ARD-Reporter desperately at the charging column: So it will have the E-car heavy

she wasn't bad to send the report-the idea of Radio Bremen, the intense Diesel-Van-driver Alexander Noodt on a documentary journey through Germany with a E-car

ARD-Reporter desperately at the charging column: So it will have the E-car heavy

she wasn't bad to send the report-the idea of Radio Bremen, the intense Diesel-Van-driver Alexander Noodt on a documentary journey through Germany with a E-car.

As it went, and it lived with the new technology? The practical 30-minute Film is likely to have triggered when potential buyers were sceptical.

Radio Bremen/Christof chain Teleschau

Finally, the pros and Cons of E-mobility is not discussed, it is only since today, hot. The development away from gas to alternative forms of propulsion alternative. The question is: Is it now makes sense to buy a private electric car?

in this respect, the "Exclusive First"-Reportage from behind the audience, where most of the self - namely the question of what it would mean to switch to a private electric car in practice.

Radio Bremen/Christof chain Teleschau A special test arrangement

Radio Bremen Reporter Alexander Noodt thought ten years ago that the then cost of a Diesel bus would be his last of this kind. Electric mobility should be Coming in a big way.

a new purchase of state-decision – and Noodt traveled to explore with a borrowed electric car over 3,000 miles through Germany, in order to practicality, and future prospects of the technology.

Pro-Argument 1: electric driving is fun

on his first Trip to a Hamburg-based experts in the field of electromobility, Alexander Noodt made the experience that many first-time users of battery experience powered cars: The Driving is fun. The acceleration is enormous.

and Then the noiseless Glide makes for a nice futuristic feeling. Moreover, the good Conscience of the train, because there are no pollutants to be expelled. Even some of the Hardcore petrol heads of the "Opel friends Ostfriesland" was able to convince Noodt, and by making the prejudice-prone Tuning of friends ("In production and the necessary exchange of batteries are produced more pollutants than a gas in its entire life time") simply drive yourself.

the Reporter turned a brilliant Trick. Be borrowed, it's actually pretty inconspicuous E-car was a Opel.

The Problem is ... the charging column

Who lives in the big city, may have met battery-powered cars by various Car-Sharing provider. On short distances it is not that Problem, which is the "explored Exclusively in the First"Film vividly: Alexander Noodts E, however, usually car should be right to make route and had to go to about 250 to 300 kilometers to the charging station.

On a route from Cologne to East Frisia, even twice. Various problems were encountered: There are approximately 200 electricity provider, you can make a driving current contract, debutant Noodt had only one selected. The App then showed where you can with this contract to load - in his case, five kilometers away from the Hotel in Braunschweig, Germany.

Many of the charging stations work with several electricity providers. However, if the provider is not represented on the column, there is also no electricity. Simply, each column has a refuel is not so. The Federal government wanted to simplify the complex System by 2017, but this has not occurred.

What are the load columns there are and how long it will take to Load?

Still a beginner error of the RB-Reporter Noodt: On a journey from Braunschweig to an appointment in Cologne, he landed in Between filling up at a "dispenser" of type 2, which loads a maximum of 8 kW per hour. A horror message on the Display "promises", the car would be loaded in about seven hours.

Noodts Cologne date should take place in as little as two hours. Professionals know: You need a quick load column, the CCS plug-in to create up to 50 kW per hour - enough for about 300 kilometers. Even if the network load faster the pillars will be continuously expanded - the ARD-Tester made on its subsequent route from Cologne to the Opel friends in Ostfriesland quite a frustrating experience: two scheduled and required 45 minutes of Tank-stops he needed four Attempts.

Two shown in the App-loading columns not working, one was laid by a construction site to a halt and to find the fourth hard. The Reporter was annoyed, and the Ostfriesland Trip, no advertising for E-mobility.

you Can buy your own "public" charging stations?

Who has no ability to install on your own property for a private charging station, is in need of permanent users of E-vehicles on public Charge - which can be quite annoying. The six-month-old Start-Up "On Charge" promises its customers: "We are building a free public charging station in front of Your doorstep".

ARD-man Noodt spoke with founder Denise Neumann. The Problem of the good and useful business idea: Some cities and municipalities are very cooperative, others not. Also because you didn't know, the entrepreneur on how to edit such a request is made for a charging station. Here, it is apparently still a clear specification of the above, as such an endeavor to the rules. So far, On Charge has "realized" - currently the only company of its kind in Germany - ten load points, about 50 are in the planning stage.

founder of the Neumann suspected, within four months after the "order" would be such a load pillar in front of the own door. Could not guarantee the Whole however. Otherwise the presence of a private Parking space to be in, then the Whole worked within a month.

E-mobility Is cheaper or more expensive than a nitro?

That E-cars to purchase are usually more expensive, and said nothing to reporters Noodt a little. The reason might be, because the market in this respect, including policy-initiated funding opportunities, is currently heavily in motion. Clearly, comparison of a distance, however, was the Calculation: Noodts E-car consumed an average of 17 kW of electricity per 100 kilometres range.

At 35 to 50 cents on the charging column, the six-to-eight Euro meant that the cost per 100 kilometres. The conclusion of the "Exclusively First"-film: "as Long as the electricity in Germany is quite expensive and gasoline is rather cheap, it will have the electric car is difficult. It would also be quite energy efficient, because 17 kW of electricity per 100 kilometres, corresponding to two litres of super petrol in terms of energy content." As far as the Tesla Model Y come from? Car expert responds to range test PCP As far as the Tesla Model Y come from? Car expert responds to range test

the policy Prevents a rapid switch to E-mobility?

towards the end of the film Noodt met German politician Steffen Bilger, state Secretary in the Federal Ministry of transport. That his constituency is in the vicinity of well-known Stuttgart-based car Builder, gave the Whole to be quite sensitive. Actually, the announcement of the policy was time, in the meantime, a Million E-cars should be on Germany's roads.

in fact, there are only around 140,000. What is the reason for the delay? The models would have been late to the market, the policy would have taken to long to Bilger. "Slowing the progress", wanted by the ARD Reporter, "that the classic combustion engine, there are many jobs?"

The politician answered like a politician, but by a look, that the Argument was not plucked out of the air, "I think that we, as Autoland Germany a special challenge. We have to be very careful that everything is balanced. But - the electro-mobility will prevail one way or the other more and more. Now it depends on whether we want to be."

At the end of a Tesla ...

not yet, Actually, well, that Alexander Noodt told in his critical, but it is quite value-free and practical Reportage so much about the E-a cult brand Tesla. Finally, there is hardly a petrol engine you can afford-normal consumer cars. At the end of his film, the Reporter in a grid encounter site, however, still a happy Tesla family.

your car is with a price of 90,000 euros in the list. The cars are chic, Shine by high ranges, and your System communicates directly with fast-charging electric pumps. "It will be displayed during the travel, a lot of the ways where you can refuel," says the mother is thrilled.

The highly satisfied Tesla family suggests that some manufacturers are a bit more expensive than others, if you can Finance a vehicle or want. For all others, the ARD-Reportage suggested that electric mobility range on length and in your own car today in any case is already possible, but you must take quite a bit of idealism and Planning boldness.

Alexander Noodts dream conclusion was, by the way, a powerful electric battery in his old Camping-Bus install. In order not to lose quietly through town and country totals, but "the feeling of freedom and distance".

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