Waters that are fighting for a better world

From now on, drink, Font Vella and Lanjarón will have a different meaning. The brands belonging to the Water business Danone possess a distinction that makes th

Waters that are fighting for a better world

From now on, drink, Font Vella and Lanjarón will have a different meaning. The brands belonging to the Water business Danone possess a distinction that makes them unique within the sector of natural mineral water at national and european level. Both of these have been the first to receive the certification B Corp, which recognizes that Font Vella and Lanjarón meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability while aspiring to be actors of change and contribute positively to build a more sustainable world.

B Corp is a global movement led by the nonprofit organization B Lab, which conceives of businesses as forces for the transformation of the planet and the social sphere. The community of B Corp, which was established in the year 2007, is comprised of more than 3,000 companies in over 70 countries and 150 industries. All with a single purpose: which companies are the best for the world. The brands that receive the certification B Corp, such as Font Vella and Lanjarón, are those who have demonstrated with their actions that go beyond the goal of economic gain, using the same effort in it that have a positive impact on the employees, in the communities that they serve and in the environment. Borja Lafuente, head of sustainability at Danone, community-B Corp is "a compass to mark the good course of the activity of the company".

Waters Danone can boast of being a pioneer, a milestone that is not surprising, as the work and the performance of the company comes from far away. "Taking care of the environment has always been at the centre of our activity and the values of our brands, Lanjarón and Font Vella. For this reason we join in this commitment; for us, B Corp is the engine for sustainable transformation to which we aspire for Font Vella and Lanjaron, and an achievement of a natural double-a social and economic commitment that accompanies historically Danone. It is one more step to continue to move forward in our vision of the economic and social progress must always go hand-in-hand," says François-Xavier Lacroix, managing director of Aguas Danone Spain.

Lacroix, who expressed his hope that the pioneering work of Waters Danone will serve as an inspiration to other organizations in the sector, explained that this step is a new challenge that leads them to include the Objectives of Sustainable Development in their accounts of results, as well as to give a purpose to your brand and to continue to improve in order to contribute to a more sustainable future. Within this commitment to work to be a better company for the world, Aguas Danone has committed to zero net emissions by 2030.

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on the other hand, Paul Sanchez, executive director of B Lab in Spain, praised the commitment of Lanjarón and Font Vella, as well as the other subsidiaries of Danone, and the leadership they are taking in the struggle for the sustainability and development. "We need the big companies to adopt these commitments because of their capacity of attraction, of leadership, of inspiration and example contribute to the solution of a large-scale solution," says Paul Sanchez, that extends. "As companies B Corp, Danone and its subsidiaries are already leading this paradigm shift and can serve as an inspiration to other companies that are contemplating taking the step".

The executive board of B Lab also highlighted the complexity that comes with being a company B Corp "in a time when society has more evidence than ever of the activity of the organizations". "Receive him implies a rigorous control of their performances and a constant effort to continue to improve," says Sanchez, who details that the evaluation so that they may overcome the standards set focuses on five business areas of the company through more than 300 questions. Font Vella and Lanjarón, Danone, can be say that they are the first natural mineral waters of Europe to do so.

Date Of Update: 25 December 2019, 18:00