Uffing brace itself against trip rush | Uffing

Uffing suffers, like many other County municipalities are also growing day-trip tourism. With Parking ticket machines, a signage, and a volunteer for the protec

Uffing brace itself against trip rush | Uffing

Uffing suffers, like many other County municipalities are also growing day-trip tourism. With Parking ticket machines, a signage, and a volunteer for the protection of nature wakes up trying to be the onslaught Lord.

Uffing – Hardly the Corona had been loosened restrictions, there was a flood of day-trippers into the foothills of the Alps. Thousands of cars were parked arbitrarily agricultural land, blocked access roads to fields, and escape routes. And your Handlebar, left mountains of garbage. Communities such as Ohlstadt, Eschenlohe, and also the Kreisort can sing a song. Also in Uffing, the trip took caravans of previously unknown proportions.

on 28 October. May had decided the local Council is higher Parking fees, a fee obligation areas on previously free Parking and uniform signage in place. For all of this was in the meeting last Thursday with a 15:0, a corresponding to regulation votes on the way. In addition, ten Volunteers of the Bavarian nature protection will be waking up around the community on the road to misguided tourists to dissuade in polite but certain way, meadows, trample, protected flowers to demolish and expel nesting birds from their nests.

"On all of the Park of recreation areas areas 1. September, Park fees,“ said mayor Andrew White (independent). Before the introduction of the new regulations is not possible: "Because the Parking ticket machines can only be in August, delivered." In the case of the previous devices only in the coin of payment was according to the city hall chief possible. "In addition, there could be not offered as many rates as there are." All machines can be paying by card, as well as a digital mobile phone Parking service is provided for all paid Parking in the municipality. "The possibility of free Parking is available for guests of owners possible, submit your reports electronically," explained the mayor. The first 30 minutes of Parking are free of charge, then will be charged for each additional hour or part thereof 50 cents. The fee for a year card will be charged a 20 Euro, for a half-year card is 10 euros. These Tickets are available only to season ticket holders of the baths, sail boat owners and Locals. The local clubs, members of the water rescue, employees of the lake-restaurant Alpenblick and the Gemeindebads, as well as the landlord, the report electronically, receive on request a free annual Parking card for the people in the Parking lot. The maximum Parking time is 24 hours.

The item "control of traffic" was Know for his listeners to have a Surprise: In a brief ten Volunteers in the municipality for the operation of a sample as a nature protection guard to start. In the case of an event of nature protection, a Bavaria-wide organization, had been presented to Wake up the System from Peter straw, water from the Lower nature conservation authority in the Landratsamt Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Area Manager, Daniela Fig. "In the protected areas with us very much is broken," explained White. "The guardians are to do educational work and are trained in the conflict-Training. In the district we are the first, where something starts.“ The financing of nature protection, the district office will be solely watches.

furthermore, it was set up in the meeting, the Consideration of the loud, in the street leading a Hand-to-use shield, the situation is due to the drivers with the note "Parking lot view of the Alps" busy could warn. On another issue, Vice-mayor Josef Diepold (WGU) noted: "mobile phones often direct cyclists to fail, because the display of the Apps in relation to the staff, else the circuit is wrong." As an example, he pointed to the walkway between the lakeside restaurant a view of the Alps and the Murnauer street, there came to an abrupt end. White promised to check with a leading company that is taking care of such Apps: "We are requests, what would it cost for a Revision of these cards."

Heino Herpen

Date Of Update: 27 June 2020, 09:35