Netflix: 365 Days - What makes the scandal-a movie so dangerous? | TV

"365 Days" on Netflix is a controversial issue. The Film has at least as many fans as critics. But what makes him so dangerous? The Film "365 Days" is ta

Netflix: 365 Days - What makes the scandal-a movie so dangerous? | TV

"365 Days" on Netflix is a controversial issue. The Film has at least as many fans as critics. But what makes him so dangerous?

The Film "365 Days" is taken on Netflix with full force: For weeks, he is among the most streamed movies on Netflix*. However, the scandal movie has not only many Fans, but also a lot of critics. What makes the "365 Days" is as successful as it is dangerous?

Offenbach – the success of The Netflix movie "365 Days" seems to have no end. For several weeks, the scandal-the Film is among the most streamed movies on Netflix in Germany. Worldwide, the Film celebrates great achievements.

You could say "365 Days" (original title: "365 Dni") is the Polish answer to "50 Shades of Grey" – only a touch more extreme. The scandalous action of the film has caused in the network as well as for a Hype for a shit storm. The Story is but certainly one of the success factors of the "365 Days".

But what is it in Netflix scandal-Hit "365 Days" at all?

The young Mafia Boss Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone) is shot and sees during a near-death experience, the face of Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka), he has observed previously through a telescope. A few years later, he meets the young woman again, kidnaps you and locks you in his mansion. the " 365 Days" – 365 days she has time to fall in love with him.

Quickly, the mood, the Mafia Boss is grip, grabs the young woman, chokes her and chain her to the bed. The Scandalous: The emancipated young business woman found a liking to her captor and falls in love with him.

What makes the Film "365 Days" on Netflix so successful worldwide?

Why not? With your previous boyfriend, it ran well anyway. There is nothing, to love the attractive Mafia Boss, takes you with him on his Yacht and you are richly blessed,, or? So the recipe for success in the case of Netflix – and the controversy begins.

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Home alone.

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In the network are circulating concerns, the Film is sending the message that a man can take by force anything he wants. Violence and sexual Assault would be shown in-between the champagne, the luxurious parties and design shops as a harmless norm.

the "365 Days" on Netflix: play down the attractiveness and ease the cruel Background of the movie?

It astonished in front of this Background, all the more that in social media, many young women Express in the direction that you would not mind to be in such a world, such a guy to kidnap. The attractiveness of the two main characters, Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka in the Netflix movie "365 Days" plays certainly a role.

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The Hype for the main cast: The Soundtrack to "365 Days" comes from a performer

And not only the main actors in the Netflix scandal-Hit "365 Days" seem to be forbidden to be attractive. The movie music comes from one of the performers.

The Song "Feel it", which is also heard in "365 Days" to and from the main actor Michele Morrone is sung, has been clicked on Youtube nearly 20 million times. And again, comments such as are to be found below the Video: "He can sing. He is a dominant. He is a dangerous man. He is rich. He is hot. He has an insanely attractive voice. He is everything you want.“

British organization calling for Netflix on a warning will display: What is it that makes the "365 Days" so dangerous?

exactly what does "365 Days" apparently so successful, and has other strong criticism. The Film belittles sexual violence and normalizes rape, and toxic masculinity – that is the allegation of the British organization "Pro Empower". The organization works to prevent sexual abuse and has addressed an open letter to Netflix .

The Organisation requests the Streaming service to show the beginning of the film as a warning against explicit depictions of violence. the Netflix Deutschland has not implemented it yet.

Sharp criticism of the Netflix Hit "365 Days": representations of violence, a hero and glossing

And not only the depictions of violence are heavily criticized. Also, the backgrounds are concealed or glossed over, ensures against the wind, the hits on the Netflix-scandal-movie . So is to be the main character of a clear psychological Problem, such as the Stockholm syndrome, which would be glorified through the love story. The Stockholm syndrome victims of a hostage-taking, sympathy of feeling, for example, to a love for their kidnappers and whitewash, where appropriate, even the affected violence.

Alone the fact that the Film is assigned on Netflix only the genre of "Romantic Comedy" and "Drama", creates excitement. "Pro Empower" calls to move the Film at least in the category of "Horror" or "Thriller".

the "365 Days" – and even more: There are two sequels of scandal movie at Netflix are expected to

in Spite of everything the movie "365 Days has> won" on Netflix

The first Film has been oriented very strongly to the book template of Blanka Lipińska. Therefore, you can expect to Netflix also the other two books in the series get, and also from the success and/or scandal-conjures up movies. According to "365 Days" Fans can look forward to, so at some point on "This Day" and "Another 365 Days". But until it is, so far, has Netflix, a few other Film-Highlights* in the offer. (iwe)

a Netflix series, "Tiger King" is Joe Exotic's world famous - he currently sits in prison his sentence.*

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