With the car on holiday - a check list

Finally holiday! The anticipation would be for many, however, is still greater, if, prior to the holiday destination is not often a long car journey would be. R

With the car on holiday - a check list

Finally holiday! The anticipation would be for many, however, is still greater, if, prior to the holiday destination is not often a long car journey would be. Relaxed driving, who invested a hour in the Check of his car. For long journeys with heavy Luggage, in the heat, in traffic jams or on serpentine human, Material, and technology burden. The baggage of a sporty family of four can exceed the maximum permissible total mass of the car.


The tire tread, while only 1.6 mm deep obligation, experts advise, but to at least 3 millimeters. This represents exactly the way the brass edge of a 1-Euro coin. Disappears during the Test in the tire tread, the depth. Also look for any cracks in the tire tread is important, because after about six years of Material fatigue. The car tires could burst.

Rich, cooling water, wiper water, brake fluid and engine oil for the long drive? Many workshops offer a convenient a quick professional Check of the brakes and shock absorbers. Also, the air conditioning velvet pollen filter for Allergy sufferers is a control value.

Who travels with a heavy baggage car, hides perhaps the oncoming traffic. Therefore, the Check of the headlights, turn signals, luminaires, rear, brake lights alone are not. Possibly the headlight beam adjustment must be readjusted.

Also, spare light bulbs and fuses as well as the windshield wipers, are safety-relevant. The leaves are too old, and lubricate, see the driver or rider in the rain blurred. Rear window don't forget.

The tire pressure must be adjusted to the fully-loaded car. This prevents Lurching and saves Fuel. About the author

Frank Mauelshagen area Manager for motor insurance, ERGO Versicherung AG. The Dipl. Merchant since 1999 for the ERGO insurance group

Safe store

the car Is tested, it goes to the Luggage. Nothing in the interior can be in the case of a full braking of a hazard for the occupants. Already seemingly light objects on the parcel shelf can then develop to a floor, the occupant hits to the head.

as a General rule: Nothing on the shelf, as little as possible on the back seat and a heavy suitcase in the trunk directly behind the rear seat. Lighter Luggage or objects in front of it or on it. Who can grab that all Luggage disappears under the rear shelf, protecting his belongings in addition to the Parking and Rest better from thieves.

warning triangle and first aid in case of emergency immediately to Hand. Safety vests must be inside the vehicle to reach. They not only reduce the risk by Leaving the car for the occupants, in many countries they are even compulsory.

Who goes to a foreign country, you must also check the legal situation. Otherwise, expensive fines, tarnish the enjoyment of your holiday. Violations of speed limit, toll, toll sticker required, safety vests and light - duty or Park rules that are already in our neighbouring countries such as the Netherlands or Switzerland, painfully more expensive than in Germany. Thanks to an agreement within the EU, and foreign fines will be enforced starting from 70 Euro from the competent German authorities, too.

Long car trips tiring and boring - not only for children. Body and mind benefit from a break every 1.5 to two hours. Podcasts or audiobooks shorten the adults, the journey, radio plays or films to keep the children happy. Pre-downloaded files to conserve data volume. Trip chewing gum, ginger tea or acupressure bracelets are not able to help against travel nausea only in the serpentine drive in the Alps.

The right insurance protection

only Then, the insurance Check is missing. A Motor protection letter charged to the vacation Fund barely, but it is a tremendous help. In addition to the automobile clubs, insurance companies offer this protection as an addition to the car insurance. Their services are comparable with those of the automobile clubs, but often cheaper.

The insurer will organise roadside assistance, tow truck and rental car. You take, for example, the return transport of the car from abroad. Hospital transport or hotel stays may be included in the protection letters also. The cost for car repairs or parts are covered.

Important in the case of a protective letter is to clarify in advance whether the Partner, the partner or adult children are allowed to control the car.

Updated Date: 28 July 2020, 13:27

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