Top earners: when you are among the richest 8 million German

holiday in the Maldives, fancy Porsche in the driveway to a luxury Villa, perhaps a nice little Yacht in port of Monaco - it is in the top ten percent. Less goo

Top earners: when you are among the richest 8 million German

holiday in the Maldives, fancy Porsche in the driveway to a luxury Villa, perhaps a nice little Yacht in port of Monaco - it is in the top ten percent. Less good to the image Bus ticket and three rooms to fit in the outer district.

the fact is, however, that not every of the eight million people who belong to in Germany, the top income class, is really rich. The Figures from the German Socio-economic panel (SOEP) that interviewed on behalf of the Institute of the German economy (DIW) on a regular basis to 16,000 households in Germany to confirm. Among other things, the scientists ask the question: How much do you earn? The SOEP asks to keep this and other information, in the same house - so it can illuminate the development of the income and representative to calculate, how these are distributed in Germany. The summer sale has begun!

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The top ten percent earn more and more - it's all the Kingdom of The latest data of the scientists come from 2017 and have now been published. It shows to be among the top earners, it needs huge sums of cash. So a single earner is already from an income of 3529 Euro net to result in the top ten percent, as calculations of the Institute of German economy (IW). A family with two children under 14 years of age is 7412 Euro net per month to the top of the tenth. A Couple without children in the household from the 5294 Euro . The great content, Check (display)

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According to this calculation, only the managers of Dax-listed companies, or the chief doctors of the hospitals do not belong to the top ten percent. Also an employee in the oil or gas industry is one of them. The Federal Statistical office has in the past year, the salaries in different industries - in the average of all employees for the oil and gas industry, with a gross salary of 6783 Euro. This corresponds to a net salary of 3860 euros for a Single without children and this is a Top-earner. Here you can read pay, which industries and in which sectors the pay is rather low.

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Generally speaking, you can say: Who is single and childless and 77,000 euros gross income per year, which is one of the top ten percent, he has a net monthly income of over 3500 Euro so the Federal police officers of the grade A16 (classification according to capacity), has several years of experience, and thus in the sixth stage 7093 Euro gross earned. This corresponds to around 4000 euros net.

3529 euros per month, not quite enough for the Yacht in Monaco, that may be. However, the top ten percent earn more and more, so who knows what the future will bring. Markus Grabka, participating scientist and a member of the Board of Directors of the SOEP: "The top ten percent of the highest income households in Germany have experienced in the last 18 years, the strongest growth. Up to the year 2017, the real is around 22 percent." You want expert advice first-Hand?

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inequality of income increases barely

In the past year, the SOEP has published the data up to the year 2016 - at that time already belonged to the top ten percent, who earned a 3440 euros net . Just under 100 Euro has moved the border so within a year. Here you can read more about the former Figures.

In the middle-income views the rates of growth were, however, at only seven to twelve percent , at the bottom of the income remained the same. The income inequality in Germany is increasing, according to Grabka, but hardly it corresponds largely to the level of 2005.

The researchers analyzed the top earners for "the mirror", also by gender and employment status.

  • To 55 percent, the upper ten per cent are male.
  • couples without children in the household, with 48 per cent, the majority, followed by Singles with 31 percent.
  • most of the top earners are by far the employees in high-skilled activities (24 percent)
  • The next largest group are employees in a qualified activity (such as skilled workers, foremen or masters) with 16 percent.

How will change the income situation in the frame of the Corona-crisis? This has hit Germany with full force; Grabka, however, is confident that the consequences of the pandemic will not lead necessarily to a growing income inequality: "I am optimistic that the recently adopted measures, such as short-time work can mitigate some of the money here, again, the worst excesses of the crisis."

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