Book: A top US officer fears Trump might order a China strike

A senior defense official stated that Donald Trump's final weeks as President were so frightening, the top American military officer called twice his Chinese counterpart to ensure that they would not go to war.

Book: A top US officer fears Trump might order a China strike

General Li Zuocheng of People's Liberation Army was told by Mark Milley, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, that the United States would never strike. The first call was made on October 30, 2020, just four days after the victory of Trump. The second call took place on Jan. 8, 2021. It was just two days following the rebellion at the U.S. Capitol led by supporters the outgoing chief executive.

Trump stated that Milley should be tried as treason if the report is true.

According to Robert Costa and Bob Woodward, Milley promised Li that he would warn him in case of an attack by the U.S. Milley even went as far as to promise Li. The book was available to the Associated Press. The Washington Post reported details from the book on Tuesday.

Milley said to him, "General Li, we want to assure you, that the American government has been stable and everything will be alright," according to the book. "We will not attack you or conduct any kinetic operation against you."

"If we are going to attack, then I'm going ahead and calling you." Milley said that it was not surprising.

According to the defense official Milley's message was a message of reassurance to Li on both occasions. According to the official, Milley's message to Li was not a reassurance. Instead, the chairman stated that the United States would not suddenly attack China without warning.

Milley also spoke to a variety of chiefs of defense from around the globe in the days following the Jan. 6th riot. These included military leaders from Pakistan, Russia, and the United Kingdom. According to a January readout, Milley spoke with "several" counterparts who also sent similar messages to reassure them that the U.S. government was strong.

This second call was intended to calm Chinese concerns about Jan. 6's events. The book indicates that Li was not as easy to placate, even though Milley assured him that he would be 100 percent steady. It's all fine. Sometimes, however, democracy can get sloppy."

Tuesday's response from Trump was a sharply worded one dismissing Milley and insisting that he never thought of attacking China.

He said that, if the report were true, he would be tried as a TREASON because he would have dealt with China behind the President's back, telling China that he would give them notification of an attack.

Trump stated, "It is imperative that we take immediate action against Milley."

Officials say Milley believed that the president had suffered from mental decline following the election. This view was shared by Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, in a Jan. 8 phone call.

Pelosi previously stated that she had spoken to Milley about "available precautions" that could prevent Trump from ordering a nuclear strike or initiating military action. She also told colleagues that she was given unspecified assurances of long-standing safeguards.

According to the book, Milley called the admiral in charge of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. This military unit is responsible for Asia and the Pacific. Milley recommended that upcoming military exercises be postponed. According to the book, he also requested that senior officers swear an "oath", that Milley must be present if Trump gives an order to launch nukes.

Officials confirmed Milley's conversation with Pelosi in January and Tuesday. This was made public by the House Speaker at the time. Officials said that the two discussed the long-standing safeguards in the nuclear strike process. Officials said that Milley spoke to his commanders and staff about the process to confirm the procedures and make sure everyone understood them.

It is not known if military exercises were delayed or not. Officials from the defense said that it was more likely that the military delayed a planned operation such as a U.S. Navy vessel in the Pacific to allow for freedom of navigation transit. Defense officials spoke under anonymity in order to discuss private conversations.

Trump appointed Milley in 2018. He later expressed his regret that he participated in a June 2020 photo shoot with Trump. This was after federal law enforcement cleared a park close to the White House from peaceful protesters so Trump could stand in the nearby church.

Senator Marco Rubio (Republican from Florida) sent President Joe Biden Tuesday, asking him to fire Milley. He said that Milley had worked to "actively undermine" the Commander in Chief.

Ted Cruz, R-Texas, described the report as "deeply concerning" and told reporters at Capitol that General Milley should answer the question about what he said.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said that he was not concerned that Milley might have overstepped his authority. He told reporters that Democratic lawmakers were "circumspect in their language, but many of us made clear that we counted on him to avoid the catastrophe which we knew could occur at any time."

A spokesperson from the Joint Staff declined comment.

Milley's second warning went to Beijing after Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper. He also filled many top positions with loyalists to him.

This book offers insight into Trump's attempts to keep power, despite losing to Biden in the election.

Trump refused to give up and claimed that the election was stolen. Trump repeatedly asked Mike Pence, his vice president to refuse to sign off on the results of the election at the Capitol on January 6, which was then interrupted by the mob.

The book says that Pence called Dan Quayle (an ex-vice president and fellow Indiana Republican) to find out if there was a way he could agree to Trump's request. Quayle stated that he could not.

"Mike, this is not something you can do. Zero. Zero. Forget it. According to Quayle, "Put it away."

Pence eventually agreed. Pence eventually agreed.

Trump was not happy.

Trump said, "I don’t want to become your friend anymore if this doesn’t happen," and then told his vice president, "You’ve betrayed me." You were nothing to me. You were nothing."

Trump's incessant efforts to convince William Barr that the election was stolen are described as "Peril". Barr is quoted saying that Barr told Trump, "The Justice Department cannot take sides, as we know between you and the other candidates." Barr also expressed disgust at Rudolph Giuliani, who claimed Trump had won. He called them "clown cars."