So you find out before applying your Strengths and weaknesses

What are my Strengths? What are my weaknesses? A lot of candidates from job interviews to deal intensively with these two questions. But more rewarding to exp

So you find out before applying your Strengths and weaknesses

What are my Strengths? What are my weaknesses? A lot of candidates from job interviews to deal intensively with these two questions.

But more rewarding to explore your own personality a little more. Then Strengths and weaknesses can be almost automatically derived.

Therefore, recruiters in the Human resource Management (HR) often have to work with personality tests. This will help people in the Cluster to classify it. The Person

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in Particular, under the persona of learning the DISC-model - based Tests is considered to be very popular.

How human behavior, strengths and weaknesses, to measure

In everyday life and in professional life show tendencies of people with different Behaviour. This according to the US-American psychologist and entrepreneur John G. Geier in four dimensions split: d ominant, i nitiativ, s tetig and conscientious. Short DISC .

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The core of this model is a quadrant model that captures the four dimensions of Behavior, depending on how one perceives the environment and how to react to it:

  • dominant: Takes the environment tiring/stressful true and responds to it is determined.
  • initiative: Takes the environment to be pleasant/not stressful to be true and responds to it is determined.
  • ever: Takes the environment to be pleasant/not stressful is true and reacted reserved.
  • scrupulous Takes the environment tiring/stressful true and reacted reserved.
Abstract model helps, even if the reality is more complex

however, It is clear that Never a man can be fully a tendency to completely assign. The reality offers a variety of hybrid forms that influence the behavior and even a bit predictable make.

The personality model of the persolog®, for example, distinguishes 20 behavioral tendencies. Each of these behavior Profiles is characterized by its own set of Strengths, challenges and special features, which have different impacts on different areas of life.

The four dimensions of the personality model D – Dominant

people with a strong dominant expression of love to shape their environment and are looking for the competition. You like to show a clear edge, and try to always remain in control. Your willpower can impress others very much, however, people in the behavior can come dimension dominant at times also grossly over.

the Strengths of the dominant behavior
  • take the word and, if possible, the management
  • threaded actions, and bring them to the targeted roles
  • preferably fast, visible results
  • makes decisions, often very quickly
  • questions the current Status and loves change
  • provides, under certain circumstances, high demands on themselves and on other people
  • always takes the time to much at once before
  • can be used to control Freak
  • focuses mostly on the Gross and neglected a number of important Details
  • reveals a lack of sensitivity in dealing with the feelings of other people
I – own-Initiative

the Initiative of people - they try to forge alliances with other people to achieve common goals. You have the special gift to inspire other people for projects and tasks. Therefore, for these persons, social contacts are of great importance. Execute activities prefer to be in groups instead of working alone.


Strengths of people with initiativem behavior
  • excellent Networker
  • inspires others with optimism and Motivation
  • in five minutes more ideas than others in a whole working day
  • can Express yourself excellently and present entertaining
  • team worker
  • it is a valid question for him to do sometimes difficult things to bring
  • judges often over-optimistic
  • tends to talk too much
  • is alone, and can be as dependent perceived
  • has a fear of rejection, is strongly defined by the Feedback of others
S – Steady

Steady, people feel comfortable when they can interact in a safe and predictable environment. You have a great Talent for planning and go through each of the steps in a clear structure. Avoid using it to be in the spotlight and prefer things in peace and quiet to prepare. In the course of the continuous-time people tend to develop highly specialized skills.

Strengths of the steady behavior
  • good mediator, the calm in conflicts
  • brings may well concentrate on the Essentials
  • it is preferred, in a fixed workplace to work
  • patient and active
  • listen to a keeps work flow and create Standards
  • say is to New rather critical
  • can no to bad, is easily exploitable.
  • tends to be inflexible, can because he wants to work in clear structures
  • under pressure, he does not often Deadlines
  • makes use of the relationships to others
G – Conscientiously

The conscientious person strives for order and discipline. It is important to him to get things done in a reasonable amount of precision and quality. People with a strong behavioral dimension Conscientiously have a Talent in building structures and are extremely efficient. However, this always goes back to cost effectiveness, as a conscientious man can quickly lose in the Details.

Strengths of the conscientious engaged behavior
  • perfectionist
  • good analyst
  • diplomatic Occur
  • and patient in the profession
  • lost in Details
  • delegate or let go
  • hard has a great fear of bugs
  • tends to be overly cautious and pessimistic
  • very sensitive to criticism or allegations
the people themselves

grow This first classification is much more to deepen, which is likely to be of particular value to entrepreneurs and managers will be very exciting.

Just in Coaching numerous opportunities for individual result. Finally, there are for people with different recommendations and advice to strengthen the consistent further development.

by the way: you can collect in the interview even more plus points if you can point out how you have your weaknesses and consistently to their development work.

tips for job interviews and beyond
  • 1. Make a table and collect specific examples of scenes from their past which serve as a reference for the respective Strengths. The same, of course, their weaknesses. At this point, you can ask now also like friends, colleagues and family for advice. In this way, you will collect examples from different areas of life. It is important that you ask other people, if you know your own Strengths and weaknesses already.
  • 2. You translate this chart into English, you have in the job interview, the right words, too sure of Europe. Finally, it is in many of the dates usual, the conversation is conducted in English.
  • 3. Make a note of your personal success stories from everyday life immediately as a note in your Smartphone. If you log everything, you will have after a few weeks a lot of examples for Strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you have a lot of content, good Content for your future job interviews.

This concept is not limited to application calls. The personality model with the four dimensions of Behavior has numerous other application possibilities. For example: time management, leadership, sales, partnership, education - almost all areas of life. Finally, success is often a matter of one's own personality. Unemployed? These are 10 things you need to know, Our PDF guide explains how you can apply for money and what else you need to know, if you become unemployed.To the PDF guide

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