Gzuz scandalous: 187 street gang member wants Berlin Rapper Fler slain | Boulevard

a new German rap-Beef is on the horizon? How well publicised has become a challenge to the Hamburg-based Gangster Rapper Gzuz the Berlin Fler to the fight. Flyi

Gzuz scandalous: 187 street gang member wants Berlin Rapper Fler slain | Boulevard

a new German rap-Beef is on the horizon? How well publicised has become a challenge to the Hamburg-based Gangster Rapper Gzuz the Berlin Fler to the fight. Flying fists or if it remains a cheerful word banter?

what's *- Beef : the fight between Gzuz * and Fler ? the 187er has an attempt on Instagram against " Flizzy ". the Hamburg * and Berlin , not moving provocation .

Berlin/Hamburg German rapper for their part, provocative, and statements are known and are not afraid of the confrontation . the Disstracks are the rule, verbal shots on Instagram or Twitter of the Standard. Solid disputes will be announced sometimes, however, it remains mostly empty word sleeves. This could now change. Because of 187 street gang Rapper Gzuz calls the Berlin Fler to fight out – and, although currently Gzuz aka " Gazo " due to a Baby gun from court must be responsible for. Can Gzuz the Berlin Fler in fact, credible scare?

Rapper:GzuzGeboren:29. June 1988 (Age 31 Years), Hamburg, Germany Full Name:Kristoffer Jonas On KlaußPlattenfirmen:!No!Case!, 187 Street Gang, High & Hungry Ent. Azzlackz music group:187 street gang (Since 2006)

what's Beef: 187 street gang member Gzuz challenges Berlin Fler via Instagram to the fight

the night on Thursday, 18. June 2020 shot of Hamburger Gangster-Rapper Gzuz via Instagram Story against the Berlin-based German rapper Fler . To all appearances, the 187 street gang-member with " Flizzy " as the capital city of his Fans is called wants to meet a fight . "Would like to have a MATCH with FLER / Bin are in your HOOD / Where and when you want I come back," - said on the part of the passionate Provocateur from the North.

+ of Hamburg, a Gangster-Rapper Gzuz threatens Berlin-colleagues "Fler" with brute force. (24hamburg.de-installation)©instagram/gzuz187 & instagram/fler & John A. Alster castle

enough. "Du HU***SON I don't f*** your mother / Hu***son those who make the grade!!!! / Have you demanded!!!!!“, pushes or shoots Kristoffer Jonas source of KPIs , how Gzuz whose real name is,. And if the 31-Year-old is once in a attack mode , it's very difficult to switch back to kill. "I'll get your teeth to be announced anyway, come out with back come with mom / I f*** you du HU***SON", the Hamburg last but not least.

The stories in the Social Media service of 187 street gang-Rapper has been deleted in the meantime. This is equivalent but not back down . Certainly not, since Fler has now expressed to the harsh words of the sandwich . The response of the 38-Year-old is also by Instagram Story . "Even if you have deleted your offer after 5min again... If it is in front of the Fight ne Doping or drugs control , I'm in...!", the Flizzy is extremely interested in a fight with Gzuz .

Gzuz and Fler: Chronology of the dispute – German rappers insult each other

so, the Deutschrap-Fight of the year? Wait and see. Already in the April 2019 a Boxing match should be between Bonez MC * and Fler . Of 187 street gang-Boss and Ex- Aggro Berlin -the Rapper is already for quite some time, was a pretty heated Social Media feud *, to be used in the even plastic carrots * is, to denounce Flizzy . The main city dwellers, in turn, provoked the on the Reeperbahn living Hamburg expensive jewelry *. There is no end in sight.

right in the Middle is Gzuz . The recent Bonez MC executed Gangster rap * should have led in the December 2018 by phone dispute with Fler , in the each other was threatened. Originally, it was planned that the former beard full-disk from Hanseatic city * the Mediator in conflict between Flizzy and 187 street gang-Boss plays.

the Dispute Gzuz practice, but still. In the context of the call and various Chats since the 2016 existing differences could not be resolved. On the contrary, both parties should have written to practise rather than constructive criticism and to clarify the inconsistencies on a more objective level.

German rape Bad Boys: Fler and Gzuz as passionate provocateurs

Now it remains to be seen whether, in fact, the fists be swung. the Promo for future projects of the two is already clear. However, regardless of the possible the fight it is both English rapper is almost never quiet. Times in the positive sense, often the reporting on Gzuz and Fler , but rather of negative nature. A Instagram-appeal from Hamburg to German Chancellor Angela Merkel * is an exception. the defamation from older women * fit more in the "concept", according to the Bonez MC and Gzuz to Instagram act.

And also Fler is not a child of sadness. Conscious provocation and bullying have long since been the public appearances and the rap music of Berliner . In this regard, any Connectivity to hell's Angels * only consistently seem to be. And also of racism-allegations to Flizzy can speak not free*. Similarly, of all the taunts against Ex-buddy Bushido * that in turn must compete in front of court against Clan-chief Arafat Abou-Chaker *. A hand-threat firm clash ? // Source: 24hamburg.de-DeutschRap

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Date Of Update: 19 June 2020, 18:34