VW e-Up in the Test: by 2020, doubling the Volkswagen range and lowers the price - Video

Small but mighty – this is the impression of the new e-Up model of the year 2020. Because Volkswagen makes, among other things, exactly what Daimler made in the

VW e-Up in the Test: by 2020, doubling the Volkswagen range and lowers the price - Video

Small but mighty – this is the impression of the new e-Up model of the year 2020. Because Volkswagen makes, among other things, exactly what Daimler made in the new edition of the electric Smart: VW lowers the price and increases the range significantly. Instead of the previous 160 kilometres, the manufacturer promises for the new car with the 32,3-kilowatt-hour battery has a range of 260 kilometers to the WLTP measurement Protocol.

Who is rolling in the e-Up leisurely through the town and on heating and air conditioning is omitted, the can the WLTP-disclosure in practice, to exceed: With a minimum of around 13 kilowatt hours of power consumption on 100 km the e-Up uses the best value in our Test database. On country road and highway, the range is, naturally, much lower: a Good 200 kilometres, and 161 kilometres of our Test Protocol. The e-Up its small frontal area for the benefit of this – it is narrower and lower than the Zoe from Renault. The Wind resistance of a Hyundai Ioniq it does not reach, however.

performance: Lively and economical

Our test resources of 16.8 kWh per 100 kilometers means by the way, electricity costs five euros, when the car is on the domestic power socket with power fills up to 30 cents per kilowatt-hour. Even at the current low price of gasoline below the e-Up offers its three-cylinder internal combustion siblings so clearly that come with real consumption to the five Liter eight Euro consumption costs per 100 kilometers.

More: electric-VW is completely empty dangers: the e-up is able to save himself! on the last meters

save power supports the recuperation, which is in two stages selectable: In driving stage "D" rolls take the car to the Gas path with a minimum of delay, the braking effect is comparable with the delay by an internal combustion engine. In step "B" (such as "brake") delayed the Up is very clearly, the brake lights go on in the process. In contrast to the "One-Pedal"mode, a Nissan Leaf, the electric braking effect but can last up to a standstill. At the end of this means: You drive the e-Up just like a nitro, a major adjustment will be required.

EFAHRER / cattle man EFAHRER

Who rises without electrical experience in the e-Up, and in view of the saving power of 61 kW (83 PS), a tired piece of shit expected of the experienced, however, its blue miracle: The VW developers have implanted the drive to create a distinctive spontaneity. Clearly, every electric car will respond quicker to the gas pedal as a carrier of Diesel, but the VW has a really lively character and power from the first Meter to the right mood.

the successful suspension set-up, without excessive firmness fits, the e-Up to a curve hero. Only at the maximum speed of the e-Up draws the short straw compared with the petrol engines: With a speed of 130 km circuit is a reasonable Limit, which has a favorable effect on the minimum range.

The e-Up is now also a fast DC

The first Generation of the e-Up dismissing the Charge with extreme lean diet: Only single phase Load with a maximum of 3.7 kW meant that the formerly very small battery was at the earliest filled after five hours.

The current Generation relies on more charging power: a maximum of 7.2 kW is Volkswagen for AC-load. In contrast to the Korean Compact-Streamers VW invites this power, however, consists of two power stages of the type 2 connector. This does not mean that the 7.2 kW are only available at public charging stations, but also to the Wallbox at home (single-phase chargers are limited to private outlets on a 20 amp, and thus to 4.6 kW). In comparison to the Smart EQ, or the Renault Zoe, with a rotary power-loader with 22 kW available, it may seem modest, practical, the charging power is, after all, Who's plugging in his car on the evening of the Wallbox, in the morning with a full battery.

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In contrast to Smart there are for the e-Up but additionally has the Option of a CCS-fast-charging port for DC power. A maximum of 40 kW, the VW from such charging stations attracts, from zero to 80 percent, the car recharges in approximately 45 minutes. The DC charger will cost in the base version, 600 euros extra, but it is also available in packages of available. In the sense of resale value for this Option is necessarily to be recommended, even if the first wants to use buyer the car solely for city driving.

space and processing

The e-Up is designed as a city car, its vehicle dimensions to make that clear. It measures just under 3.60 meters in length and is even minimally shorter than a Fiat 500. In the space of the VW's, the Italian restaurant, however, loose in the pocket Both on the front seats, especially on the rear Bank, and also in the trunk Up is a different class than the Fiat.

will complain to sit On the comfortable front only very rich people over the small distance to the next man or the next woman. On the back children can be very good, two not too tall adult night sitting. Noteworthy is the window in the rear doors are Like a beetle from the 1970 these are not retractable but only hinged. So the rear feels then however, according to wood class.


The trunk is, finally, surprisingly deep and holds 250 litres. With folded rear backrest in the back there are more than 1,000 litres of storage space, however, the Opening behind the boot lid is quite narrow. A refrigerator you don't get in there. A practical Detail is the small compartment is at the rear wall of the trunk: Here's the charging cable that is not running the risk of fits, to be under the Luggage buried.

Infotainment and assistance systems

Also in the electronics, VW has upgraded The e-Up is with cruise control (without distance control) and lane assistant are available. The City-brake assist system of the previous model years there are no more against it.

In the center console of a car radio, the control part has the size of a DIN slot is. What looks to the 90s, is part of a snazzy Infotainment, via Bluetooth, USB cable and a universal holder for the Smartphone involves. Via the App, maps+more, which is available for Android and iPhones available, Navigation, load planning, music Streaming, climate control-planning and much more controlled. In the Test, the Apps were not working on the editor-in-phones always liquid, but still convinced by the concept: Who wants to sell his Up in three years, the offers no outdated Navi with, but to be the way with the latest App Version and the latest maps for free up-to-date.

About a paid Online Account, the e-Up via the App, even remote control, to use, for example, the electricity from the charging station to heat up before you start. The Best part of this Infotainment, the price advantage is: Instead of having to for Smartphone Integration, a large Navi with touch screen expensive order, the e-Up solution in most of the packages already on it.


VW has turned the screw next to the range at the price. The e-Up will cost 21.975 Euro in the basic Version, or EUR 23,000 in the style Version. For comparison: For the old e-Up, you had to pay still, 27,000 euros. The Standard new car warranty covers all damage to battery and E-drive, which will occur in the first 160,000 kilometers, or eight years.

Favourable purchase price, low fuel consumption

With the new eco-bonus of 6,000 euros is an extremely fair price of just under 16,000 euros for the base variant and a lot of dealers offer even more discounts on that price. No great discounts you can expect at the sister models from Seat e-Mii, and Skoda Citigo electric. With a few Euro the prices are difference identical – just like the cars that come from the same factory and just different Logos.

In comparison with the competitors the Volkswagen-triplets are there with these prices, very good: Mini-cars like the Smart EQ, and the e. Go at the retail price anyway, not (much) cheaper but provide significantly less value-in-use.

Test-conclusion: a Compact practitioners at a fair price

Volkswagen creates with the updated e-Up a big step. With its practicality and its affordable price, he has the stuff to be the E-car for the masses. His successor, however, is already announced as The new ID.1 will offer the e-Up in price, probably under the offer and an even better economy of space. With the e-Up VW's but now on the right path.

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Date Of Update: 20 July 2020, 01:26