Should world alert: In the case of mosque-Show betrayed Erdogan his goal

umwidmete As the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the end of July, the legendary Hagia Sophia in Istanbul to the mosque, and 350,000 Turks in front of

Should world alert: In the case of mosque-Show betrayed Erdogan his goal

umwidmete As the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the end of July, the legendary Hagia Sophia in Istanbul to the mosque, and 350,000 Turks in front of the 15 centuries-old buildings to prayer knelt down, it came to the Moment, in the Turkey of the Modern adopted. Ali Erbas, head of the Turkish religious office Diyanet, step to the pulpit of the Hagia Sophia up. With a sword in the Hand, the long robe, and the slow pace of he reminded almost to the head of the terrorist militia Islamic state, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as this cried out in Mosul in 2014, the Caliphate.

Erbas used and even the Tone of voice of fanatical Islamists, as he launched into his sermon dark threats against the Turkish state's founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. This had led the country in 1923, in the secular Modern and the Hagia Sophia from a mosque converted into a Museum. Previously, President Erdogan had explained the ceremony to the Triumph of Islam and to the national victory over the West.

at The same time, the battle prevailed alarm in the Aegean sea. Of fighter jets accompanied, let Erdogan expiry of up to 18 warships, to let, close to the Greek island of Kastellorizo, according to natural gas search. Greece responded with the mobilization of its fleet. Not much was missing, and the Nato countries would have shot each other. German Chancellor Angela Merkel-mediated. But it was only when the US Navy sent an aircraft carrier to the Eastern Mediterranean, moved back to Erdogan and his ships.

the fight against the own power loss

Both events have drawn the eyes of the world to the Turkey - and the criticism of Ankara in the West greatly intensified. But to provoke such a turmoil in a foreign country, the autocrats highly welcome, because he represent you "as a hostility to the Turkish people" and thus the public opinion would be behind a, says the editor-in-chief of the exile, the Turkish news portal Ahvalnews, Yavuz Baydar. "Erdogan is currently clearly on the Defensive, but in a very aggressive way. It's all about, to stabilize his crumbling Power.”

Actually, the state is in-chief to guard against all conceivable threats. Three years ago, he had a Referendum for a presidential system not to introduce, because his power appeared to be holding in a parliamentary democracy, sure enough. Only one opponent he could not imagine at the time, of course: the Coronavirus, which brought the already wobbling Turkish economy to the edge of the abyss. The situation is serious.

Corona the ACP crashes in the crisis

The pandemic, the Turkey's been hit hard, also because Erdogan hesitated for a long time, until he imposed the lock output. The crisis had for the autocrat, his 18 years of ruling AKP and its right-wing coalition partner MHP, an unprecedented loss of voters favor result. According to reputable polls, the AKP would get less than 30 percent of the vote - a fall of more than ten percentage points in comparison with the parliamentary elections two years ago.

While Erdogan is still considered as the most popular politician in the country, but also its values will deteriorate continuously. In a direct comparison of the potential challengers from the opposition social democratic CHP, the mayor Ekrem imamoğlu from Istanbul and Mansur Yavas Ankara, almost on a par, or even ahead of him.

How volatile the situation is, had to learn Erdogan at the end of June. Since his media team broke off in a live debate with selected young people on YouTube abruptly, after young viewers Like the "me - not"-button a hundred had to click a thousand times to. In fact, opinion polls show that the state loses in-chief at the young, Internet-savvy Generation Z dramatically to consent, because he has for your problems such as high youth unemployment, no answers.

Even if Erdogan's smarter-in-law delivers a son and Minister of Finance, Berat Albayrak constantly in front of the cameras, and positive economic growth promises, prove the facts are the exact opposite: industrial production slumped by 31 percent. The Lira fell to the historically lowest level against the Euro. The vital tourism is to the floor.

"Insidious" foreign debt on the economy, deep

The unemployment rate was in April of 12.8 percent and was 3.8 million people - officially. The trade Union Federation Disk, estimates the actual number to 17.7 million. Some Economists believe that Turkey is on the verge of state bankruptcy.

In the Plight of the Populist starts, as always, when he is under pressure, multiple diversion. His government increases the public expenditure and makes the "insidious" abroad for the Lira-crash.

Hagia-Sophia-staging is so far the most massive of liberation. He is to mobilize the religious-nationalist electorate of the AKP. But it is much more than that. Aware of Erdogan had terminated the conversion show on the anniversary of the Lausanne peace Treaty of 1923, with the country's founder, Ataturk the borders of the country after the fall of the Ottoman Empire secured. Erdogan wants to revise the of the ultra-nationalists as a "straitjacket" designated agreements. Before Expansion to the outside, is that supposed to mean, the Turkish Regime is no more.

anti-Western war rhetoric

In the next few months, a debate on the louse from breaking Lausanne Treaty, the boost nationalism and societal polarization will intensify, predicts the Journalist Baydar. "The questioning of this contract and anti-Western war rhetoric should alarm the world. This is a radical paradigm shift in the political coordinate system of Turkey,” he says. But so far, neither the EU nor the US strategically on the risk.

Erdogan's propaganda machine has been running since the Hagia-Sophia-Event hot. How to confirm the IS analogy, the government urged to close the magazine "Gercek Hayat" a day after the nationalist mass on its title page the return of the Caliphate. Pro-government commentators to demand the re-introduction of the Islamic calendar, and the Sharia legal system as well as the transfer of the capital back to Istanbul. Representatives of ethnic and religious minorities such as Kurds, Armenians, and Alevis fear is already a wave of violence.

"Voluntary Erdogan will not go"

In a blood-and-soil-speech explained to Erdogan that Turkey will be attacked from the "entire world". The re-opening Hagia Sophia as a mosque is only the beginning of the battle, "with the help of God" will overcome the "powerful Turkey, all the challenges". He promised to bring "the Job".

at the same time the autocrat exacerbated the suppression of media and Opposition. Since a few weeks the security forces to arrest significantly more people, especially politicians, journalists and the military. In order to prevent the dissemination of independent information, bullied Erdogan on Wednesday, the social media: Facebook, Twitter and co. are being censored and should be evidenced in the case of insubordination with massive fines. Turkish commentators consider the measures taken as preparations for early elections.

but What if all of this doesn't work? The crisis of the Tsunami is now making itself to create the skilled conflict Manager Erdogan. Apparently, he is preparing to home to new unrest. The government majority in the Parliament decided in mid-June, up to 30 000 police officers with gunshot Auxiliary equip weapons. Of a "paramilitary private militia" speaks of the Opposition. "Voluntary Erdogan will not go," says Essen's Turkey expert Burak Copur. "If the Hand slips, it will polarize these masters of the crisis generation, the country and destabilize, in order for the people to choose again."

And if that doesn't work, there is always Plan C. The CHP Opposition revealed recently that the Clan of the heads of state values moves apparently public assets to the related Turks Foundation in the United States. More than 90 million US dollars will be invested to Finance a skyscraper in New York and to buy a plot of land of Boxing legend Muhammad Ali. "You have bought Muhammad Ali's Farm in Michigan, because they know that they will go in the USA, if the times change," said opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu. "That's where you concentrate your assets."

More on the subject of Turkey:
  • The Turkish Lira is sliding unabated from a record low to the next. According to experts, the end of the descent is not achieved for a long time, despite of desperate measures taken by the domestic banks. And if President erdoğan wants to save the currency, really, and what remains is only an unpleasant way.
  • the relations of Turkey to the European Union, it is not ordered well. Western diplomats in Ankara seek the image of a downward spiral, to describe the relationship. The list of sticking points is long. It is not in recent years become shorter and shorter.

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