Healthy lose weight: These 3 hormones should be in Balance to lose weight

Who has always thought that diet and exercise are the most important factors to successful Slimming is all wrong – but it's all even more complex. especially

Healthy lose weight: These 3 hormones should be in Balance to lose weight

Who has always thought that diet and exercise are the most important factors to successful Slimming is all wrong – but it's all even more complex.

especially hormones play when you lose weight, and hold an essential role.

you control the feeling of satiety, stress levels and also the fat deposition. You are not in Balance, it can be difficult for healthy and long term lose weight.

Above all, these three hormones that Decrease taxes a lot easier.

These three hormones help with weight loss

The three hormones that, you know, and whose effect must be understood in the body, thus decreasing attempt may be crowned with success, Cortisol, Grhelin and Leptin.

1. Cortisol – the stress hormone

Cortisol has a pretty bad reputation, it is – in moderation – very useful and even important. It shows the body hazards and protects him.

it becomes Problematic only in the case of a permanent Cortisol secretion.

This can occur if the private and/or professional Stress were part of everyday life, by lack of sleep, or Crash diets to strenuous exercise, and inadequate supply of nutrients to include.

The body is on alert, neglected, therefore, the muscle structure and stores water and fat.

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2. Grhelin – the hunger hormone

Grhelin is formed by the mucous membrane of the stomach and pancreas and released and – as has been proven by numerous studies – influence on the control of Hunger.

This is due to the fact that Grhelin regions of the brain that are used for the control of appetite responsible, responsive. In the case of increased Grhelin-distribution can therefore lead to food cravings.

An increased Grhelin levels can, for example, by lack of sleep caused, as a recent study shows.

3. Leptin – the satiety hormone -

Leptin is called the satiety hormone, because it is stored in the fatty tissue, to understand the body through increased release is that it is full.

experts understand Leptin and the counter-players of Grhelin. Similar to Grhelin is a connection between the Leptin levels and sufficient sleep. Too little sleep reduces the secretion of Leptin, one learns, therefore, less rapidly saturated.

Therefore, Crash work-diets

do not lose weight in the long term To be successful, it is important to avoid long-term Cortisol secretion, to keep the Grhelin levels are low and the Leptin Level is high enough. That is because for a long-term weight reduction and the regulation of Hunger and satiety play an important role.

Crash diets to achieve often rapid results, the weight can, however, be kept permanently, as an imbalance in the hormonal balance are often the result.

Is set on a strong calorie deficit and to a lot of sports, it is especially the Cortisol Balance in the affected. The body goes into survival mode, stores fat and water.

permanently disturbed Grhelin and Leptin levels of Hunger and satiety to lose its natural function. Days when a craving attack to be the next hunt, followed by those where no Hunger is felt, to a dangerous vicious circle.

How to keep hormone levels in Balance?

As is so often the answer is a balanced diet and exercise. However, sufficiently long and deep stages of sleep – as it is confirmed by the studies – play a crucial role.

This should be food observed in the diet

  • rich in fiber to control Hunger and satiety
  • food rich in Protein to build muscle and as a result, the metabolism
  • nutrient to stimulate the rich to eat, so that the body is adequately supplied
  • consumption of caffeine, alcohol, TRANS fats and sugar stem
  • On the natural feeling of Hunger and satiety to listen to
So the Sport is best on the removal of

Against a feeling of Hunger, for example, a HIIT Training can help, as short and intensive effort on the part of the Grhelin-lower concentration.

can lead a long and strenuous training sessions, in contrast, increased Cortisol secretion. Particularly during intense Cardio sessions, you should therefore be careful not to exceed a training time of 30-45 minutes – if you remove the target.

power units may be a little longer, but you should also not take a lot more than 60 minutes.

was the more intense the workout, the longer the periods of rest you should also treat yourself to, so that the muscles can regenerate and the Cortisol levels stay balanced.


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