Lose weight with lemon water - what's behind the Hype?

Not only the Stars in Hollywood and in Germany swear by lemon water, more and more people would like to lose weight, put on the new Hype drink. It is important

Lose weight with lemon water - what's behind the Hype?

Not only the Stars in Hollywood and in Germany swear by lemon water, more and more people would like to lose weight, put on the new Hype drink. It is important that you pay attention with it to start with lemon water directly in the day – with warm water! And this is from a nutritional point of view, actually a good idea. Because the drink may be equal points with several positive effects. (Read also: it is Better for a thirst: In these drinks, you should put in summer)

The triple effect of lemon water - it not only helps in losing weight

Who drinks in the morning directly after getting Up, a glass of lukewarm lemon water , can his body in Slimming support. First of all, we fill in healthy and low-calorie way our Liquid investment portfolio is – the night we lose about 500 milliliters of liquid, and in summer even more.

we're not only good, but it also fills our stomach, we have less Hunger. The slightly tart flavor of the lemon juice and the lukewarm water act namely appetite retardant – so we tend to be less likely to hit for Breakfast on the strands. (Also interesting: How much water should we actually

The third effect: lemon drink) contain any amount of Vitamin C – a good 50 milligrams per 100 grams. the Vitamin C promotes fat burning – perfect for those who want to lose weight. Vitamin C stimulates our body, the hormone norepinephrine to distribute. This hormone is involved in it, to release fat from our fat cells and as energy. (Also read: Why water works wonders)

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lemon water has few calories and helps you lose weight

lemon water is an ideal morning drink for all who want to lose a few pounds – especially if you choose it instead of the usual drinks – here is a small example: A Latte Macchiato (with milk cooked) has about 200 calories, with the sugar even more – a glass of lemon water, however, only about 5 calories So you save per week 1365 calories – and that's just by this small change. (Also worth a read: cravings: These 10 simple tips will really help)

lemon water boosts the immune system

The in lemons is included with Vitamin C is regarded as a true multi-talent. It has an anti-oxidant, binds free radicals and improves the absorption of iron in our body, both strengthens our immune system in a sustainable way.

Our body can not make Vitamin C itself, so a regular supply is important, the recommended daily dose is around 100 milligrams per day – with 250 milliliters of lemon water, you already cover about half of the daily requirement from . (Also worth reading: This Immune-Booster makes you fit for the cold Season)

lemon water helps against skin blemishes

Even though lemons taste acidic, they act in the body alkaline. The included basic substances , for example, the minerals potassium, calcium and Magnesium. The removal of these minerals our body consumes acids – the basic lemon acts on our body and neutralizing.

And a balanced acid-base balance can help relieve inflammation and also pimples and skin blemishes reduce. In addition, we need to collagen production Vitamin C – therefore, lemon water strengthens our tissues, our skin glows, and even smoother.

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lemon water digestion

lemon water helps to stimulate the production of bile and thus has a positive influence on our digestion. The citric acid increases intestinal peristalsis, the intestinal movements, this effect also improves our digestion, as is the contained digestive enzymes.

How do you make lemon water yourself?

lemon water it is very easy to make: Give in 250 milliliters of water and the juice of half a lemon (preferably organic) – for a Liter of the beverage, i.e., you need the juice of two lemons. Important: lemon water should be lukewarm and not too hot or too cold – Vitamin C is very heat sensitive and will lose due to excessive Heat effect.

it is best to use organic lemons, because in the freshly squeezed juice of the most valuable ingredients stuck. Bought lemon juice is usually made from lemon juice concentrate contains significantly less Vitamin C. (read also: How important Vitamin C really is?)

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how Much lemon water you should drink in a day?

Try the best to drink in the morning, a glass or a Cup (250 milliliters) of lemon water to see how you tolerate it. And, most important, brush neither directly in front nor directly afterwards, your teeth! Because the fruit acid attacks your tooth enamel to . At best you drink the lemon water right after waking Up, after eating nothing and wait a minimum of brushing in a half hour with the teeth. (Also interesting: What happens if you drink in the morning, a glass of water?)

you can Tolerate the 250 milliliters, you can increase the daily dose of lemon water to about a Liter – but also applies here, as so often: a Lot helps a lot . However, lemon water throughout the day is ideal to drink as a thirst quencher than soda, and co.

How the lemon water diet work?

moves Who eats unhealthy, little, and a daily glass of lemon water to drink, not decreases, of course. Rather, lemon water can be an important part of a healthy and varied diet(sumstellung).

If you start in the morning with this drink in the day, then maybe a small round of Jogging or walking go, this is a on your weight with safety. So she cranks in the morning the metabolic and thus the fat burning . (Also worth reading: how Much truth is in these 8 nutrition myths?)

lemon water as a part of a healthy diet

in addition, many find it to be easier for people to pay attention to a healthy Start for the Rest of the day to your diet – after running round a cereal with oatmeal and banana for example would be a very good choice, because the Vitamin C helps in the recycling of the in the oats and the banana plug ends of minerals such as zinc, potassium and Magnesium. (Click here to read more about a healthy Breakfast)

she also made up the remaining meals of the day on a balanced , nutrient-rich diet and plenty of exercise, then the weight loss success of is all alone, and you can keep your weight permanently. Who, instead of lemon water and a homemade muesli for Breakfast every day is a Nutella sandwich with milk, coffee, grudging the attack later in the day to unhealthy foods – according to the Motto "Now it is anyway no matter".

A morning healthy Ritual , such as the enjoyment of a glass of lemon water can make an important contribution to a healthier diet and help you lose weight. In addition, it will Wake you up and it tastes wonderfully refreshing, especially now in the summer.

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