FSG Schongau to build: We will be quieter, but not silent | Schongau

well with neighbors and walkers, the FSG Schongau your shooting range. This costs time and money. Schongau – There is such a thing with the neighbors. They ge

FSG Schongau to build: We will be quieter, but not silent | Schongau

well with neighbors and walkers, the FSG Schongau your shooting range. This costs time and money.

Schongau – There is such a thing with the neighbors. They get on well, you feel well. However, s, is on the rocks’so it is for both sides uncomfortable. Then there are two variants: to push through, accept, Trouble. Or the other meet. The Royal Privileged fire protect society Schongau has chosen the second path. "We want good neighbourly relations," says Werner Ramminger, since may of last year, the first to protect the master of the Association. And, therefore, the Association has invested in the past few months, a lot of money, manpower and time, in order to improve the noise protection.

As always, there were complaints. Times of local residents from Duke saw-mill. A Walker from Peiting. They objected to the shot noise along the Lech river. The are not new. Since the 1960s, which is to protect the home below the road that leads from Schongau in the direction of Herzog saw-mill. "The shooting sport has changed a lot in the long time, new disciplines were added, it is more than earlier shot," says Ramminger. He invited those Concerned to protect the house, tried to talk with them. "We are gone for Good," he says.

sound protection Association cost around 70 000 euros

In the past year, FSG began with the planning. Stand in the foreground, such as the semi-open 100-Meter track converted can be. There is out of the house to the outside shot. The system use to Protect, among other things, the Schongauer front loader, in their series of world and European masters. "All of your competitions are held on such foreign investments, we have optimal training conditions," says Ramminger. Because the athletes have to cope with Wind, rain, sun and shade. In order to be more out in front, "we need to train".

So, the club invested in a new sound protection. Around 70 000 euros, the cost of the FSG. The hunting and conservation club of Schongau and the surrounding area, the uses, the plant also invested about the same amount. In addition, the approximately 1000 hours at the shooting range – and above all Franz Discover and Franz Rößle, which put a lot of time especially in the Work worked.

lunch break is mandatory

But the effort was worth it, is Werner Ramminger convinced. "It is now much quieter at the half-open state," he says. "You can talk now in the next room is normal." To achieve this effect, have been moved in new walls and the room with sound-absorbing Material. In addition, the Schongauer from hung to Protect the ceiling and left on the first five meters after the booth, a coffered ceiling, build. All of these changes should serve to break the sound. "Prior to that, he reflected against the walls of the concrete, as a result, it was louder." So far, only the hearing of the Shooters is confirmed that the Works were successful, a noise level measurement is still to come.

Of whose result depends on how the shooting operation in the future of the plant looks like. Currently, the lunch is quiet compulsory. In addition, it was decided that a particularly loud disciplines may Sundays to be shot to avoid further Trouble with the neighbors and the pedestrian.

In a train the youth, which was renovated in stand

The tag of the club used but also to other renovations to make. Among other things, the status of youth was renewed. "It should always be clean and neat," stresses Ramminger. Therefore, Work on the building were already constantly necessary.

After all, there is in normal times – currently the restrictions also apply to Protect the Corona – high operation. Seven days a week, is trained, if not always at the outdoor stalls. That the sportsman can shoot as often, should be emphasized Ramminger. "We are one of the most successful clubs in Germany in our disciplines, and operate youth work, of course, we want to make more," he says. On top of that need a certain number of shooting Protect have days in the year, to be allowed to use their weapons to keep. Without Training, it's not. One has to be in spite of all the noise protection measures clearly, there are Ramminger: "We will now be quieter, but not silent."


Work is a burden on the club financially. Who would like to support the FSG Schongau, can donations to the tag: IBAN DE28 7035 1030 0000 0109 91, Sparkasse Oberland.

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