Castles in lower Saxony: a visit, in spite of Corona possible | travel

The Marienburg in Hildesheim, Germany, bad Iburg castle in the district of Osnabrück, or the Prince of the mountain in the Weserbergland region: castles in lowe

Castles in lower Saxony: a visit, in spite of Corona possible | travel

The Marienburg in Hildesheim, Germany, bad Iburg castle in the district of Osnabrück, or the Prince of the mountain in the Weserbergland region: castles in lower Saxony are tourist magnets for the holidays in front of the door. In Corona-times the operator must change in thinking, but new concepts are already there.

Bad Iburg, Germany (dpa) - the Open-Air visits, visits to parks or Museum educational offers for families - the operator of the castles in lower Saxony, Germany new concepts for visitors are currently developing.

In Corona, there are also castles to popular trip for the little holiday on the doorstep. However, because of groups-guided tours of the building are not currently possible, the conditions would be difficult to comply with - there are now new ideas.

- Bückeburg: to Schaumburg At the castle of Bückeburg, the headquarters of the Alexander lip, gives it a whole new Open-Air tours - however, currently, with a maximum of nine visitors. "The guests will learn under the open sky a lot about the building, family and history - and a visit to the back of the castle, which is not otherwise accessible to the Public," says Museum Director Stephan Guddat. The castle is open on weekends and holidays, for visitors, due to hygiene regulations, no tours of the building are not currently possible.

"The visitors can explore the castle independently," says Guddat. A circular path leads through the rooms and makes Schaumburg the history of the princes of Lippe, to life. The castle guides are on different levels here to answer watch and ask questions. And due to Corona, there is One in the entire castle, a one-way street scheme with separate in - and outputs.

"In the castle chapel of the stay, the visitor now ten minutes to sit. You have more time, because there is no leadership," says the Director of the Museum. The guests would accept the offers of love, says Guddat. Also, the Mausoleum and the castle Shop are open. The popular in the country, the summer Highlight of the previous years at the castle of Bückeburg, is due to Corona.

- Iburg: In the district of Osnabrück has opened in the Iburger, the castle Museum with its coin Cabinet has recently again subject to conditions. Castle tours are not possible, says Marion Marx, Deputy head of the Tourist Information of Bad Iburg. Developed a concept for guided tours of the exterior of the building. "We want to go in July, at the Start, the tours are limited to ten people," explains Marx.

- Fürstenberg: Special family offers such as porcelain, there should be paint on the castle mountain-Prince in the Weser mountain country, from the end of June. "This is an interactive program with the Museum pedagogical support," says Museum Director Christian Lechelt. The castle itself is open to visitors, it may stay but it is currently only a maximum of 50 people at the same time in the Museum. Guests can set out independently on a journey through nearly 300 years of porcelain history.

guides might not currently be offered. "There are some close structural areas in the castle that is irresponsible," says the Director of the Museum. "The visitor numbers are better than expected. In the case of individual visitors, we will be around 70 percent in comparison to the time before Corona is gratifying," said Lechelt. Also the sale of the fürstenberg porcelain factory in the castle, which belongs to the tradition of ancient porcelain marks, is open in pads again.

- Malbork castle: Malbork castle, the proud headquarters of the Guelph in the vicinity of Hildesheim, Germany, is also open again for guests. The renovation of the dilapidated monument to the long struggle had been, now the state and Federal government want to give each of 13.5 million Euro. Originally, Ernst August junior was the former summer residence of the Guelphs to the Euro to the public sector to sell. However, after the objection of his father with the provincial government negotiated a Deal failed.

visitors at the castle of Marienburg nothing to do with all the currently but. You are allowed to move alone through the rooms, castle tours are not offered, in the words of Katrina Bläsig, spokeswoman at the castle of Marienburg, currently. Also there is a one - way street system, and of course the stations for disinfection of the hands. "A mask of duty during the Castle tour, there is no declared Bläsig. In the case of the tower tours that are offered, must be borne by the participants, however, a mask. There you have to pay the visit, in the meantime, quite satisfied and hopes for the summer. First of all, the Numbers were more likely to behave - in the meantime, they would have stabilized, but, according to the spokeswoman.

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