If Corona is over... - the Virus as a topic of conversation | Boulevard

this year, there are statements and questions, which we would never have thought that you come to us so often on the lips: Corona-phrases such as "You have the

If Corona is over... - the Virus as a topic of conversation | Boulevard

this year, there are statements and questions, which we would never have thought that you come to us so often on the lips: Corona-phrases such as "You have the micro turn on" or "do you Have your mask for?".

Berlin (dpa) - The Coronavirus is the topic of conversation par excellence 2020, even if many families and circles of friends swear to the topic at Meetings on the outside. It works, barely.

Corona the new weather. This is not to say: no, it is the new weather. Because the topic of weather is for his broad lack of originality and Corona is not.

You should explore maybe only once, if the appending To possibly conspiracy theories. This might be old, close friends or Relatives is stressful and unpleasant.

in addition to words, the voice suddenly, and in the General use (Lockdown, Shutdown, super spreader), there are typical rates that would have said that before 2020, no-one - a collection of examples "in these times", "because of the current Situation":

FAMILY & FRIENDS: "We have survived worse", said the grandpa. And grandma said: "So, to me, you have to take that into consideration." Parents complained bitterly: "home schooling sucks." And some people were amazed: "That could stop everything so that I never thought possible." Eco-conscious amazement: "How much garbage we produce, if we are home all day." Early masks-Fans proclaimed: "I don't want to endanger others." When shopping the standard question is still: "do you Have your mask?" And time and again one hears in front of shops, if the Shop is just full of: "you Are the end of the queue?"

: When it came to the contact restrictions, had some doubts: "you would not have thought that you would join such a thing again." And when some warned of the second wave, came quickly to the objection: "The borders now but a bit of a panic." Also Weariness expressed in many phrases: "I can't hear Corona" or "For me, it's enough for now slowly as well." In the Wake of the loosening of nostalgia came quickly Lockdown: "I liked the peace and quiet." Or: "Oh, it was beautiful in the High-time of the Corona, as not ten minutes of "day topics" with football were littered."

JOB: in the Job, the Virus made its entry. Pingel spoke mentioned that you know "home office" in England there is the Ministry of the interior says so. Instructions from the chief days for the re-settlement of large-space offices were always with the note "of course, always taking into account the Corona-rules". And preventive was already thinking of the health of the employees and that in these times, some with the new looseness is a Problem you might have: "if that's all a bit fishy, please let me know". The greeting phrase in E-Mails was: "Stay healthy." One of the most listened-to "new" questions in the service, in the context of all that have switched to video-conferencing know: "Can you hear me?". And even after weeks in the Corona mode of listening to again and again - a now slightly irritated - "You have to turn on the MIC!".

REC: Who in the evening with friends or Relatives on the phone, found especially in the Phase of acute Corona-limitations: There is not much to tell. Except Corona, and what you make of it, lacked a bit of the topics. Anything other than groundbreaking statements were about "just sort of happened in the Moment, nothing." Or it went to new Hobbies. So by talking shop of some of about the new passion for the Green and for plants: "We are so glad that we have in the garden!" And sure seemed to be: "Clubs will be the last thing open again."

FOOD: "I bake a lot more than they used to" or "Self-made is usually a lot tastier than in the Restaurant" were obese, uh, popular statements. Finally, the self-report, took many of the time for yeast dough, a five-layer cakes, or any other hour-long preparations. The main topic was food to Corona and the weather is probably because, in spite of home staying, everyone could have their say. After the loosening of many a sigh: "I am missing most of the food".

TRANSPORT: because of the increased home also consequences for the mobility, notice not only a few kilograms more (which are also based on the cooking trend). From concern that the infection of one or the other proclaimed: "U-Bahn does not have to be for me now." Wherein the transport can be by Bus or train replaced. However, the two-Wheeler boomed to use alone and with a distance of well to do sports. "We were a lot more bike in the nature, is significantly more relaxed than it is to go Shopping in leisure time."

TRAVEL: Follow the conversations, miss a lot of people long-distance travel. All of the climate activists, Despite they are yearning for sun, beach and sea or a jungle-Feel to it. Many plan 2020, a domestic holiday - Motto: "the Rhön is beautiful", "Rügen is the new Majorca" or "We're going to Switzerland, the Franconian" (or Saxon, et cetera). While some of the you raving and dreaming, the other to sulk and mourn, is the failure at the end of a larger journey to a kind of Running Gag: "And where are you doing this year holiday, hoho?". And not only in this context, there has been more and more frequently, a sentence that tells of Resignation and hope in equal measure: "If Corona is over..."

Date Of Update: 18 June 2020, 23:33