Viagogo warned after Wiggles ticket advertisements claimed that four tickets for $707 were available.

Despite ongoing complaints, the NSW government has warned people to avoid purchasing tickets from Viagogo, an online ticket reseller.

Viagogo warned after Wiggles ticket advertisements claimed that four tickets for $707 were available.

Eleni Petinos, Fair Trading Minister, stated that consumers have filed 510 complaints over "tickets being sold for hugely exaggerated prices" since June 2018.

Reports indicate that four tickets to The Wiggles were listed at $707 when the face value was $43.70 per ticket or $174.80 for four.

Two tickets to Paw Patrol were also sold for $287, when the face price of the tickets were $58 per pair. Two tickets to the Sydney Comedy Festival were sold at $356, when the face worth of the tickets were $32.90 each or $65.80 per couple.

Ms. Petinos stated that Viagogo also received complaints about selling fake or fraudulent tickets to consumers, failing to provide tickets to consumers and issuing tickets that were not the advertised or purchased ones.

NSW Fair Trading claims Viagogo has violated the Fair Trading Act (1987), and Australian Consumer Laws (ACL).

Ms Petinos stated that transactions between Australian-based consumers (or off-shore) should be avoided. She advised consumers to listen to her warnings and not do business with Viagogo, which refuses to conform to Australian law.

"Since June 2018, Viagogo has received 510 complaints from consumers to NSW Fair Trading. Many of these complaints involve tickets sold at astronomical prices."

Viagogo also received complaints from consumers that it issued fake or fraudulent tickets to them, did not supply tickets to their customers and gave tickets that were different to the ones advertised.

"Other complaints allege Viagogo made misleading or false representations about its authorization to sell tickets for certain events."

Ms. Petinos claimed that Viagogo refused to meet up with NSW Fair Trading in late 2021 to discuss the matter and released details about 15 transactions NSW Fair Trading requested.

NSW Fair Trading reported that Viagogo was being investigated for possible breaches of the Fair Trading Act or ACL.

The Sydney Morning Herald Viagogo was informed by a spokesperson that the company takes all complaints seriously.

The spokesperson stated that viagogo guarantees its customers "valid tickets on time and no problems."

"We will continue to work to ensure that our platform is compliant."

Fair Trading allegations were not addressed by the company.


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