Corona: crime in India explodes

Janaki Devi was taking a morning walk near a Park in the South of New Delhi, as it happened. Two young men on a motorcycle approached knatterten, stopped short

Corona: crime in India explodes

Janaki Devi was taking a morning walk near a Park in the South of New Delhi, as it happened. Two young men on a motorcycle approached knatterten, stopped short and grabbed her gold necklace. "Everything went so fast. The men were already gone by the time I could react," says the 50-year-old housewife of the DW. You got lucky. With the help of recordings from video surveillance cameras, the police were able to arrest the thieves: two students, no criminal record yet.

The street crime has increased in India, noticeably, since the authorities have started in the last month to relax the protective measures against the Coronavirus.

The wife of a retired official of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, was stabbed to death last month during a robbery. According to police, the employee of a security service, and his colleagues committed the crime.

Growing unemployment exacerbated the Plight

experts say that the rise in unemployment in the Corona-crisis drives many people to criminal acts, in particular the youth. Two former restaurant Manager and the seller were in a case made of an iron business of theft of mobile phones and jewelry in the capital for guilty were found.

"only Just, you robbed here, and offered a Meal," says the police official R. P. Meena in conversation with DW. "In many cases, as the perpetrator of well-educated people have been convicted were not convicted. In the interrogation, you say that you would have no work. You don't come over."

India has nearly one Million registered Coronavirus infections. Almost 25,000 people have died of or with the Virus. After the USA and Brazil, India is now the country in which the infection rate is increasing most. The pandemic has also hit the economy of the Asian country. Many companies have laid off staff, the informal sector is in crisis.

"The unemployment rate is expected to increase due to the pandemic is likely to continue," says the researcher Pradyumna Uppal compared to the DW.

Cyber-fraud, accumulates

reports that since the beginning of the pandemic, the cyber crime is on the increase. Alone, in the state of Maharashtra, the police has registered 400 cases of hate speech on the Internet example. "We have instructed the control authorities to remove such posts from the network," said Balsing Rajput, the police of Maharashtra for Cyber-crime.

There is also the cases in which people in case of Online transfer have been cheated piled up. "We have determined that Cyber-scammers have created fake websites for about delivery services are similar to unsuspecting customers lead to Online transactions," says an official in the mesh.

With the alleged Sex photos blackmailed

According to the authorities of such scams have increased since the easing of measures of protection: fake credit card transactions, dubious Online bookings, allegedly free Corona-testing, tempting job offers from abroad. "In other cases, it comes to lotteries, to interest-free loans or insurance policies," says the police officer Pratam Singh to DW.

the cyber criminal to manipulate, also photos of women in order to blackmail you with it. "We have received many complaints, the publication of obscene images to Online threats and blackmail rich", reported Akancha Srivastava, cyber security expert and founder of the aid organization Akancha Foundation.

And the government? She warns to beware of fake text messages or E-Mails. And it calls for the cases of Online fraud, to report Cyber-threats or extortion to the authorities.

author: Murali Krishnan (ml)

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Date Of Update: 20 July 2020, 01:27