JetBlue passenger fined $10,500 for blowing nose in blanket, not wearing mask

JetBlue passenger fined $10,500 for blowing nose in blanket, not wearing mask

The passenger allegedly made it hard for the flight crew to perform their duties

Poor behavior can be costly.

The Federal Aviation Administration recently announced an additional collection of fines levied against disruptive passengers. 1 passenger is apparently facing a steep good after blowing his nose into among the plane's blankets (amid other disruptive acts).

The FAA issued a news release detailing its most recent round of civil penalties, which includes a fine issued for an event that happened on a JetBlue flight on Dec. 27, 2020. According to the release, a passenger on the plane acted in a disruptive manner and interfered with the flight crew's ability to perform their jobs.

"The FAA alleges the passenger repeatedly ignored and was violent to flight attendants that taught him to wear a facemask," the press release states. "At one stage, while not wearing a mask, he coughed and blew his nose into a blanket."

When a fine is suggested by the FAA, the passenger has several options to respond, MSN reports. The passenger in question may allegedly request a lower penalty, attempt to show that the alleged incident did not actually occur, or request that a hearing with an administrative law judge. Obviously, the passenger might only choose to simply pay the fine (if they can afford it).

There have apparently been 1,300 episodes of travelers acting badly on planes that demanded the incident to be reported to the FAA.

The FAA staged a zero-tolerance coverage in January for unruly airline passengers,'' Fox News formerly reported. This policy was initially intended to die on March 30 of the year, however, the FAA announced in mid-March it would be extending the coverage for as long as the CDC and TSA's mask prices were in effect.

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