The truth: O tempora, o Zores!

New from the popular rubric of "criticism of language": The times are always crazy, at least the grammatical. In our fast-paced times, some of the tongues t

The truth: O tempora, o Zores!

New from the popular rubric of "criticism of language": The times are always crazy, at least the grammatical.

In our fast-paced times, some of the tongues turn blue photo: ap

"One, two, three, in the marches of the time, we run", rhyming Wilhelm Busch in the 19th century. Century. Since then, it has accelerated the race more so in the late 20th century. Century even the Suhrkamp Verlag, was dizzy, and he campaigned for a new Karl-Kraus issue with the sentence: "Soon after the appearance of the torch' was out of print the red Bulletin immediately."

in the Meantime, it can happen in the rush of speed, the time, outdated itself, and the future becomes the past: "In his Thriller, the Frenchman Jérôme Leroy plays, as in France, the extreme right came to Power" (taz North) should be called: How it came, as it comes, it will come and it will come, you just have to choose among four Alternatives, the only one wrong.

So much to France and Germany? Here the youth comes to the NDR 4 to word: "Angela Merkel was Chancellor, before we are born." Completely out of control running out of time in the Balkans: "When he arrived in Belgrade, he called for new elections and announced that he would deal only with the policy, before he would allow himself to be treated." (taz)

The times are crazy, and the Tempus is out of joint. Classic example is the conjunction "after". Rule just expresses the temporal Prediction is Perfect (and, consequently, the present tense in the main clause) or the pluperfect (in addition to logically imperfect), what, over 100 years ago, Gustav Wustmann voice insisted in his book "All kinds of stupid".

If today is starts in a biography of the footballer Julius Hirsch, a sentence like this: "After he is out of the Karlsruher FV out," he goes so over a hundred years after Wustmann like more? So: "he came into the gymnastics club 03 Karlsruhe". Other than Wustmanns times, we know today thanks to the work of Einstein & co. to the relativity of the Tempus, and can therefore conclude: "After their demands for a minimum wage remain unheeded, they turned to the Hessian Minister of justice." (taz)

've had to take a Wustmann note that "after" is also used causally, and quoted grummelnd a beginning of a sentence such as "After the Emperor had no further use for his services". Also in the quoted sentence about the minimum wage claim it is a "because" out hear. But not alone, "because" is "after" be replaced, but even the opposite, "although"! On the Radio, a husband stated: "After we fight often, we are of one heart and one soul."

And then there is still a grey zone, Betgram where everything is wrong. The taz writes: "After the crops of Apples and pears, the core of fruit, they are related relatively close." Both "because" as related "by" or "therefore" do not quite fit. You have to, after, uh: because the most in addition to set the main rate Equivalent to expressing it is to say also syntactically equal, on the brief, thus: "As a core of fruit species are related to Apples and pears to be relatively close."

Speaking of "as": to mark The moment when the two plot strands meet, is a thing of the conjunction "after" is "as" responsible, except in the taz: "The pack consists of seven girls, the towers of a Survival Camp, after the teacher is crazy." But after the taz learns that she knew where "after" will have stood, "as" had stood. A match against France: "As in the second half, Paul Pogba his sweeper role in front of the defense of committed approached was, not the Germans."

If, because, after, as, although it can be, no one knows how the future of the conjunctions looks like today, and – no, again: no one knows today what will be tomorrow. But you, what yesterday was white? You should, because the present is the result of the past. But at the same time, the present is shaping your past: peoples dreams, your story is beautiful, the Mormons baptize the Dead in order to save their souls – and in the Sport not just the current world will be led to rankings.

A photo of the chess tournament Yeni bahis siteleri in Frankfurt am Main in 1878, shows, according to the chess magazine Karl the "winner Louis Paulsen, who was at the time of the Frankfurt Congress of the world rank list first" – a real piece of art, because of -made list there was as little as the need for such nonsense.

Who care's? Tempus fugit, the escape time! "Notorious B. I. G. began at age twelve, with drug sales", - said in a "criminal history of the arts"; dpa knows about a ban on the import: "It occurs from 1. May", so each and every day; and "the comedian also supply the since the end of October launched YouTube channel Ponk" (mirror): May the magic that is inherent to every beginning, never ends. The time to rest, we with lawn!

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