Municipal : triumph of the conservationists to Lyon - The Point

The city and the metropolis ! In Lyon, the environmentalists have been buying up the bet, by winning the two communities. And inflict a stinging defeat to Gérar

Municipal : triumph of the conservationists to Lyon - The Point

The city and the metropolis ! In Lyon, the environmentalists have been buying up the bet, by winning the two communities. And inflict a stinging defeat to Gérard Collomb, even in its historical stronghold in the 9th district, where the outgoing mayor is beaten by a young unknown 28-year-old. The undisputed master of the premises for nearly twenty years, Gérard Collomb, has not been able to bow on Sunday, before the overwhelming victory of those he has attempted to combat by all means, going so far as to ally themselves with opponents of the right to establish a front of anti-environmentalist : "It is now necessary to go from dream to reality. The Greens have won. To them to show what they can do now. "

this is what was the intention of Grégory Doucet, who will take up his duties as mayor of Lyon from Saturday. Ally to the left, he won in the second round with more than 50 %. Ahead by twenty points in the gathering of LREM and LR negotiated between Gérard Collomb and Laurent Wauquiez. And more Georges Képénékian, who had replaced Gerard Collomb in the armchair of the mayor during his visit to the ministry of the Interior.

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the 46-year Old novice in politics, this leader of the NGO Handicap International acknowledges having been worn by "the desire of ecology" developed by Lyon-worried about heat waves and peaks of pollution that poison the life. A sensitivity that was already expressed in the european, a year ago, but also at the steps for the climate, which had collected more than 10,000 participants at the end of last summer.

We'll make this town environmentally responsible

In the brewery of the Ninkazi, where candidates environmentalists had established their headquarters for the evening, Grégory Doucet has travelled Sunday night to the hundreds of congratulatory messages received on his phone before thanking his voters and record the date in the historical calendar of Lyon : "This Sunday, June 28, 2020, Lyon had a rendezvous with history. Lyon is waiting for you. Lyon chose the ecology. Lyon is made of this fabric which are woven dreams. "He has drawn as the outlines of the task ahead :" We will prepare our city for climate change. We'll make this town environmentally responsible, "he promised, with the awareness that Lyon, the largest city of France but also of Europe to pass into the hands of environmentalists," is going to become a reference ". "Tomorrow, every initiative that we take will be looked at. Lyon, the third city of France, has the duty to draw the path, the path of the transition ecologist and humanist. "

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To Lyon, taking advantage of the bloody conflicts inside the camp, Collomb and in the ranks of the macronistes, but also the age of the captain, and a high abstention rate, the environmentalists do manage to take the city. A feat as this territory presents a sociology of contrasts. At its head will be installed this Thursday, Bruno Bernard, a business leader with 50 years passed from the PS to the ecology. He has not had time to do a long speech on Sunday evening, quickly brought to the concrete by a collective of associations, who came to cut the floor to shout its demands even before the official confirmation of the results : "No eviction without relocation. "This is already a first folder that is waiting.

The Greens have all the skills in hand

At the head of the two communities, the Greens now have the freedom to make the transition ecologist promised during the campaign, with all the skills in hand, from the economy to transportation, to education and culture.

To Gérard Collomb, the blow is harsh. Party abruptly in the fall of 2018 for the government to come to reclaim his city, he went disappointments in disappointments. Faced with the revolt of his former supporters, a change of society that he has not seen, he sees, today the metropolis of Lyon that he had himself conceived and created for him to escape.

Date Of Update: 29 June 2020, 10:33

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