Hundreds of thousands are working illegally - with these measures, we solve the care Dilemma

For many years the care of criticism in Germany. Not due to a lack of expertise or poor Standards, but because it lacks at all corners and Ends of care workers,

Hundreds of thousands are working illegally - with these measures, we solve the care Dilemma

For many years the care of criticism in Germany. Not due to a lack of expertise or poor Standards, but because it lacks at all corners and Ends of care workers, whether nurses or old nurses, whether in the outpatient or inpatient sector.

The massively changing demographics exacerbated the situation even further. In consequence of the corona crisis, the care industry is finally in the focus in the Public. By the new-found attention to sustainable perspectives to improve the desolate Situation arise.

Strong health system, despite pandemic

In everyday practice is already flared up a few years ago, the dispute over the coveted nursing staff. Inpatient facilities and outpatient services to advertise aggressively for the few available skilled workers. Not infrequently, it takes more than a year to fill a vacant position. About the author

Markus Küffel a qualified health scientist, a qualified nurse and Manager of the care home Küffel GmbH. He is also a Board member of the Association for home care e. V., is appreciated as a competent professional by the Federal government and discussed in different technical rounds, what are the new structures it needs, the quality of care in the future.

Both the policy as well as the companies and hospitals have failed in the past to make the nursing profession is significantly positive and thus lead society to a better View. For many young people, the professional image of the nurse will not appear attractive enough to opt for a three-year training.

Compared with the medical profession, the nursing profession continues to lag behind the social recognition is far. This showed, in particular, in the corona crisis shows how important skilled workers are to have the care of the system and thus the health of citizens, to maintain.

in addition to the development of the nursing industry in need on the one hand, leads the pandemic, on the other hand, that Germany top is the tab – in terms of quick Action in crisis situations, but also in terms of a strong health system. To transfer this energy to supply professions, must be the policy.

On the one hand, they must pay sufficient attention to motivated students and on the other hand, the already trained nurses support. Only, if in the future sufficient skilled personnel are available, is it at all possible to make care in Germany continues to be designed.

for lack of Alternatives: Many carers come from abroad, often illegally

In Germany are mainly taken care of the relatives of the person Concerned or Care workers from Central and Eastern Europe, the Old and the Weak. Alone, the latter group supplies over 300,000 people in need of care in their familiar home environment and in the framework of the so-called 24-hour care.

Because of the care situation, however, is not a rigid process, but a certain degree of dynamics is subject to, must be adapted to political realities on a continuous basis. So many families were left with the beginning of the corona crisis and the entry restrictions without a caregiver. Germany – Your chances of No U and no L: Blackrock strategist predicts "Swoosh" for the German economy "Infodemie" roll over the world: Europe must now use a sharp sword Corona App provides a wealth of opportunities - but they alone will not curb the pandemic, "success is learning disabled": 7 lessons for a confident guide to the Corona economy wise: wave of insolvencies threatens - government must aid the Corona repair dissected the weaknesses of the system: to clinics, money to stop hunting the former Chancellor Schröder: Germany is now in need of a Signal, the jobs, secures the future of the world depends on all of us - Corona delivers a unique opportunity for Corona Generation changed the world - researchers explain new formula for happiness atmosphere in front of the screen is not replaceable - culture-the Hunger will be greater than ever before crisis, rethinking fired in the Auto industry, and opened in Germany, global Chance of prosperity and liabilities of a financial expert are not compatible: Need Initiative and risk-taking - no helicopter state of digitisation was only the beginning - now the greatest Revolution of mankind starts the Euro-crisis Fund, overwhelmed even Germany - with courage there are better solutions Ex-Chancellery chief: Corona gives us antibodies against the populists Two moments we missed - well, we can Ex our country will finally change-super-Minister Clement: With this 7-point Plan we come strongly from the crisis in a Sustainable change in 3 sectors: Corona-aid needs to the greatest opportunity for the climate What do Germany in order to rescue the prosperity of the middle class, banks points in crisis - for a successful future, you need to solve the old problems of the world of yesterday is gone with Corona under - 5 questions of the world show us tomorrow's Unprepared for the "black Swan": Germany, supply chains must be re -

Due to lack of political regulations and a lack of framework conditions for the 24-hour-care are approximately employed 90 percent of the supervisors from abroad illegal in Consumer households. think With just a few adjustments in the working time act and the payment of the double the care benefit in kind amount instead of the care allowance for this type of Care, would families receive the much needed help to deal with these forces officially and the black work even after the pandemic continues to restrict.

industry thanks to Corona, attention: Now is the time to act

The corona crisis has shown the relevance of the profession in all its clarity – and it also shows that chocolate and a thank you are sufficient alone to supply Affected now and in the future worthy of attention. So that Germany can continue to serve his Old and needy nurses are statutory regulations in the 24-hour care is essential, and the appreciation of the training in nursing is mandatory.

it is Also required to the lived and professional practice experienced significantly more state and social recognition. Only political measures and legal adjustments, such as increased salary and adapted working hours, will ensure that young people find interest and fun in this work and also for foreign forces can legally be employed. Care without the need to stay flexible and affordable – that the care of burn-out forces.

a Second wave coming? Real-time map shows Corona-spread in Germany, FOCUS Online/Wochit Second wave coming? Real-time map shows Corona-spread in Germany

Date Of Update: 04 August 2020, 11:26

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