Corona testing is mandatory for all travel returnees May force me to the police at all?

holidays and in the German länder of the summer. Crisis management in times of pandemic, a new and delicate Phase begins, because: millions of German citizens h

Corona testing is mandatory for all travel returnees May force me to the police at all?

holidays and in the German länder of the summer. Crisis management in times of pandemic, a new and delicate Phase begins, because: millions of German citizens have not spent the free days at home, but abroad.

For holiday returnees from certain areas at risk to introduce the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) therefore, in the future, and mandatory Testing. In order to avoid that the tourists bring the Virus from areas with a particularly high Corona-risk, and new foci of infection over Germany to distribute. So far, many questions are still open.

What exactly is planned?

the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn, announced a General Test requirement for nationals of high-risk areas. The corresponding arrangement is expected to occur in the coming week. The exact date of the politician is not named on Monday in the ARD"morning magazine" but: "We have a first draft," said the CDU politician. "We want to vote for the good also with the countries, as the need to be on site at the airports or at the stations lived. And that's why I think it's important to do it well.“

Spahn stressed that, so far, for every entry compulsory to two weeks of quarantine from the risk areas applicable. "What should be added, is mandatory testing, either prior to departure or after travel to Germany within 72 hours to his health authority or to the authority, which prompts him to do so. He must prove that he has made a Test and tested negative were, respectively, positive in quarantine.“

What is considered a risk area, is in a list, which leads the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI). In the recent Version, it ranges from Afghanistan and Egypt via the USA to the Central African Republic. Also, the EU country Luxembourg is.

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Is a duty at all legally possible?

Yes, experts say. "Anyone who travels in high-risk areas, must expect, that after a Test on him could get," says legal scholar Thorsten Kingreen, University of Regensburg. Such interference in the right to physical integrity was reasonable and constitutionally legitimate.

Also, the lawyer Sebastian Kluckert of the University of Wuppertal considers this to be legitimate. The Federal Ministry of health points had been changed to clause 5 of the infection protection act, which were recently for the Exception, such as Corona. Accordingly, the Federal government can make a medical examination upon Entry from risk areas to the obligation - exclusively to the detection and prevention of the spread of a threatening communicable disease. More to the Coronavirus to 3.5 million infections: Corona fiasco in the United States to stop the phenomenon of Corona-Fatigue: Covid-19-Convalescent suffer for weeks under Extreme-fatigue RKI provides Corona-Symptom-Chaos day-care centres to send healthy children to work from home half of the balance-sheet: 5 Corona-questions to which we urgently need answers to a Complete recovery not sure: Corona-patients suffer for weeks after infection.

What happens if I refuse?

Mandatory Corona-Tests for travel returnees may be set according to the assessment of the police Union GdP, as a last resort by the police with violence. "We have to ultimately enforce the law and end up with forced",-said Deputy head of the police Union (GdP), Jörg Radek, the editorial network in Germany. "If the management arrangement for the Corona-mandatory Testing, forced by set, is the task of the police." The decision had to be made at the country level.

The trade unionists called on travelers to cooperate. "The mandatory Testing requires a high level of understanding of the population, because such a Test is an intervention in the physical integrity," said Radek. "Basically, you have to strike the balance between the physical integrity of the Individual and the interests of the company. Here we have a case that we had not in the society yet.“ But he expected with the willingness to volunteer Corona-Tests, - said Radek.

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What Tests to bring in principle?

In the case of a Coronavirus Test takes trained personnel, a swab from the mouth, nose, or throat. This is also just a snapshot in time but directly after that you can get. The CDU health expert Karin Maag called for in the SWR: "For me such a Test, the quarantine must be repeated, must be taken after the incubation period of five to seven days." Otherwise, there is no absolute security.

Patrick Larscheid, of Tegel, as a medical officer for the airport Berlin-responsible, recently warned with views of the airport test: "This test does not manage security." He complained: "It is certain that in this way, the time window of infection is recorded."

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Who are the duty would pay for the tests?

The traveler should cost the mandatory tests, nothing. Chancellery chief Helge Braun argued on Monday in rbb-info radio before the Spahns announcement: "If the state orders something, then he can do that, and more, at the expense of the person." The exact funding is still to be determined - other Corona-Tests to pay the statutory health insurance funds, the Federal government has, however, announced grants.

On the costs, but there was already criticism. The North Rhine-Westphalian health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), wants to make Concerned the cost in the invoice. Also, FDP leader Christian Lindner said: "Whoever goes out in an area at risk voluntarily as a Tourist, will need to take in purchase that he paid for the Test."

How many people would be affected? to say

Difficult, but it is likely to go only holiday makers to a rather small part of all Abroad. After all, who travels in spite of Corona in a country, the numbers in the RKI due to high case-risk area, classify, must in the case of the return, now 14 days in quarantine. Unless he has a negative Test. And Holiday hotspots such as Italy or Austria are not currently on the list - but that may change.

what's next?

Since last week of may, returning from high-risk areas at several German airports to voluntarily test. In the future, there should be at all German airports test stations. Bayern also built at the highway border crossings to Austria and at Munich and Nuremberg main station is a voluntary test stations. Last weekend was already over 10,000 people to test.

Generally speaking, it is not the need of Tests on the Einreiseweg, explained Chancellery chief brown - but it, where you come from. Since the risk-list mainly includes countries outside of Europe, may be the focus of the compulsory tests, especially at airports.

family doctors Association criticized mandatory Testing: "As a joke"

a number of organizational questions, however, remain still open. The German medical Association criticized the feasibility of the return of tests massively. Because the implementation of the duty to not only test stations, at airports or railway stations, but also relates to practices the in-house doctor. For example, if holidaymakers with a car or Camper traveling. "I don't think the Responsible is aware of what means testing in practice," said the Confederation's Chairman, Ulrich Weigeldt.

"Here is an example: Monday morning the phone rings – in the best case, on the phone, Mr. Schmidt; in the worst case, he stands with the whole family suddenly in the middle of the waiting room where other patients are waiting. You are since Friday, back from vacation, and now time is of the essence, because the 72 hours to test, ends in the afternoon. What can do the doctor now? In the best case, he gets the patient somewhere, and he must, of course, utmost care must be taken to keep the risk of infection for the other patients as low as possible. Then it's time to protective equipment wear, smear taking and consultation on hygiene measures, validity of the Tests and their consequence will lead. In the connection then the spaces to ventilate and disinfect.“

Consider this entire treatment complex, then the 15 Euro impact, the in-house doctor, home doctors for the smear to get a, "like a joke". "This is a low estimate of what the members here to do and make", criticized Weigeldt. "This is apart unclear whether the family doctors have the resources to afford this, and on the regulation on the provision of the compromise required may be."

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