The Last of Us 2: The most important tips to Start | Games

The PS4-the Highlight of "The Last of Us 2" has been released. Before starting, players should take heed of some tips. What are the betrayed we are free here

The Last of Us 2: The most important tips to Start | Games

The PS4-the Highlight of "The Last of Us 2" has been released. Before starting, players should take heed of some tips. What are the betrayed we are free here - of course, spoilers.

in Spite of the pre-leaked Story spoilers for "The Last of Us 2"* the joy of the Fans is great. The continuation of the gloomy post-apocalyptic adventure is now in the trade. We have some tips for player before you plunge into the game.

Studio Naughty Dog is responsible for two of the most popular exclusive game series for the Playstation. According to the "Uncharted" have you called in with "The Last of Us" a second very successful Franchise to life. The hot-awaited sequel to "The Last of Us 2" is probably the last big title for PS4 before PS5* comes the end of 2020 on the market.

The game has in the run-up to the excellent Review ratings receive. For PS4 owners, the game is a purchase, therefore, almost a duty. Before players dive into the adventure, it is worth to know some tips and Tricks. Which are revealed in the following section - no spoilers .

"The Last of Us 2": Useful tips and Tricks for the beginning

environments, more specifically examine :

In contrast to the very linear sequence in the case of "Uncharted" in "The Last of Us 2" that areas in more detail be worth it. The many turnings in the hold for main character Ellie, and a variety of useful articles hides, from which they can build important equipment. Who wants to be limited rather to the history, is not running, nevertheless, just straight forward through the game world. Because some of the cutscenes, and enemies are also to be found only in branching areas.

+ The in-game world of "The Last of Us 2" in all corners to discover something.©Naughty Dog

picking up objects and work benches to craft :

players of the first part will remember that the game world had to offer many items to Collect, but in a backpack, only limited Slots were available. Also in "The Last of Us 2" are only three portions per ingredient portable. Therefore, at the factory benches at every opportunity as much as possible , so that again space for new items to be free. Especially, it is worthwhile to improve the stability, as well as the damage.

information box "The Last of Us 2"

publication :

19. June 2020

platforms :

Playstation 4

Genre :

Action, Horror, Open World

game mode :


developer :

Naughty Dog

Publisher :


"The Last of Us 2": Sneak or Fight?

+ Sneak or Fight? Players will have to choose an approach to enemies.©Naughty Dog

This question will be the players throughout the game Often make: Sneaking through the game world, or the frontal attack is the better solution? In General, it is recommended to softly . Therefore, Ellie, and preferably also should not use loud weapons , and always stay .

bow and arrow as well as guns with silencers are the recommendation - the latter are going to be broken, however, after only a few shots. It is best to from the rear close to the opponent to sneak in and kill you so silently in the melee, but even melee weapons to use. The R1 button is for the quiet, extremely important. Thus , the listening mode enabled, with the aid of the enemy silhouettes show up.

and it will be inevitable, the battle to be incorporated. In addition, it is important to know the different enemy types.

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"The Last of Us 2" enemy types: humans, dogs, and "Clicker"

people :

players should make sure the weapons in good condition and loaded , before you take a stand against human opponents. The Recharge takes very long. To the Emergency, it is recommended to throw bottles or bricks, by the enemies to Stagger - and then they're easily in melee vulnerable. Here, the new alternate key (L1) plays an important role. With the right Timing, Ellie melee can Dodge punches and counter.

dogs :

dogs are new to "The Last of Us 2". You can absorb the scent of Ellie and her tracks track. For this reason, players should always remain in movement. Usually the dogs are not far removed from their owner - therefore, they would notice it when the animals get hurt. Instead, the dogs attack, it is advisable, therefore, to distract you by bottles and bricks.


The Infected , are in an early stage of the Mutation. Nevertheless, they are very dangerous because they can attack very quickly a group of shapes, and Ellie. Here, too, players should strive to sneak up behind me or the bow and arrow.

" the Clicker ":

approach The same way is recommended for the because of their clicking noise is called " the Clicker ". These are from the first "The Last of Us"-part is known. A frontal melee attack is futile. They react to sounds, therefore, players should be in your area very quiet.

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