Corona-crisis: Altmaier is thinking of drastic measures - SPD: nonsense, of Course | policy

economy Minister Altmaier has consequences of a proposal against the economic Corona - he wants to have "concerns" and "ideology" in the barriers. The Cor

Corona-crisis: Altmaier is thinking of drastic measures - SPD: nonsense, of Course | policy

economy Minister Altmaier has consequences of a proposal against the economic Corona - he wants to have "concerns" and "ideology" in the barriers.

The Corona-pandemic hits the German economy hard, despite all the measures taken by the Federal government*. Economy Minister Peter Altmaier will now remember for all significant funds, but receives ridicule from the SPD . The freelancer in the country beat its fierce Alarm. Many see their existence threatened.

Berlin - Angela Merkel's black-thought about red, the Federal government, by using which measures the bad economic consequences of the Corona-pandemic economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) can absorb - is to expire on a medium that a great influence on the lives of many people could have. In an Interview with the Welt am Sonntag, he called longer Store opening Hours as a possible way of economic recovery.

Coronavirus in Germany: Altmaier think of longer opening Hours

"We should react in certain bureaucratic requirements be more flexible to give companies the Chance to find your lost revenues of catching up to do, for example through extended opening Hours," said Altmaier in the conversation.

opponents of this claim, the Minister's "concerns a carrier called" and urged them "to put ideology in page". Any future action must be examined as to whether they could afford to the charges of the most serious Corona*-Phase a contribution to the recovery. In Germany there is a strong fear that by liberalisation and Bureaucracy long-fought Standards to give up.

Corona-crisis: "of Course, nonsense" - Kühnert scoffs at the suggestion of Merkel's Minister of the economy

Specifically, Altmaier suggested, among other things, "unusual open Sundays ". Something vague, he also mentioned the Option of "different bureaucratic burdens" to suspend. Next week at the same time, a "Five-points should be-the package of measures" submitted, in order to improve the financial conditions for Export.

criticism from the ranks of the coalition was, however, not have to wait long. the SPD Deputy Kevin Kühnert said on Twitter mocking of the offense: Longer shop opening hours were only the amusement of many Affected "yet unplanbarer," he said. Income and the ability to put money into consumption, not increased by such action - relevant thoughts were "of course, nonsense".

Corona: economy slightly more optimistic, but a group sounds the Alarm

it seems Clear, however, that there is in the Corona-crisis-wide great Worry among the self-employed in Germany. Although the "Ifo business climate index had recovered the last time" recently at a low level. However, under the German freelancers has deteriorated the mood in the Wake of the Corona-pandemic significantly.

The survey on behalf of the Federal Association of liberal professions (BFB), the this published on Sunday. Thereafter, the proportion of those who rate their current business situation as poor has almost doubled - from just 17 percent last summer to now nearly 31 percent.

German economy in the Corona-troubles: Many freelancers see their existence threatened

Well, 29 percent of respondents rate their Situation at the moment, not even while it was a year ago, more than 41 percent. Almost every third freelancer a the resulting economic damage life threatening difficult . In many cases the decline in Orders was noticeable.

The gloomy Outlook applied to all four groups: technical and scientific as well as legal, tax and business Advisory freelancers , free health professions and free culture professions . All the next half a year saw more pessimistic than 2019: Expected at that time, a good 11 percent to a less favourable development, whether it is currently around 57 percent.

the Federal government the BFB addressed the requirement, in all of its programs to taxes, "such as the temporary assistance through an extension, as well as an entrepreneur wages". The approximately 1.43 million self-employed freelancer employee reported to more than four million employees. (fn/dpa) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

Updated Date: 28 June 2020, 15:33

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