After the new 'katastroferesultat': 'Bolton get beat up'

A katastroferesultat. How to describe sportsøkonom at Deloitte, Jesper Jørgensen, Brøndby IF's latest accounts. the Danish superliga club reported Thursday

After the new 'katastroferesultat': 'Bolton get beat up'

A katastroferesultat.

How to describe sportsøkonom at Deloitte, Jesper Jørgensen, Brøndby IF's latest accounts.

the Danish superliga club reported Thursday in its financial statements for the third quarter that it expects a loss in the 75 to 79 million dkk before tax for 2019.

It's 12 to 16 million dollars more than the latest announcement.

"this reflects The fact that 2019 has been a møgår for the club, where there have been player sales, but, in turn, been an expensive squad, as an ambitious club like Brøndby have," explains Jesper Jørgensen.

"Brøndby get beat up for a year, according to the club's standards are not so darn much to write home about purely sporting."

Brøndby came just barely in the Europa League qualifying, but managed not to get advancement to the group stage. In 2019, it is also been for a lost cup final and a fourth place in the premier League.

"Someone will call it a sporting disaster. The club has been affected by sporting a tailspin, and so are also hit by the economic tailspin. Immediately it also appears to have been some expensive money to learn in relation to sportschefer," says Jesper Jorgensen of club, where Ebbe Sand replaced Troels Bech, but later was fired to make room for Carsten V. Jensen.

"from the Outside it looks like a fejlansættelse, who have had precious consequences financially and on the field."

The negative accounts also due to the bad results in the table and lost the match. It has significance for how much tv money a team will be awarded.

Shortly after the news on Brøndbys accounting used several media headlines such as 'blood-talk'. However, although the reference may seem brutal, it is not exaggerated, says Jesper Jørgensen.

"I think it is justified," he explains.

He studser among other things, that the club trimmed its expectations of small three months after you did it last.

"the Last time you came out with quarterly results was 28. august. He knew that the man would not sell more players, and you knew that you had fired Ebbe Sand. The required well not so much to calculate the tax out for the rest of the year," he says.


"It is surprising to adjust the 2-3 months after that the transfer window is closed."

the Development of Brøndbys statements come a year after that Brøndby according to sportsøkonomen was on the right path. In 2018 sold Brøndby among other things, Christian Nørgaard and Frederik Rønnow for, respectively, approximately 26 and 21 million dollars.

In spite of the, at the oval-glasses, depressive numbers, Vestegnsklubben however, little to rejoice about, think Jesper Jørgensen.

"On the sponsorship wise the club is in a position to increase revenues, even though one has not performed. It is definitely a positive thing in the midst of the hopeless."

A way in which Brøndby can quickly advance on the economic situation by sending the players away from the club. Even if one is not readily available to a big lead.

it Can be difficult for Brøndby to plan in the long term because of the financial statements and the loan of over 50 million dollars, have been taken with chairman Jan Bech Andersen?

"It is more important than ever for Brøndby to plan (...) Hany Mukthar leaving the club, but there are also players on the team that doesn't get much playing time, but get a relatively high salary. It would facilitate salary payment to part with them quickly."

Looking all the way back to 2013, the blue-and-yellow, however, moved much, both financially and on the field, think Jesper Jørgensen.

at the Time the club was on the fallitens rand. Nevertheless Brøndby now both behind FC Copenhagen and FC Midtjylland.

"the FCK and FCM have moved on financially and on the field. The transfers they can make, and the quality they have in there, has the Brøndby just not. The club has tried to make up for it in 5-6 years, but it is insanely expensive to rebuild something. While Brøndby has had it hard, other clubs the moved. FCK and FCM is better to execute the big transfers and selling players for much money."

Date Of Update: 23 November 2019, 02:00