Tesla factory in Brandenburg: the decision fits into the time

In Brandenburg are already failed on many large projects like cargo lift. Tesla has a future, says Christian Amsinck from the business Association. The Showro

Tesla factory in Brandenburg: the decision fits into the time

In Brandenburg are already failed on many large projects like cargo lift. Tesla has a future, says Christian Amsinck from the business Association.

The Showroom on the Ku'damm is already there, now the factory is photo: Reuters

taz: Mr. Amsinck, the consequences of the construction of a car factory, an investment with a future?

Christian Amsinck: Everywhere, the people, the industry and the policy think about the mobility of the future. Now if a major company such as Tesla and be a Trendsetter in this area, such as Elon Musk offers the Chance to build in Berlin and Brandenburg, a production site, then we should access absolutely. People want mobility, but also individual – but the parameters have changed.

cars are a future market in Germany?

Yes, they are even worldwide, a market of the future. And Tesla focuses not only on Berlin: Also, for Shanghai as a production location, the company has decided to tap into the Chinese market. That is what we get for Europe, the Supplement, can make us a little proud.

Tesla builds more expensive vehicles. This is a strong segment of the market?

In the field of electric mobility, we are faced with two challenges: the price and the reach. I know that all the other manufacturers are working here in the Region and beyond – so Daimler, Volkswagen and BMW to these challenges. Thus, the greater the production and the market is, the more interesting the price for the buyer. With Tesla a serious competitor for the German manufacturer. But I think you have recognized the signs of the time.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced on Tuesday evening surprisingly at the award ceremony of the "Golden steering wheel" in Berlin, to build its European factory in the outskirts of Berlin. The work should occur in the vicinity of the planned capital city airport BER. The "Gigafactory" is to first of all build the future Compact SUV Model Y, as well as batteries and actuators.

The planned factory of electric car manufacturer Tesla is to own in Brandenburg according to information from the Berlin-based economic management of 6,000 to 7,000 new jobs. "The important thing is the proximity to Berlin and the new airport was for Tesla, therefore, BER", a spokeswoman said on Wednesday, with Betmoon a view to the professionals working in the capital. Tesla plans a development and design center in Berlin. How many additional jobs will arise and which sites will be discussed, it was initially not known. In the past few months, there have been intensive discussions between Berlin, Brandenburg and Tesla, said the spokeswoman. (Reuters)

there Are in the Region of Berlin and Brandenburg, there is sufficient appropriately trained potential employees for the factory, which should create several thousand Jobs ?

I suspect that the Location was one of the motives for Elon Musk to decide for Brandenburg: there is the surface and in the Berlin science landscape, specialists and a large Start-up Community. He is not the First that comes to Berlin. But, of course, we don't shake so many professionals from the Sleeve.

Where should the come from?

There are very many IT and software specialists are needed: For a lot of chairs have been set up in Berlin and Brandenburg universities around the topic of digitization. And it will happen more. With regard to the classic production: There must be invested in the training and continuing education. And it will apply to safe people from Germany and, in addition, to these Jobs.

so Far, Germany was not the model Canlı bahis country for electric mobility. Fear of cannibalisation, i.e., the Tesla, the worker takes out the other company?

of The labour market is tight in this area. However, automotive production has a long Tradition in Germany. And I think that the respective companies will increase their efforts in training. This has worked in the past and will continue to work.

Christian Amsinck, was Born in 1958, is a managing Director of enterprise associations Berlin-Brandenburg (UVB).

Supposedly, the factory is to be built completed in 2021. You think that is realistic?

Tesla formulated ambitious goals. Germany, however, is not the method well-known for quick approval. But the Brandenburg state government has done so far is, apparently, a good Job and I am sure that it creates the right framework conditions. And that the BER is finished.

Brandenburg, branded by the large-scale projects that have failed in the past, spectacular, such as the cargo lift or the chip factory Frankfurt (Oder). Why is this going to work with Tesla?

It is not true, of Brandenburg, is the classic industry of the country. And also, such a project must of course have a Hand and a foot. But this decision fits in with the time.

computer chips were in the 90s and also as a market of the future. Nevertheless, wrong. In this regard, the sectors do not differ.

For Tesla and electric cars: The European market is large and the automotive industry, particularly to the changing environment.

Date Of Update: 15 November 2019, 01:42