Grill recipe for Ribeye: The fine meat in the piece to prepare | enjoy

most of The grilling the Ribeye in the Form of a steak. With this recipe can you also in the whole piece. When it comes to the topic of "Fine meat" when Ba

Grill recipe for Ribeye: The fine meat in the piece to prepare | enjoy

most of The grilling the Ribeye in the Form of a steak. With this recipe can you also in the whole piece.

When it comes to the topic of "Fine meat" when Barbecuing , is usually a fillet, sirloin or Ribeye Steak in the game. However, fillet, Ribeye or sirloin grilling doesn't work, only in steak form, but also in the piece. As we look at in this recipe, on the basis of the Ribeyes in more detail.

of This good piece comes back from the Cow and is known in the USA as a Ribeye . In France and even in us it is known under the name of Entrecote . It is the "neighbors" from the roast beef . Actually, the blanks Ribeye and sirloin have differed for some time in the nuances. This disappears, however, more and more, and one can assume that the two blanks from the same piece.

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Ribeye grilling: You have to in the preparation

The Ribeye you should take a good hour before the barbecue from the refrigerator to room temperature accept. This requires that the meat reach the grill on the Inside faster the meat is cooked to taste. Why this is important: if you leave it in the cooking process, more time and the Ribeye is on the outer skin a little too dry.

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Ribeye prepare: The grill process

The Ribeye is just painted a little with sunflower oil, and lands in the direct heat zone on the Grill – about 250 degrees Celsius . There you to roast it from all sides sharp, and place it then in the indirect Zone. These must then be at a temperature between 90 and 120 degree adjusted.

core temperature: when cooked, the Ribeye done?

when you have reached the right point in time*, depends on how you want to the Ribeye to enjoy.

recommended values for the core temperature, depending on your taste


48 to 52 degree Celsius

Medium Rare

52 to 55 degrees Celsius


55 to 59 degrees Celsius

cooked Through

from 60 to 62 degrees Celsius

note: , Take the Ribeye one to two degrees before Reaching the desired temperature from the Grill (useful is a core temperature Thermometer), because after grilling, let the meat rest for 30 minutes so it can relax and the meat juices distribute. During this resting phase, the core temperature , however, increases by a further one to two degrees.

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side dishes for Ribeye

there are no rules. Grilled corn on the cob, baked potatoes, French fries or croquettes are on the carbohydrate side. In terms of vegetables, a grilled fennel , or roasted Zucchini is a delicate matter. But also a mixed salad is doing well.

Ribeye recipe for five people

servings: 5 preparation time: 5 minutes cook time: 120 minutes rest time: 30 minutes

These are the ingredients you need for the Ribeye

1.6 kg Ribeye (in the piece) 2 tablespoons sunflower sea salt Freshly ground pepper

Ribeye recipe: preparation on the Grill or in the pan

Ribeye leave for an hour room temperature, accept, and then with sunflower oil and RUB in. the Ribeye from all sides on direct heat at 250 degree grill (each side approximately 2 minutes). This is achieved both at the ball - and gas barbecue , and the pan on the stove in a little sunflower oil.
The meat then, at 90 to 120 degrees to 55 degrees core temperature (medium, if the rest phase is observed) can be drawn, either on the ball or gas grill (indirect) or in the oven. A meat thermometer insert, in order to monitor the core temperature.
At 55 degrees, the Ribeye in Butcher-wrapping Paper or aluminum foil and about 30 minutes to let it rest.
The meat against the grain into thin slices and cut with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

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