Positive routines: 5 ½ tips for a healthy Lifestyle

Regardless of whether in work, at home, or in sports – the road to your goals is by positive habits reach. This is so because man is a creature of habit and t

Positive routines: 5 ½ tips for a healthy Lifestyle

Regardless of whether in work, at home, or in sports – the road to your goals is by positive habits reach. This is so because man is a creature of habit and through repetition learn. This has positive sides. Because of this phenomenon, you can make Use of, to lead a holistic athletic Lifestyle and to make his everyday life more efficient and more effective. (Also read: focused Work: simple tips for more efficiency and better results)

The first step is, positive habits , the Second to establish, this maintaining and that is not always easy. Together with the experts of Freeleticsweb_ua_sea_brand&CID=(gad_pfb%2Cde)web_ua_sea_brand), the number 1 Fitness App in Europe, we have dedicated ourselves to the topic of positive habits and some tips put together to help you achieve healthy routines your goals.

21 days: How patterns of behavior into habits

that States An Urban Legend that it usually takes 21 days , in order to make out a pattern of behavior a habit. How long is the Establishing of habits really takes, is highly dependent on the Person and how complex or difficult the habit is. To drink every lunch, a glass of water is rather simplistic, the Chips in front of the TV to omit troublesome, every Morning an hour earlier to get up to go to Run – a completely different Chapter. (Read also: lose weight: Effective, Jogging only takes half an hour!)

The true core of the 21-day legend: three weeks is nothing. And then it takes depending on the Psyche and activities between two and eight months, so that the behavior will change to robotics . How to establish, so changes in behaviour and make this a habit?

5 ½ tips to healthier habits

1. Objective and Motivation

the stronger the Motivation, the easier the Start – first of all determine a target and you worry about your Motivation . What you want to achieve or change? Why do you want this and how important is it for you? And goals implemented , otherwise the Motivation is in the shortest amount of time away and the chances of success dwindle. You also always only one goal and not many at once. Anyone who tries to do everything at once, demands on body and Psyche too much, and is likely to fail. (Also read: 4 tips from the Mental Coach: So you program your career for success)

2. Milestones, for better success

If the change of behaviour or the goal you want to enable the behavior change is complex or difficult, you can put milestones . To try to use again the example of sports in the morning – to go from zero to 7 units, is not useful. First, for the Psyche, and secondly also for the body. You can plan in advance how many units you can implement realistically. They make these units for the next three weeks, with discipline and with the goal of not only going to fail.

reached this goal after three weeks and the sport is no more a hurdle, congratulations! Then the next stage can be addressed in a target – if not, stay tuned and, if necessary, adjust the process. If it falls in the morning to hard, maybe the Timing change. Routines must fit to the Person and to the Lifestyle. (Also interesting: Calisthenics: build muscle without gym)

3. Habits are a personal thing

make Sure that the new habits fit you and your Lifestyle. You do not just what everyone else is doing, you will not meet. Clearly it cannot hurt to search in the circle of Inspiration – to fit you, not the activity for you and find joy in the process. Helpful the question of what is important to you and is feasible in the process. the Small, effective changes on the long term, more positive patterns of behavior. (Also: So, you ruin every Meeting – 6 bad behavior

4 ways you should drop). Low resistance for a better implementation

Make it easy on yourself. You plan the process and avoid them from the outset hurdles. the diet, exercise, daily routine – many small things that lead to a change in behavior, and schedule. Similarly, anticipatory behavior many things are easier to implement.

you Want to run in the Morning, put the running clothes and shoes on the eve of out and set an alarm clock. You want to drink more water, helps a suitable vessel, which is always at the ready. You want to stand up under the week earlier so you have more of the day, go on Sunday before bed. If> the sequence of plan

5. Obligation obligation

take a Commitment and talk about it. Nothing helps as much as social control and many colleagues and friends may have similar goals and positive reinforcement. Besides, who is already much that he has caved. Even better, you will find a Buddy , which sets a new goal and push each other.


planning , discipline and repetition are the basic pillars to establish a new habit. If you stay positive, and even the smaller successes, be aware, you will also have the Long breath to stick with it.

And our final, half final tip: From time to time, a runaway is not a bad thing, as long as you can find directly back into the track.

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