After a long battle with cancer, Sarah Harding, Girls Aloud star, has died at 39

Her mother announced Sunday that Sarah Harding, singer of Girls Aloud in Britain, has passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. She was 39.

After a long battle with cancer, Sarah Harding, Girls Aloud star, has died at 39

Last August, the singer revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It had also spread to other areas of her body. Marie, Marie's mother, posted on Instagram that Sunday: "It is with deep heartbreak that I share the news that my beautiful Sarah has unfortunately passed away."

"Many of your will be familiar with Sarah's fight against cancer. She fought so hard from the moment she was diagnosed until her final day. She passed away peacefully this morning," she wrote. She wrote that Harding was a bright shining star and that she would prefer to be remembered for this, rather than her fight against cancer.

Harding stated earlier this year that she was given a dire warning by her doctor that she would likely die next Christmas. She wrote in her March autobiography that she announced her cancer in hopes of bringing awareness to others and not letting it get too late.

Harding gained fame as a contestant in the 2002 ITV talent show "Popstars The Rivals," which led to her joining Girls Aloud with Kimberley Walsh and Cheryl Tweedy.

The group had many hits, including "Sound of the Underground", "Love Machine", and "The Promise" before it broke up in 2013.

Harding was seen in many movies and television shows after Girls Aloud. She also appeared in a stage adaptation for "Ghost" the film. In 2017, she won "Celebrity Big Brother", a reality television show.