Ghost stories: 6 bizarre Ghosting stories, the experienced Singles data

I'm a big Fan of anthologies. I just read one with the title "Girlfriends". Hazel Brugger, Doris Dörrie, Ronja von Rönne and Simone small stories have Lapper

Ghost stories: 6 bizarre Ghosting stories, the experienced Singles data

I'm a big Fan of anthologies. I just read one with the title "Girlfriends". Hazel Brugger, Doris Dörrie, Ronja von Rönne and Simone small stories have Lappert written about the people who are very close to and very remote, and we often know better than we do it ourselves sometimes. Short stories can be wonderful to read in a deck chair, in the hammock or on the bath Towel. You should be straight in any of those places and fancy a bit of Horror-Action, here comes the most suitable reading for you: My anthology is called "Ghost stories" and is a compilation of spooky stories that have accumulated in the last time for me. A bit creepy they are, above all, because all of the stories are actually happening. But read for yourself:

Manuel, the spectre

"Manuel I met last year via a Dating app. It ran very well from the beginning. We got along great, had some good Dates, he came over often. He told his family about me, and accompanied me to birthday parties of my friends. Of his work, he spoke little. I knew only that he was apparently in a special unit in the army. On a weekend in may, he was with friends in the North and wanted to then come back to Berlin. On Sunday afternoon, he sent the following WhatsApp message: 'Has someone talked to or asked something of me, you happened something funny?' He said I should not Worry, but he immediately let me know, should I ask someone after him. The next Morning the photo was gone in WhatsApp and my messages no longer went through. When I called him, it rang. I couldn't reach him. In my desperation, I asked my best friend to try it. With her, it rang. Has lifted, he will never, and I do not know what happened." – writes Carina.

The lost Larissa

"It was Friday evening. We were for four months together and she said that she would call me after work. That was six years ago ..." – writes John.

friendly Ghost

"I've met the guy a few months ago on Tinder. We have agreed to meet for Dinner. The Date went great, we had good conversations, laughed a lot and flirt a bit. We parted with a hug and a kiss and he asked me out for a second Date on the weekend. On Saturday evening he asked me if we could move the Sunday Brunch to a dinner, because a friend was visiting. I agreed. That was the end of our conversation. Never heard from again." – writes Nadine.

Princess Aimée of spirit Hausen

"Aimée I met on Instagram, we have a little bit of - and SMS have been written. They asked me pretty quickly if we want to meet. I think the early Meetings quite well, so I agreed, and suggested that we go for a drink. She wanted to but that I will follow you to dinner, and suggested a Restaurant. I didn't know that, googled it and seen the absolutely of my price League. Because I wanted to be a spoilsport, I offered her that we were going to go, but 50:50. After that, I have never heard something from her."– Paul told.

Simon, the Phantom from the Bar, Maybe you remember Simon, my Barflirt came so quickly and unexpectedly into my life, as he disappeared back to Simon has sent me a piece of paper with his number slip, I checked in with him, he has me Text, Voice messages and images sent and suddenly – without warning, without for me any apparent reason – was no message more, his profile image was not displayed to me and my WhatsApp marked only with a grey checkmark. Blocked, disappeared and faded (see episode 004).

Anton and the dirty Laundry

"Anton is living in a WG. There's a lot going on usually and it was becoming stressful. That's why he has stayed often with me. First, it was only his toothbrush and layers of clothes, books and his cigarettes with me. When I came two weeks ago to go home, but the apartment was empty and in the kitchen the washing machine was running. Anton was gone, his things were gone and didn't know it at the time, I still that the washer will not spin, the last traces of our time together out of the sheets." writes Leo.

Perhaps, Anton, the washing machine was swallowed, maybe Simon has lost his mobile phone, Manuel Connections to the Mafia, Nadine's type to hit his Ex, and who knows, maybe Aimee broke a finger nail – the Eerily beautiful at the Ghosting are especially the many untold gaps left by the ghosts, by their sudden Disappearance. We can never say with absolute certainty what really happened. But we can't let the old ghosts and the room with new encounters to fill. And be careful we are not Ghost-like behaviour ourselves sometimes. And my Single is-knowledge 059: love, ghosts, a short logout would be nice, then you will not would haunt us in the heads.

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