The great relief of dizziness - a freelancer is to pay back thousands of euros

He is waiting for the letter. "At some point, the message will come", is Torsten Zumhof sure. The decision of the North Rhine-Westphalia, urging him to repay

The great relief of dizziness - a freelancer is to pay back thousands of euros

He is waiting for the letter. "At some point, the message will come", is Torsten Zumhof sure. The decision of the North Rhine-Westphalia, urging him to repay the 9000 euros from the Corona-emergency assistance program, which had received the Cologne sound designer at the end of March.

What they had promised at the time, everything? Zumhof still well remembered, as Federal Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier (CDU), boasted in front of the TV camera that you'll leave in the Coronavirus-a crisis not in the rain. Also his NRW counterpart, Andreas Pinkwart (FDP) praised the self-employed, the quick, unbureaucratic, bridging assistance for small business owners and Solo.

Corona packages may not be for loss of Sales used

Long ago, but the Federal government has changed the rules for the Corona-packages: The grants are intended to cover operating costs such as Rent for offices, but not the loss of Sales due to missed orders. Thus, a freelancer like Zumhof fall through the grid. The Rhinelander is one of the losers of the government-imposed Lockdowns. "This is the great relief of dizziness," scolds the man in his late forties.

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Normally, Zumhof as a Freelancer worked on the sound for films and TV series. In movies such as "The fall Collini" he has worked on. But then the orders kept coming. "Since the Virus crisis is not rotated, large," explains the Freelance. The order situation fell to Zero. As Zumhof from the Corona to immediately help heard, he turned immediately to a request, the money was quickly transferred. The media makers breathed through, the grant would be enough for now for a few months, until the industry had recovered from the Lockdown.

investments are not to be missed by the AIDS covered

Far. After a short time, his tax consultant told him that he should probably pay the amount back, because they have changed the conditions. Since Zumhof works at home, no operating expenses. A much-needed new Computer, he purchased from the emergency assistance grant is attached. "This is my most important work tool." But the cost of the device, it may not make a claim. Investments are not covered by the Corona-aid pot. Here, loan rates compare quickly and easily (display) To Focus Online loan rates comparison

For his living he may keep now by the newly introduced bridging the help of 2000 euros. Makes just 670 euros per month for three months in the Lockdown Phase. The not enough for rent, electricity and phone as a whole. Zumhof is pissed: "The government gives billions for the ailing Lufthansa, pays short-time work money without end, but we self-employed are left alone."

So how the media is creating hundreds of thousands of Solo-self-employed, artists, farmers or small businessmen. Economy Minister Pinkwart had already been recognized in the may the problems. Solid, the Liberal Democrat criticized the Federal government for its decision, that the Solo self-employed are not allowed to use the Corona emergency aid for their livelihood. "The States have used the Federal government to insist that the crisis hit hard the two millions of Solo-self-employed parts of the emergency assistance for their livelihood can use," said Pinkwart. Is done little. Berlin holds in this issue so far covered.

About the billing method is post

at the very Least, the NRW government has decided last Tuesday, a preliminary confirmation of stop of emergency aid recipients, with the Federal government regarding the settlement process to negotiate. Alone 426.000 Affected in NRW are to prove their financing bottlenecks. Often, with the result that you will have to pay part of remuneration, or the entire contribution back.

Probably a view of the many complaints on the Ministry Facebook page, enough to recognize what mistakes the emergency assistance program. The bare rage prevails: "The settlement process is a joke," wrote one business owner, "I guess I must pay 95 percent of the emergency aid back in ten weeks, a closed shop with 0 sales."

emergency assistance: the method in the result of> unjust

As the outpatient podiatrist, has no operating costs, but nearly three months due to the lock downs on your income had to do without. Because you immediately took help, could you apply for Hartz IV, retroactively, for the period of losses. Now you must pay the obtained 9000 euros back. Also local owners, Hoteliers and other traders from going blank, which could be in the Lockdown Phase, Rent hours. Because the debts need to be paid until a later time, they do not fall under the emergency assistance cover. This applies only for operating costs between March and may.

restaurateurs Association has attacked the state

The restaurateurs Association Dehoga Nordrhein, the state's procedure is clear: "The state of NRW has changed with the current reporting method, the conditions of the time of the granting of the funds in such a manner that many entrepreneurs will be forced to repay immediately help back". Would have been clear, "the criteria according to which the country settles, would have been made some business decisions differently," says Henning Thomas Graf von Schwerin, President of the advocacy. So, for example, no personnel costs may be claimed. "Hold on to the Land of NRW in his legal opinion, this would not be the death knell for many of the guest only commercial operators," says the critic. Everything you know about your pension

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Iris Rinnus, 58, currently a 14-hour day. In the Hotel "Alt-Rodenkirchen" must do almost everything alone. Before Corona had made a Mini-Jobber, came into her mind to Hand, the beds, the Breakfast for the guests, mending. "I had to dismiss these people, because the emergency aid for such personnel costs." Meanwhile, a cleaning company takes over the obligations. "But, this is one expenditure I can give is not as operating expenses, because the contract was only concluded in the course of the Corona-loosening." For almost two months, the owner of the hotel had to close their small Pension. In the Lockdown period, Iris Rinnus made 43,000 euros less revenue. not each of the auxiliary receiver

start As you but the house belongs to, you can't start like other aid recipients cost of renting. Because a number of insurance areas benefits in different Season of the year, are credited to these expenses, either. For 36 years you've been working on it, says Iris Rinnus, in the time you've paid on your taxes. Of the 9000 Euro aid money has to pay back the she is probably around 7000 Euro. The money, which she had provided for their livelihood. "To the General welfare, we have closed our Hotel due to the infection protection, and get nothing in return, but what can you do if the state changes the rules of the game."

The emergency Dilemma of calls, according to the attorney Ortwin world rich from the düsseldorf firm of Schumacher & Partner, the first plaintiff to the Plan. With a view to the recovery of the stop and the subsequent negotiations between NRW and Berlin on the subject of Corona the help of the lawyer hopes that "the Federal government and the Länder agree on a significantly improved method, otherwise, a huge, threatening wave of lawsuits." private

Michael Kleiber, 61, is running so slowly the operation. But he is not for a long time. For months, the Cologne-based comedian and actor had no commitment, all of the performances and filming were cancelled. Now he has to see how he pays back the 9000 Euro. The most he has wisely left on the account. "Because you never know whether the state, in retrospect, a bad bill opens the door." "Self-blame": German tourists expect debt with the ball on the man-hosts from FOCUS Online "Self": German tourists expect the ball to man-of hosts from

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