RKI-chief: sanitation and clearance rules should really no longer in question

the the Corona-crisis in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online < / strong> Multiple vacation destinations including: These countries are now Corona-risk areas

RKI-chief: sanitation and clearance rules should really no longer in question
  • the Corona-crisis in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online < / strong>
  • Multiple vacation destinations including: These countries are now Corona-risk areas

10.27 PM: Is now the beginning of the second wave, want to know a journalist? "We don't know yet," says Wieler. "But of course it can be." So a little out of place in hindsight. "But I am optimistic that we can prevent it." Central to the observance of Hygiene is and the distance rules. "This should really no longer in question." Local lock downs are also conceivable. the

10.25 am: What it takes for countries such as Spain and Belgium, the land areas on the list of the risk? The RKI does not put the risk areas, the decision to do so rested with the interior Ministry and the foreign office, says Wieler. The Foreign office was able to get abroad with high-quality information. All countries would be constantly considered.

10.22 PM: - it's now back in Germany tougher rules, for example, because of the holiday returnees? The important thing is to continue to herds of the local control of Fire by the public health offices on-site, says Wieler. The situation will only change if the Hotspots can understand. "We have self-ind it," says Wieler. "It is reckless and negligent, if, for example, in large cities, and large parties are celebrated." Screenshot

10.20 PM: Now the journalists are allowed to ask questions. What is the meaning of the development for the Opening of schools in late summer? "We expect certain Hygiene-concepts," said Wieler. "It must not happen that the students in the breaks and on school mix because of too much."

10.18 PM: The success of the first months, it was now "to back up continuously. And this success we need to celebrate. But we must not rest on it.“ Wieler called Israel as a cautionary example, had the pandemic, first of all, a good handle, and then "a serious setback" suffered so Wieler. "We are in the midst of this pandemic."

10.16 PM: Wieler quoted a study by the University of Erfurt, which show that the Coronavirus in the population will be taken as a threat less serious than before. In addition, the Hygiene lose-rules of acceptance. "Keep Your Distance!", Wieler says. "In certain situations, in addition to a mouth-nose cover! And I would like to ask you to carry this coverage correctly. So, over the mouth and nose.“ the

"The development makes me Worried,"

10.14 am: " We are worried that a reversal of trend, for instance, could have," says Rexroth. Therefore, it would be still very strong on prevention, because it would otherwise be with the tracking of the contacts to complex.

10.13 PM: Where it comes to the infections? Rexroth sees no exact trend. You are called to celebrate, among other things, family, nursing homes, Meetings, friends, the workplace, and travellers returning from abroad. "The biggest part is in Germany."

10.12 PM: Around 150 counties had reported two weeks ago, no new infections, now there were only 94. "The action is really diffuse," says Rexroth. "You can see that Germany infect far more people with the Virus, what is really dangerous."

10.09 PM: Wielers colleague Ute Rexroth is now more detail on the development of the case numbers. "You can see that it has become in the last two weeks more," she says. "The Trend is increasing." On Friday, 815, and on Saturday, 781 new cases reported had been, "because we have made us Worry." The action was also not limited to individual Hotspots, but in all of Germany. "It actually affects a lot of States." Screenshot

10.04 PM: Particularly "rapidly" over the development is currently in the United States, Brazil, India and South Africa, says Wieler. Germany stand in comparison much better. But: "in Germany, we have to say, unfortunately, and that is the reason this press briefings that we have an increasing number of cases in the last few weeks." The development of "makes me, and all of us here at the Robert-Koch-Institute, of great concern." You have to actually be celebrating great successes in the fight against the Virus. "This can be achieved only if we adhere to the rules."

10.02 am: The press conference begins. "We are in the midst of a rapidly developing pandemic," says RKI-chief Lothar Wieler. The situation abroad is very dynamic, in countries such as Morocco, it is, for example, came to the new lock downs. Also, the decline in discipline in the populations play a role.

Robert Koch-Institut opinion on the current location

Tuesday, 28. July, 09.37 PM: travellers coming from regions with increased risk of infection back to Germany to be soon mandatory for a Corona Test. An extension of compulsory testing to all holidaymakers but is not planned. The Tests should be the same for all, free of charge, said Minister of health Spahn in the ZDF-"heute-Journal". What threatens to Germany to be needed – a second Corona-shaft? The Robert-Koch Institute, will speak in the morning (10 am) to the current location. FOCUS Online accompanied to the press conference here in the Live Ticker.

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