finals in 2020 - so about run | Landkreis Erding

Without Corona would have been leagues this weekend, the last round in the bottom of the football. What would have happened, reveals Dieter Priglmeir in sports

The football finals in 2020 - so about run | Landkreis Erding

Without Corona would have been leagues this weekend, the last round in the bottom of the football. What would have happened, reveals Dieter Priglmeir in sports whispers.

Even without a pandemic, we would have to celebrate this weekend, States of emergency on several masters and On descent - or Whatever -. For Sunday the last round of the bottom of the football would have been leagues set. Corona has us screwed up, but come in, come closer, here, you don't miss anything. We reveal here, as it would be assumed.

And for that, we turn to the A-class 7 to Eichenkofen, where the world of sensation – the same six Ippische on the square: the brothers Jonas, Luke, and Seppi, whose father Albert and uncle Thomas, Yes, Councilman Gerhard ran may. "I'm happy to help, so our guys for Giggerl-can save. This is significantly important,“ says the Oldie. Speaking of goals for the season: our district League team reached two weeks in advance. FC Finsing receives due to his great toilet paper never ends-the Videos (Yes, that's the club completely corona has been credited independently rotated) 20 points from the BFV and remains in the League as the TSV Dorfen. Got Wiggerl Donbeck back. The Ex-and-now-back-coach talking to his boys is so strong that the opponent to give up before that. You have only one request: that He may not yet hold the future in your cabin the speech.

FC Moosinning rises yet, because coach Helmut Lucksch ends the obsession with youth and Rupert Lanzinger scored the decisive goal. The back of his brother Martin holds the Zero. "It was no Problem, only these back-pass rule is strange," says the goalkeeper, the anmault several times in the game, Libero,, Karl Thumbs.

FC Schwaig back in the relegation marathon, which is also the bus company to look forward to. As we know, going all the way Schwaig to every away game.

Certainly, the rise of FC Lengdorf in the district League, even if football-in-chief Anton Bauer before the game against FC Erding still slightly skeptical. "I'll be fine", reassured him that his coach Franco Soave. "The advantage of 26 points should be enough."

A class of deep Maxi Bauer is working on a Triple: As a player-coach to succeed him with the SC mosses of the ascent into the district League. The championship celebration, he framed musically and personally as the Frontman of the group Tetra pack. And during breaks, he writes to his doctor-work-for-engineering-study.

In A class 7 is the master, since the penultimate round.This is good for the SV mountain learning harmony, for he has, in fact, the game is free, what is after extensive celebration week is not a disadvantage. Anton Scherer, SVE veteran and for the past few weeks the mayor, makes the whole team into the "Golden book" to enter. If he can grant the boys are actually also tax-free for life, is being examined legally.

Showdown in the A-class 8, where the TSV Isen in the last game of the season on the DJK Otten hofen hits. Thanks to his five goals Daniel Stangl shoots the TSV in the circle class. He will be going after that due to dissent again from the place – it was a gift. For the top scorer crown, it is enough, however, neither Stangl nor for Flo Rupprecht, the constricted in a day, an Eighth-Pack (six goals in the League, two more than the Joker in the Wörther Reserve). Because Zoran Pejic creates with 68 hits, a new record and a sweeps once more the Torprämie from the Erdinger Weißbräu (per gate a box). The club SpVgg Neuching (goal difference 69:20 – an own goal is) to finish in Fifth place and must in the future renounce Pejic, a beverage trade. Otten hofen will be happy to the rise of the game against the circle of the classic most TuS Oberding, whose coach Hans Bruck Meier takes over in the coming season, the DJK.

Yes, the TuS must be in the Relegation, because Türkgücü has Erding in fact, out of the basements. How has this been achieved? Gökmen Uluhan, who is now a coach, Manager, Chairman, and place the folder in a personal Union, was able to win Hasan Kivran as a Sponsor. The with in turn brought a couple of players of Türkgücü Munich. Very happy with the Erdinger Turks, however, are not. Instead of the direct classes of cohesion, a relegation would have been to play against their buddy from the old thing better. Kivran is offended and leaves the club on the advice of Uluhans ("Schleich di!") – but not without the mercury CUP heroes of Türkgücü (win the Grand Finale 2020) a 20-year contract for his next project (somewhere in Erding, please fill in) you have requested.

by the Way: you old thing is not going to make it anyway in the religious.The Violets take care of dear to their noise at the end of the 100-year Celebration. The increases in long geisling, where it comes on the last round of a gaffe: Sebastian Hero, coach of the BSG Taufkirchen, hailed a FCL-hit. "I'm sorry, but the beautiful blue jerseys, and now have their club house in Blue", apologizes the lion's Fan in his players. The FCL is Second in the district League. Just behind the FC Eitting, whose most dangerous weapon Marco Höferths is Hammer lands. In the first round, he has taken to prevent the ESR from 70 meters. Before the last game Moosburg's coach Christian Grüll warns of Höferths dangerous Standards: "There is only a Five-man wall helps, if Marco takes the repulsive degree."

In the circle class coach Wojtek Wojciechowski, a fun by itself runs, and his two sons, and four nephews (all with double names) from his Polish homeland was setting up. The audience will ask themselves, who schnellerist: the stadium announcer with the team, or the workers at the Finsinger stadium construction. Finally, we turn again to Eichenkofen, where in the end no Ippisch is on the court. No, not because of Red cards (okay, one was), but because the SpVgg with the exception of the approval of youth in the second half, the complete A-play. The boys (some of them are only 14) are allowed to be happy about your first victory in the two season Dress. Opponents Zustorf's locker. Game trainer Dominik Dorsch: "We have won this year twice against long preising. More is not anyway.“


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