I was about to pan to him a

"Now bother we soon hear more about the berlin wall," snapped a familiar on top of the weekend's media coverage of the 30th anniversary of its fall. I was

I was about to pan to him a

"Now bother we soon hear more about the berlin wall," snapped a familiar on top of the weekend's media coverage of the 30th anniversary of its fall.

I was just about to pan him (verbally so) for if THE event should count so much that, for once, could get to hear about, whether Britta Nielsen has appeared in court or not, what should then?

to be Preserved, it is not every day that the stolen 117 million from the social budget, but that we daily need to be fed with, how she looks, is dressed, and her excuses to steal from the poorest, yes, it is I am full of to hear about. Get the woman convicted and let us get on.

No, since our whole world changed 30 years ago, something completely mind-boggling, IT is a story. No one, not even the companies involved, the wise, had no idea that it could happen.

I was in Berlin in the late 60's because of something kæresteri, and I had not in my wildest dreams imagined that this in any way creepy east Berlin were to be united with the west.

the Wall was just a symbol of oppression, distress, whistle-blowing, pamperi and terror, which reigned in the whole eastern bloc.

I remember from togturene through East germany, how we were beaten up at night by soldiers with machine guns, which mind you were not looking for drugs or contraband, but after their own citizens.

Remember how hysterical they were, when my boyfriend's mother had packed some food for the trip into a west German newspaper... IT was good enough dangerous!!!

I remember the visit in Hungary in The twinning, Vezprem, where the local mayor offered a bit of food in a restaurant. He sang absolutely wonderful, and the atmosphere was top. RIGHT up until a few men came into the room.

We understood not, after all, why our sweet hosts suddenly stopped the music and song, why they looked down at the plates and began to take his leave... Until we of an Piabet interpreter had explained that it was the local partispioner, who had to check what was going on. It could be expensive for hungarians to meet with foreigners.

Now it was that we met with our hosts around the next corner, went up to our hotel, and then the song we are all on.

But think of be afraid every day. For that the children is going to tell something at school. To a sour neighbor can set a?

You can choose to see the fall of the wall in relation to the present in two ways.

How is it shown in most of the cases.

Namely the optimistic and the pessimistic.

It goes not for the good in the day between the east and the west. IT should the gods know. In several of the eastern european countries, which enthusiastically joined the EU and Nato, are beginning to see signs of the nationalist forces, reminiscent of the old days.

IT looks to many like a return to the cold war. And encouraging it is damn well not either.

But I think we were a bit naive, when we thought that you could change people's way of thinking and living from one day to the other.

They have lived in a terrorstyre. Violent, brutal, inhumane. It takes probably a few generations before you can get rid of it. When some (few) eastern european gangs are much more brutal in their crimes, it's probably the reason. Violence is contagious.

Maybe it was also not too wise to believe that it was all about money.

But the good news is that it could be done. To something we all thought would last always, in quite a few years broke up completely. To a verdensdominerende soviet union still was not stronger, when it came to the crunch.

But how the conditions in the east at that time could attract Danish left-wing is to me just as mind-boggling as the young people, as an example of the mass murderer Mao.

We must view the beware of imitations!!!

Mimi Jakobsen Debater and former minister

Mimi Jakobsen was born in 1948. She is the former minister, president of the Centre-Democrats and the secretary-general of save the children. Today she is a writer and debater. She has two sons.

Date Of Update: 23 November 2019, 01:01