Colin Farrell Documents for conservatorship of Kid with Angelman syndrome

Colin Farrell Documents for conservatorship of Kid with Angelman syndrome

Colin Farrell and his ex Kim Bordenave registered for a conservatorship of the 17-year-old son.

The actress, 44, and also the version, 49, filed the paperwork Monday to petition to be in a position to lawfully handle their son James Farrell's requirements when he turns 18, per court records obtained by Page Six to Wednesday.

James has Angelman syndrome,"a hereditary disorder that causes developmental defects and disabilities and influences the nervous system," according to the court documents.

The records note that James is"nonverbal, has problems with his fine motor skills and cannot provide for their wellbeing and well-being."

Because of this, Farrell and Bordenave requested the court for electricity to get James' confidential documents, to have the ability to give or withhold medical approval and to make conclusions regarding their son's connections on his own behalf.

Even though the paperwork notes James"lacks the capability to express his taste who he'd want to function because his conservator(s)," it's known that"he would select [his parents] as co-conservators."

Farrell and Bordenave are expected to appear in court on Sept. 27 to get a hearing. James' physician filed a form to the court saying that the teenager is not able to attend hearings for the near future due to his health condition.

Farrell has detailed his son's identification before, such as through a 2017 interview on the"Today" series.

"The battles of a child with special needs may be so barbarous they can tear in the fabric of the heart, but the love shared along with the pure power and heroism detected is that the needle and thread which mends all rips," he explained at the moment.

This story first appeared at the New York Post.