What has this to do with a contract killer with a Corona-billion for Italy or Spain

It happened on the 23. August 2019, right in the middle of Berlin. The Georgians Vadim K. was in the Tiergarten in Berlin, when a Russian on a Bicycle from the

What has this to do with a contract killer with a Corona-billion for Italy or Spain

It happened on the 23. August 2019, right in the middle of Berlin. The Georgians Vadim K. was in the Tiergarten in Berlin, when a Russian on a Bicycle from the rear, approached him with a "Glock 26" unceremoniously killed. Two shots in the torso, two shots in the head – the 40-year-old victim died at the scene. So anyway, it is a rating of the indictment. What makes this case of homicide, a highly explosive political case: From the point of view of the attorney General, it was a Contract killing. Client: the Russian government.

FOCUS Online Margarete van Ackerens Berlin week

The criminal part will clarify the chamber court of Berlin. The political consequences are very serious. We might imagine, briefly, what would have happened a few years ago in such a suspicion of alleged state terrorism. It would not have been a threat of a note by foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) and an "invitation" to the Russian Ambassador. "The West" would be demonstrative put together.

"The West" but time out has just. In Parts, anyway. US President, Donald Trump has this to do with himself enough, he has the USA for the first deregistered as a reliable player in a community of values, whose core was determined over decades, just from the feeling of life and the spirit of America. Anyone who considers Finland a part of Russia and Belgium for a "beautiful city", deals in his working day-to-day primarily with other questions. Perhaps even more so.

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constant with three letters: I

is The chief in the White house is a pattern of inconstancy and affect-driven decisions. Constant with three letters: Ego. I.

There should be no illusions: On Trump, you can never rely on the end, Russian President Vladimir Putin lives in an icy cold, his claim to power, and China's President Xi Jingping has been associated with the development of a novel digital dictatorship is already pretty far

What is the woman with the red jacket says

half A day after the accusations against Moscow to be a woman in a bright red jacket took yesterday in the Bundestag, the word. This woman – Angela Merkel speaks of "the German EU Council presidency", "reconciliation from the rubble of the enemy nation-States", of "freedom," of "climate protection", "digitization" and "Africa".

dpa Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU)

What this speech of the Chancellor and her appeal for a European standing Together in the pandemic, with the cold-blooded murder in the heart of Berlin have to do? The letter to exactly zero. But in the end, pretty much. Because a weak Europe is to be measured as a standing invitation to the forces. To all of you that want to try it.

Merkel's sober note – "No country can be insulated from this crisis and survive alone" – would you be able to in other times as the Standard formula due to noise. Beautiful words, Sunday talk, you know. Only These times are over.

A United Europe, which builds more strength, is more important than ever. In social, economic, but also political-security issues.

"Together. Europe strong“ – this is not only the Motto of the German presidency of the EU, but it is an urgent call, a Wake-up call. Maybe the last one.

test case for Europe

The fight against Covid-19, against the medical and economic consequences to the test-case for Europe. If you can't act now, you can save in the future, noble words. The citizens will lose Faith in this Europe, if the community in this serious failing case.

And the stability of Europe, in turn, decides whether Germany can be more than a pipsqueak in the world. Europe must therefore honour what it promises in a long time. Angela Merkel (CDU), President of France, Emmanuel Macron, the German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD), President of the Commission, Ursula of the Leyen (CDU) and many colleagues in Europe seem to be determined to be.

rules of make a Deposit and get lifted

everything has a price. A historically high. The European recovery program could cost at the end of 750 billion euros. Italy, Spain and France could get, so the previous plans, most. Germany, with almost 29 billion quite a bit. So it is with the solidarity. It does not work according to the rules of Deposit and get out of wars, but without a Deal. Stand together in time of Need. Nothing else.

That the Commission is empowered, on behalf of the European Union's billion record would have been even a year ago, and with good reason unimaginable. But since even the most vivid imagination would not have been sufficient, such a crisis to imagine.

to Not give away billions of""?

"In this Situation, we have no billion. Because we have to help ourselves“, scolded the AfD group Chairman Alice ryegrass in Parliament yesterday. Only can be in a country that depends so much on the Export of "Give away" not a speech. And the "help Yourself", Germany – see above – quickly to its limits. It is in all of this, namely, not only to Germany's money, but also safety. In the double sense of the word.


Today, at today's European Council of heads of state and heads of government, via video conference, there was, as expected, no decision on how exactly to go with the money, how much the grants are, for example, how many loans. With a decision is not expected until a physical coming Together of the European Council. There it is again, the familiar, sluggish Europe.

The SPD politician Martin Schulz has just been reminded of: Many of the old problems of the EU are still there. "Europe speaks with a single voice in the world. In the EU member States do not respect the own fundamental values of the Union and a member state occurs.“ One may add that the design of The Common Foreign and security policy (CFSP) is designed very much to be tough in the face of growing threats. The EU-China Meeting, after all, was only postponed, not cancelled.

Europe is the best choice

All the world can see: The construct of Europe has embarrassing flaws. For Germany, but Europe, the zusammenrauft finally and snaps together, more than ever, a promise is. All who like it want to be less emotional, can leave it on even with this knowledge: Europe is a simple necessity. Europe is the best choice, when looking closely, it is the only one.

Ursula von der Leyen is planning a conference on the future of Europe. Sounds like long meetings, boring papers, a lot of talk. But does not have to be. That's it: In times, in which Sunday is the Everyday talk to determine where warm words with hard cash be redeemed, could actually be the one and only conference on positive Surprise. Nice Idea.

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