The first range test: Why the VW ID3, the new Golf could be

Who has fun with the car, is the new ID.3 its bright joy. After more than 300 kilometers in the lower Saxony low level, on country roads, highways, the wolf Bur

The first range test: Why the VW ID3, the new Golf could be

Who has fun with the car, is the new ID.3 its bright joy. After more than 300 kilometers in the lower Saxony low level, on country roads, highways, the wolf Burger downtown and in the name of loose brick villages has been able to show the electrical newbie also in real life what he can.

the VW ID drive.3 really

The focus is through the battery pack and the weight distribution is almost ideal. Cornering, accelerating, and casual cruising, the really mood in the ID.3. The electric car is driven out of Zwickau on the rear axle, the driving dynamics are a fine thing. Here you have the choice between the normal driving mode D, in which the electrical model of the transport rolls merrily or the B mode, which stands for maximum recuperation. You get used to it very quickly and for most customers, the B-driving program should be the ideal, because it makes the "One-Pedal Feel" the brake pedal almost to be unemployed. Vokswagen VW ID.3 Pro Performance

Only on the highway he's hardly a kilo meter-eater, as someone who travels long distances in research of electric pace, you quickly notice that the ordinary range of up to 426 kilometers, shrinks with the medium-sized rechargeable battery pack faster than expected. And unless you trailer is wild Reglementierungswahns on a German car, speed reading is 166 km/h max, not too much, if you want to electrically scrub kilometers instead of meters. Sporty: the state of the rear-wheel drive car accelerates in 7.3 seconds to 100 kph.

204 HP, 350 km range

The standard fuel consumption is between 14.5 and 15.4 kWh. In addition to the 150 kW / 204 HP strong start version of a performance follows at the beginning of 2021 weaker variant with 107 kW / 146 HP, which should be sufficient for many customers. To whom is the approximately 420 kilometers, the range is not sufficient, you can choose an option for the larger battery pack with 77 kWh, the range without refueling of the electric pump is extended to 550 km. The VW ID.3 can be loaded for either alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) and is fast-charging capable. The top version loads with up to 125 kilowatts of power in a half hour for the next 350 kilometers of track. All of the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test, FOCUS Online/Wochit All the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test

Has the 4.26-metre long VW ID. 3 so that the stuff to the Golf of the future? He has, because he does a lot of things new, and most of it correctly. The interior is purist, what may delight design fans and lovers of the BMW i3 in the modern era does. But the comforting charm of a VW Golf - no matter which Generation - one of which remains in the ID.3-not quite randomly hidden. The Details, such as the too small digital display behind the steering Wheel, the lack of control of the Islands on the center console, which includes lots of storage possibilities, however, are not able to switch more.

operation is reminiscent of the BMW i3

each of The driving stages as in the case of now almost eight years old, the BMW i3 via a rotary knob on the instrument unit. The too small-sized Display behind the steering Wheel for a reason: the most important information will be given to the driver via the Head-Up Display. In comparison to known systems, the lower the information part of the display acts just like a slide show from the early 70s. Really modern and "high tech" is not the Whole, with its three themed Islands. It looks better in the upper part, where a virtual Darts by Augmented Reality literally in the street lead in. Vokswagen VW ID.3 Pro Performance

the VW ID drive.3 not only good, he also has plenty of space. Although it is different than the marketing strategists not mentioned on the Passat-level on-the-go, but it has the front and back, lush space for a car of the compact class. Just the legs and the head need to take thanks to the 2,77-Meter-long wheelbase hardly any restrictions on yourself. It is different with the shoulder freedom. However, especially with the big battery package of the ID.3 Per S, up to 550 kilometers to ride, the electric car only a four seater. And more than four people should be in the ID.3 anyway, not sitting. Electrical China-Volvo: Why Audi and BMW in front of the Polestar 2 FOCUS Online Electric China-Volvo: must tremble Why Audi and BMW in front of the Polestar 2

you must appear to tremble So fashionable and puristic, the Golf of the future, in the interior, also, there is the one detail or another weakness. The seats are contoured and well shaped. Yet heat, this can only be the beginning. In the rear you can dispense with a separate climate control, but in the cold Season, a heated seat would be mounted in the back. The only of the big brother ID.4, will also celebrate this year its Premiere. The three-spoke steering wheel is modern and crisp, but the operation with the touch modules is not so easy as you would think. You have to get used to the fact that different functions need to be depressed, while others will be moved on the Slider.

Electric Tailgate? Incorrect display

This is also true for the electric tailgate, as this can be unusual for a brand-new compact class model - not even against buyer's premium electrically, in order to get to the 385 to 1267-litre load space. Electrically opening and closing the roller sunblind of the panorama roof can be at least. The roof itself remains with regard to a too low level of customer interest, however, is always closed. As a standard, numerous driver assistance systems, LED headlights, Navigation, a 10-inch Central display and 19-inch wheels. The price: The VW ID remains.3 starts with two model versions; the Pro Performance, the costs from 35.575 Euro and up to 426 miles and the ID.3 Pro's of the also 150 kW / 204 HP strong - and his 77-kWh battery, up to 550 kilometers far comes. It costs a minimum of 40.936 Euro. Hamburg-based family starts a new life on the camping PCP Hamburger family starts a new life on the camping

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brand: VW type: electric car Motor: electric motor power: 150 kW (204 HP) maximum speed: 160 km/h transmission, more data... acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 7.3 seconds: Continuously variable drive: rear-wheel drive battery type: Lithium-ion battery capacity: 58 kWh range electric: 426 km charging at household socket: Yes battery included: Yes
Updated Date: 28 July 2020, 07:27

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