A week with the OnePlus 7 Pro

If we speak of a smartphone with processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, up to 12 GB of RAM, infinite screen with technology AMOLED, fast charging... What models or

A week with the OnePlus 7 Pro

If we speak of a smartphone with processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, up to 12 GB of RAM, infinite screen with technology AMOLED, fast charging... What models or brands come to mind? Possibly, the high range of Samsung, Huawei and even Apple, leaders in the sector. It is the most logical, since it is a set of specifications reserved for the best mobile in the market. But the protagonist of our analysis is not any of them, but the last terminal of OnePlus, a chinese firm that came during the past year in an official manner to Spain, and whose philosophy is to provide devices with the features of the top range at a moderate price. On this occasion, with the OnePlus 7 Pro, is closer than ever to them, even in the price: part of 709 euros in its most basic in terms of storage and RAM memory.

The fastest

Among its most interesting features is its screen, with no less than 6,67 inches. With this size, it becomes one of the top-of-the-range larger, and also heavier. It features AMOLED technology (the panel has been developed with the help of Samsung) and resolution QHD+ and the experience of viewing the placed directly among the best. In this sense, it is mandatory to make reference to your refresh rate: the normal thing is that the screens of mobile phones —with the exception of some specific models designed for gaming— the display at 60 Hz, that is to say, that refresh 60 times per second. In this case, raises that figure to be 90 Hz. And it is seen in everything from viewing videos to the scrolling: as you browse through a news-filled text, for example, the letters do not appear blurry in no time.

As we saw in the OnePlus 6T, is the display itself which incorporates the fingerprint reader. The technology behind it is not too extravagant: under the panel there is an optical sensor capable of capturing the fingerprint and action with the information stored in the mobile during the setup process. If the screen is locked there is not any trace of the reader, and is powered on when you see the silhouette of a footprint in the lower area of the same. Its operation is fast (0,21 seconds, according to OnePlus), and practically we have not experienced failures during the tests.

complemented with a system of recognition of face, facial simple, based on the image of the face. That's why, although it works well, it has its limitations in terms of safety and use (doesn't work in the dark, for example). But, where is the front camera if the screen has no notch and is not perforated?


To create a surface display cleaner and a few frames that fit to the edges, OnePlus has opted to include a front-facing camera retractable that appears only when it is enabled the facial recognition system or to do selfies. The mechanism is well managed and has the appearance of resistant. In fact, china claims that it is able to survive to 300,000 openings, which could correspond to 150 uses per day for about 5 years.

self-Portrait with camera removable.

welcome, yes, a couple of security measures to ensure the integrity of this component. For example, that the phone itself be able to know if it is inside a bag or pocket, preventing its activation by accident; and also that close automatically when it detects a fall.

The smoothness of operation of this system is a clear reflection of how well that works on 7 Pro on the day-to-day. In addition to settings that move at the beginning of this analysis, account with memory UFS 3.0: this is a new type of storage with read and write speeds higher than what we are used to (the mobile today typically employ systems UFS 2.1). On the other hand, the terminal works with OxygenOS, the layer of customization that employs OnePlus on Android 9 Foot. Its interface is simple and with a few additions; that there is much focus on customization: selection of the type of letter in the system, set up different audio profiles, navigation bar with buttons or gestures...


At the height of the top of the market in many aspects, has a lot of room for improvement still in others. For example, in regard to photography. And it is that, while it is true that the results are very positive, still a step below the Apple, Samsung or Huawei. In this case, incorporates three cameras in the rear combined with a triple-system approach to automatic: a sensor 48 megapixel camera equipped with optical image stabilizer (OIS); a telephoto lens to 78 mm with 8 megapixel opening focal f/2.4, a size of 1µm pixel and OIS; and a wide-angle lens of 117º, 16-megapixel camera and f/2.4.

Thanks to them, you get bright pictures, crisp, and with the colors somewhat saturated in environments with lots of light: portraits with a blurred background in which the edges are clearly defined; and good management of backlights. The worse the light conditions the noise makes act of presence, even when it employs a night mode specific.

finally, you miss one of the latest trends of the terminals of this range: the wireless charging. Yes features quick charge, getting a 50% battery in about 20 minutes. The autonomy extends during the whole day without problem.

Date Of Update: 25 December 2019, 18:01