So Clubberer and HSV to see Fans from the district of Erding the debacle | Landkreis Erding

anger and frustration in the followers. Two Fans of Dynamo Dresden and SC Paderborn, however, the descents, relatively calmly. Erding– The next debacle for th

So Clubberer and HSV to see Fans from the district of Erding the debacle | Landkreis Erding

anger and frustration in the followers. Two Fans of Dynamo Dresden and SC Paderborn, however, the descents, relatively calmly.

Erding– The next debacle for the Hamburger SV, which remains after the 1:5 against Sandhausen more second-rate. Horror in Nuremberg, because of the Club in the Relegation direction 3. League, and sincere disappointment at the relegated Dresden and Paderborn. In spite of the many low blows the Fans to keep your Club – especially those followers in the district of Erding places, analyze the Situation, but also and the debt is truly not for others to see.

Sascha Hofmann is since nearly two decades as a coach, youth leader or any other volunteer function at FC Erding, respectively, of the JFG Sempt Erding active. His father ("Franconian roots") is to blame, that he is a Club-Fan – however, one can also analyze the Situation in Nuremberg: "It's a Handlebar, and a thinker lacking in the midfield, the pushes," says the 36-Year-old. Jens Keller was not a bad coach. Him now to get rid of, make no sense, "because a New can't change within 14 days of a lot," says Hofmann. He dares not more than club legends such as Marek Mintal or Michael Wiesinger. "It didn't work within the team. The actually good single player, have not found each other.“ The favorite opponent in the Relegation? "Ingolstadt, where the basement was the Trainer, or the lion with the Ex-Clubberer – that is both appealing. But actually, it doesn't matter. Chances are, in any case, fifty-fifty,“ says Hofmann, who, incidentally, makes the SpVgg Fürth no charge. The Franconian rival had lost to the Club-competitors Karlsruhe, "but Fürth has not led to the slaughter like the 1. FC Cologne in Bremen, Germany. In addition, Nürnberg had it in Hand.“

Evil spells, he didn't have to listen to in the work, told of the social insurance specialist employees. "We are relatively human to each other," says Hofmann, adding: "We also have the HSV Fans among us."

Of Berger, Daniel Werner is also HSV-supporters. He was away on duty abroad, and thus "luckily, very far from all the mockery and ridicule". The game he had followed live via the leg ("this is The Arabian Sky"). "On the performance of the HSV, I was just angry and speechless," says the district League footballer. "No heart, no soul and no fight spirit, so what I can't understand. I'm just an Amateur athlete, but the basic virtues.“ You could lose a game, "but one should not accuse, that one has not given everything."

HSV-Fan dread of the future: "The coffers are empty, and the team has proven two years in a row, that she has no mentality. Now, the Board is asked to prove a knack for new players and the squad in front of him must bring.“ Dieter Hecking he'll hold still for a excellent coach. "It must just have the urge to a team with the will to win and character, more is demanded in the North, this is not."

For Justin Werner is the descent of Dynamo Dresden in the 3. League "athletic, of course, totally fine. It takes 34 days, were Dynamo and Wiesbaden the worst teams in the League“. For the top things that also came as no surprise: "The squad planning in the last summer, unfortunately, was a half-disaster." Sporting Director Ralf Minge have worked in the sense of the values of the club and to the will of the Fans. "Unfortunately, the testing for quality, and the second League was forget capability. Cristian Fiél rates in a Phase in which they needed an experienced coach.“

The extended home quarantine had been at a competitive disadvantage, but also much that is Positive: "The club has grown again extremely together. Players have shown that they will give their last shirt for this club. Anything else you want to see in Dresden. Beautiful football has interested the people will never be great. This is Dynamo.“ Werner hopes to see "consistency and sustainability". Coach Markus Kauczinski, the new sporting Director Ralf Becker and the recently inaugurated training centre and agree to the sports journalists, the kicks to the TuS Oberding, confident. "The club needs to see this descent as a Chance, something much Bigger build. And I have a great desire.“

leave Immo Huber is with the descent of the SC Paderborn of the Bundesliga. The favorite team of the Erdinger arbitrator had specially against the Big – 3:3 after 3:0 lead in Dortmund, two defeats against Bayern – great games delivered. Ultimately, the descent was justified, "he has initiated in the second half of the season already early". Nevertheless, "Our Team has always played attractive, forward and leave a good impression." With somewhat more luck, "and if the team had had a good run," would have been more possible, but the quality of the team and individual players don't have well-served. Slipping in the 3. League – as the last descent not happened feared the 20 – year-old Student teacher (mathematics and Sport). "Steffen Baumgart is sure to put together a strong team." That of all neighboring Bielefeld is now ascended, for Huber is not a Problem: "In East Westphalia it is less about the competition, since you are happy rather it is that there are more League one football."

Date Of Update: 30 June 2020, 05:33