B. T. s håndboldkommentator: Doubt Klavs Bruun's future can create turmoil

here we are again. With a violent disappointment of a poor performance from the Danish håndboldkvinder. Germany is a team that Denmark should beat, but it mad

B. T. s håndboldkommentator: Doubt Klavs Bruun's future can create turmoil

here we are again. With a violent disappointment of a poor performance from the Danish håndboldkvinder.

Germany is a team that Denmark should beat, but it made the coach Klavs Bruun Jørgensen's crew is not.

And now the national team left itself in imminent danger of an embarrassing early WORLD cup exit, which may end up with Klavs Bruun to resign as national coach.

In each case if he will follow his statements before the finals for the door.

The part is going to fill something in the coming days, which therefore offers the showdown against Brazil on Wednesday, rest day Thursday and then the crucial match against France's world and european champions on Friday, where victory is a requirement.

And the questions about Klavs Bruun's future is hardly something which is going to benefit the run-up to the important matches.

on the Contrary, I can easily see that it will create some unrest and uncertainty among the players, as in the showdown against Germany demonstrated, that the mental foundation is still hugely unstable.

Right now would l. probably also have the desire that he not have spoken the way – even though he put a small subject in the statements – but it reflects the great optimism, which he and the team had before the WORLD cup. And we were actually able to be infected a little.

judging from the faces after Tuesday's defeat is the optimism was replaced by the disillusionment of many of the players.

Let us for the nuancernes sake keep in mind that it all may look different, if the national team manages to redeem itself and win the next two matches. It should be emphasized.

But the snapshot cares so tremendously much.

the Team speak even if they have moved significantly compared to last year's debacle at the european championships. But the fight against Germany was in my opinion a much testimony that there has been no development, when the players know a minimum of pressure.

the Danes are too fragile, when things are not right bottles for them, and it's only a small dose of adversity to turn them out. And the players, which should go at the front, similar to some of the most nervous.

Here I look particularly at the Stine Jørgensen and Anne Mette Hansen, who must seize the steering wheel and straighten up, when the Danish attacking is headed towards autoværnet.

But captain Jorgensen to make more errors, than we almost ever have seen from her hand, and her self-confidence is evidently at home in Odense.

Anne Mette Hansen was – as against the south Korea – an extraordinary disappointment. She seems cowed by the internal and external worship, which has marked the run-up to the WORLD cup and can not live up to expectations. No parameters works her game.

And without the two as significant contributors, it becomes (too) difficult for young players like Kristina Jørgensen and Mie Højlund to pull the plug home.

Additionally, I miss also still – and it is one of my obsessions - something trodsreaktion and recklessness among the danes.

Who is it that is raging across the journalists gangs, japan and call a spade a spade? Becomes furious about a probing questions, because they are SO ærekære and ambitious, that they can't keep the defeat and the bad action?

It is, no one is making.

instead faced the danes such a little apathetic and talking about that they played better than the germans and just burned too much. So... So, In how many rescues, Sandra Toft had, because the danes ' defense sailed around?

Beyond them was the defeat has been close to double-digit levels. And all the Danish technical errors is also a testimony of the lack of quality.

The long and short of it is now that Denmark has placed itself in a situation where you have to beat the French forhåndsfavoritter to WORLD cup gold in order to avert a failure that is going to resonate in history books. France has, to put it mildly, also had their problems in the finals, but I'm sorry to say it; the framework the French for their top level, so they win over Denmark.

And so we have enough to discuss, on an international slogan #is going to be changed to #påafveje.

Søren Paca

Håndboldkommentator on BT Sport. Is also the author of the book 'the golden age - 25 years of Danish håndboldhistorie'. I've covered the Danish and international handball since 2009. Born and raised in Jutland, but now lives in Copenhagen today. According to my birth certificate I am 33 years old.

Updated Date: 03 December 2019, 18:00

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