Level 4: New act on the robot car puts pressure on Daimler and co.

Elon Musk was once again "on fire", as the Americans say. So pretty good on it. "I am confident that we will achieve in the course of this year, the basic fu

Level 4: New act on the robot car puts pressure on Daimler and co.

Elon Musk was once again "on fire", as the Americans say. So pretty good on it. "I am confident that we will achieve in the course of this year, the basic functionality for Autonomous Driving of the level five," the Tesla boss In a video message on the occasion of the "World of Artificial Intelligence Conference" (WAIC) in Shanghai said. The eccentric billionaire is rarely embarrassed by a sensational announcements. And also this nurtured once more of the opinion that Germany and its car industry is suspended in Autonomous Driving.

Tesla claimed leadership in Autonomous Driving

But Elon Musk is likely to be according to experts ' estimates, once again, too optimistic. Especially, with regard to the time frame. "In addition to a fundamental principle and feature presentation I see it this year in any way. With the best will not," says Ricky Hudi, formerly head of electrics/electronics at Audi, and now Chairman of "The Autonomous" a global Association dedicated to the Autonomous Driving. press-inform / BMW reaches Up to the Level 4 Autonomous driving will still be around five years

the leaders of the automotive manufacturers, suppliers and semiconductor producers meet regularly to discuss findings and new ideas. Because, in the meantime, it is also clear that a company alone can achieve the Autonomous Driving, the highest expression very difficult in a reasonable time frame. Consortia and joint Effort are needed in order to cope with this mammoth task.

Ministry of transport to bring "Level 4" on the way

Germany now takes the folder in Hand. After the summer break, the Ministry of transport wants to bring a law that regulates the operation of cars, the master To the Level 4 of the Autonomous, on public roads, in principle. Thus, the vehicles could be from Munich to Hamburg independently on the highways. "This step is essential to Go on the way to Autonomous," says Dr Benedikt Wolfers, specializing in the regulation of the automotive sector. Because the much-needed framework on the international stage to wrap up would take years. Valuable time with the targeted to Develop the Robo-cars is significantly better used. The five levels of Autonomous driving

The concepts of Autonomous and automated are frequently used synonymously, there are important differences. These are the five levels of Autonomous driving:

  • Level 0: , The driver controls the car itself.
  • Level 1: , There are assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control or lane change Warner , which support the driver only. This technique is today widely used to down in the small area.
  • Level 2: This is the Level on which modern vehicles of the upper middle class and upper class are already now. the semi-automated systems can take over certain functions, for example track guide, or semi-automated parallel Parking. Models such as the latest Mercedes E-class, Tesla's Model S and Model X or the BMW 5-series is already familiar to the Level 2. In the case of Tesla were temporarily unlocked even more features, but after a few incidents back to back.
  • Level 3: this is The (highly)automated Driving , the the driver to intervene at any time can be a must, but also other things, may turn to, if the System is activated. With a pre-warning time, the driver may be asked to take the lead again. As standard, the Level 3, for example, the Audi A8 is developed .
  • Level 4: At fully automated Driving you can engage the driver even if the System fails, however, as a rule, the car should take care of everything. This Level is tested by various car manufacturers and suppliers, as well as Tech companies currently in practice.
  • Level 5 : The actual Autonomous Driving no driver is required. You don't need the steering Wheel more or other controls. The occupant will act to pure pass.

"With this law, Germany is leading worldwide," says Wolfers. However, it is important that this is not a Persil certificate or an early start for the German car industry, but to operate a technology that is open to the law also provides for international car manufacturers the opportunity to have their vehicles here. If so, Waymo, or even Tesla, the technical conditions laid down in the 50 to 80-page paper, fulfilled, will give the Federal motor transport authority approval. press-inform / Audi Autonomous Driving, Audi

car manufacturers are under pressure

the long-established car manufacturers under pressure. The excuse that the lack of a legal framework that would rein in the technical development, is now obsolete. Ricky Hudi has his doubts whether Mercedes, Renault & co. ready for the next big step in the automotive industry. "In the traditional automotive industry to little Software expertise is at the Board level," says the expert. So, in the boardrooms rethink old habits, and habits need to be cut off. Otherwise, the Tablet-car builders use the favor of the hour. Autopilot failed? Tesla grid unchecked in overturned truck on highway in Taiwan PCP Autopilot failed? Tesla grid unchecked in overturned truck on highway in Taiwan

However, it is clear that it is not of Autonomous vehicles on highways and structurally separate lanes will be on the road. To the first Robo-cars with Level 4 are on the road, will go about five years in the country. And even then, the vehicles will be to start small. "If you don't start with the Climb, climb immediately, with a 8,000"; makes Ricky Hudi, the procedure is clear. The Autonomous cars will initially be clearly defined and thus manageable areas and scenarios, so-called "Operational Design Domains" (ODD), on the road - so as a People Mover on the University campus, on the premises, or as a Transporter at the airport. Only when the vehicles these tasks can be error-free, follows the next step. Like a small child learn to ride a bike.

Date Of Update: 28 July 2020, 13:28

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