Candidacy-finally gone? With five errors, Armin maneuvered himself Laschet itself into the Offside

The opinion research Institute Forsa on the weekend published its latest survey. Result: The Union parties are in a stable 40 percent, a possible red-red-green

Candidacy-finally gone? With five errors, Armin maneuvered himself Laschet itself into the Offside

The opinion research Institute Forsa on the weekend published its latest survey. Result: The Union parties are in a stable 40 percent, a possible red-red-green coalition would be to only 39 percent – so it is clear that without the Union, no state is likely to be.

But who is at the top and what is the Chancellor candidate of the CDU/CSU next year in the election campaign? Here is a December suspended Congress will bring clarity. For an even more promising candidate, the chances that he can prevail, to wane, however, in the meantime, the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister, Armin Laschet.

Although he ruled the most populous state, and thus, ex officio, one of the most powerful politicians of the Republic and is not he in the polls of the third square. Stable the front of his counterpart from Bavaria, Markus Söder, which comes in surveys, for example, by Infratest Dimap on more than 50 percent approval is, however, actually does not want to compete.

Friedrich Merz, a man without an office and with a little political leadership experience is off, but at least with 33 percent in second place. Only 27 percent of Germans can imagine, however, that her next Chancellor Armin Laschet is.

Five reasons stable rank for laschet's in an Offside position responsible:

1. People love bans

This surprisingly Kling of the German philosopher Richard David Precht at the end of These recently established. He thus describes the phenomenon that people in existential crises, as the world experienced by the Corona epidemic, are looking for clear and direct instructions for action. And the clearer these statements are, the more prohibitions you include.

Laschet, however, is not a man who forbids something, but his style is to delegate responsibility. He admits to himself: "I had confidence that the citizens behave responsible. This fundamental belief was not popular, certainly. For a long time, it was popular to ban as much as possible.“ Where the Conviction Laschet that the people are rewarding his behavior in the meantime, more remains to be secret.

2. Double peaks are pseudo-solutions

Laschet took office in the Team of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn. Laschet wants to be a CDU-Chairman, and may then candidate for Chancellor, Spahn is intended to alert the Deputy to the chair. The crisis has proven, however, Spahn as a hands-on Minister. Laschet's soft course left less impression.

So it is that the possible alternate, it could overtake the possible Chairman before the election in the favor of the audience. What should compete as a team, wearing the mushroom of cleavage in itself. Who remembers the Team of Gerhard Schröder and Oskar Lafontaine, will Laschet on the Duo, and Spahn made bets.

3. Can win you only with the Chancellor

Angela Merkel is the most popular CDU politician in Germany. Who do you turn to your favor that something can be. Whom you choose to withdraw the Affection, the has it hard. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer was CDU-Chairman, because Merkel wanted it. And put them in her office, as Merkel clearly did not want to do it more so.

Laschet has underestimated. Be of course in the crisis, to publicly dissociate themselves from the Lockdown policy of the Chancellor, which acknowledged Merkel's indignation. Since then, is clear: The dispute with Merkel, does not help Laschet, but he's out to hurt him.

4. Laschet is when you Loosen up just a Second

May be a consequent easing rates would be a political success. If this should have been the strategy of Laschet, has expired, the left Prime Minister of Thuringia Bodo Ramelow, however, the rank. While North Rhine-Westphalia in terms of gradual Opening of cafes and Restaurants that Allow for larger gatherings and to wear a generous handling of the mandatory mouth - and nose protection masks, still hesitated, forward dashed through Thuringia. Ramelow is the first, Laschet, at best, second -, and not get half as much recognition for his course.

5. Laschet can not prevail

Last week, the Federal government has adopted its 130-billion-Euro stimulus package. It was a tough struggle, at the end of each swab has to make use of its wish list. For the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister President, however, there was particularly bitter: far and wide he had used for a purchase premium of cars.

"The automotive sector has a share of ten to eleven percent of our value added," he had said. "The purchase of cars with environment-friendly internal combustion engine would have to be boosted. Because the electric mobility, we are promoting strongly. Unfortunately, without the hoped-for strong effect.“

It was different. The coalition agreed to exclusively promote the purchase of E-cars more and Laschet is there in this Poker as a loser. "You're a bastard!": Passers-by to berate anglers to giant fishing bad FOCUS Online/Wochit "You're a bastard!": Passers-by to berate anglers to giant-fishing evil

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Date Of Update: 08 June 2020, 15:26