Storm Huntley, co-host of Jeremy Vine, announces her pregnancy live on-air. She also reveals the 'traumatic' first trimester.

Storm Huntley, Jeremy Vine's cohost, had some personal news she wanted to share live on air this morning. She announced that she was pregnant with her first baby.

Storm Huntley, co-host of Jeremy Vine, announces her pregnancy live on-air. She also reveals the 'traumatic' first trimester.

Storm, 34, is due to have a baby with Kerr Okan, a musician husband. Storm had previously teased the news with a photo of them looking into an oven captioned: 'Something's Cooking!

Storm confirmed that she will be a mother during Monday's episode on Jeremy's Channel 5 program.

"We have definitely baked something. Unfortunately, that loaf was not bought. She shared that she was having a baby.

Storm revealed that she is just one week away from marking the four-month mark at 15 weeks. She has yet to find out if it's a girl or a boy.

The conversation then turned to the presenter’s baby bump. She joked that she had a hybrid belly right now. We don't know if this is a quick meal or the start of something.

Then, she stepped out of the office to show the cameras her growing baby bump.

Storm treated her co-hosts and gave them a peek at her 10-week baby scan. She explained that she had booked a private scan because she was anxious. She also said that she believes the baby is waving.

The presenter, however, refused to sugarcoat pregnancy's early days. She admitted that she was not going to lie about the first trimester. Horrific. It's not often said enough. Pregnancy is a beautiful, wonderful experience.

It is quite traumatizing to say the very least. It took two months of constant travel sickness. It's that feeling you get when you're on the boat or in the car and don't know which way is up. You may feel like you might throw up any minute. This happens 24 hours a day.

She said, "It moves through waves. When I was feeling sick I had a lot anxiety about it. We're now in the honeymoon stage of the pregnancy. I feel quite positive about it. I'm also excited. I cannot wait to see the baby's face again at my 20-week scan.


Kerr, her husband, sent a video message to the couple. He said that he was 'absolutely delighted to be a father to be, all is going well, and I'm buzzing...I can't wait for to start a family together.

"If she's anything like her as a wife, she will be a remarkable mother."

This news comes months after Storm and Kerr (frontman of rock band The LaFontaines) tied the knot. Their wedding took place on the banks at Loch Lomond in Scotland last Sept.