TV review: Mirage – Dangerous lies (ZDF) The ZDF has to offer Better to | TV

In a ZDF-agent Thriller spy Marie-Josée Croze and Hannes Jaenicke in front of the imposing backdrop of Abu Dhabi. "Mirage – Dangerous lies" in ZDF* age

TV review: Mirage – Dangerous lies (ZDF) The ZDF has to offer Better to | TV

In a ZDF-agent Thriller spy Marie-Josée Croze and Hannes Jaenicke in front of the imposing backdrop of Abu Dhabi.

"Mirage – Dangerous lies" in ZDF*
agent Thriller comes in front of the imposing backdrop of the Abu Dhabi In Action scenes, it to lax

a connoisseur of the television history of the great Adventure series of the ZDF from the Sixties and seventies, recalls. In international co-production and cinema the same effort especially film adaptations of relevant classics created: "treasure island," "Robinson Crusoe," "The sea wolf". For these sequel stories, a somewhat dim-witted literal translation of the Anglo-Saxon term for the more dividers has become the norm now, the term "mini series",.

2017-founded the "European Alliance" is a continuation of the then co-production practice. Media companies from Canada, France and Germany cooperated in the production of a contemporary espionage Thriller with the canadian Marie-Josée Croze, the British, Clive Standen, and the German Hannes Jaenicke in leading roles. Director of the canadian Louis Choquette led.

You only live twice: "Mirage – Dangerous lies" (ZDF) was in Morocco and Abu-Dhabi

was Filmed in Morocco and especially in Abu Dhabi. There, Claire Kohler (Croze), an expert in computer security occurs, a new position. Her husband Luke (Jaenicke), a skilled chef, is planning the opening of a restaurant. Only son Zack (Thomas Chomel) can't share the joy of the new beginning and the new luxurious Dwelling. He would much rather be with his friends in Paris.

Zack comes from a previous relationship, Claire's, Gabriel Taylor (Were). Both of them were in Thailand on vacation when the Tsunami disaster occurred, and were separated. Gabriel remained missing, his body was never found. Been a few times where Claire is believed to have him in a passer-by recognized. Probably ravings –

But in Abu Dhabi has again one of those irritating meetings, the thing on the ground and must be dismayed to discover that Gabriel is actually alive and in a conspiracy is involved, the emergency of a new environmentally friendly power station with the objective. It could revolutionize energy production and the business of the Oil industry to ruin. Some folks make it to be mobile.

Sabotage at a nuclear power plant – "Mirage – Dangerous lies" in the ZDF

never say never – Claire Kohler becomes involved unwillingly in the conspiratorial operations of private and state intelligence services. Taylor wants to thwart, as he claims, the attack would cost many lives. So he meets Claire, a nerve, because she was pushed by her previous employer to blame for a serious misfortune in a Kazakh nuclear power plant. You had to serve as a scapegoat for an act of sabotage, but the terror in the face of many deaths in your party. A repeat want to prevent, therefore, in the case of jumps Taylor. However, the remains opaque – who's he working for really? In addition, your activities are not only for you but also for your family dangerous. And you have to strain the relations to her husband, Luke, is left for security reasons, for a long time, the operations in the dark.

TV-criticism to "Mirage – Dangerous lies" (ZDF): conspirators meet in the Louvre Abu Dhabi

The author team, Franck Philippon, Bénédicte Charles and Olivier Pouponneau, has a continued history spun a wild yarn. The Background is by no means unrealistic – industrial espionage, new energy sources, the rapid growth of Abu Dhabi and the opening of new economic kurante topics are branches. You sound in the plot, but just the atmosphere for a rather simple agent adventure. There are always car chases and secret Meetings, of course, at prominent places such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The pattern to be exhausted with time, especially in the ZDF made a summarization of the six one-hour parts to three hundred minute episodes. Also, the artificiality of the voltage mechanisms with their constructed complications stands out in this broadcast cycle, significantly in the eye. Is riddled the Saga with those lack of Credibility, which inevitably occur when Amateurs try to make a James Bond or Jason Bourne competition, if you enjoyed from a discreet time without any Training suddenly savvy most agents turn. Should you fail once, will help you regularly a happy accident out of your misery. From the audience, those of tolerance, it is expected that applying it when James Bond goes after a wild Hatz without Luggage, the continent, and yet the next scene in an immaculate Savile Row suit, enters.

In the case of Action scenes in "Mirage – Dangerous lies" (ZDF), it comes to lax

When Claire Kohler, alias Marie-Josée Croze creates the customs of the host country, according to a headscarf, then she looks like the actress Claire Danes in her role of Carrie Mathison in the American series "Homeland" . Perhaps the author team has in fact, on this model, comes close but not even. Neither the psychological tension, which would have provided due to the vibration of the fragile small family a lot more potential here, still the author and Director to invoke the Paranoia that occurred when Carrie Mathison in foreign, mostly hostile environment, and went on exploring. Especially in the Action scenes, it seems to be a case of carelessness – because a ball hits a window in Taylor's head height. The bends-flight and remains unharmed. A Cabinet piece, he could be in a circus.

"Mirage – Dangerous lies" in the ZDF: Scenic desert and spectacular high-rise buildings

display values, there are, of course, enough. The circular Aldar Headquarters building, a real eye-catcher, is one of the main places. Excursions in the bazaars, in the picturesque desert areas or under water. Abu Dhabi's tourism industry can't complain about the lack of tourism advertising.

to be Fair, was added to provide that the ZDF Better has. Stockholm's Skyline is less impressive, the action of the local series "Hidden Agenda", which is also a ZDF co-production , but a lot more convincing and less predictable. Oddly enough, the station opted for a En-Suite-broadcast on Friday penultimate week, when a YouTube video in the time between 22:00 and 4:00 in the morning. Nothing against YouTube as a home to the level of full series, but not many viewers will embark on a sleepless night. In the ZDF-Mediathek Hidden Agenda is "" still available and free of charge. And compared to "Mirage – Dangerous lies" is the better choice.

"Mirage – Dangerous lies", from 8.6. Mondays at 22:15 clock, ZDF

The scene of the crime "Let the moon in the heavens" in the ARD was terrific and hard, says a lower critic. Now in the library see.

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